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Cozy in California


The number one question I’m asked when I meet new people in Switzerland is, ‘You moved from California to Zurich!?’ followed by an uneasy smile and, ‘How do you like it? The truth is where I live now in Switzerland is similar to the landscape of where I grew up in California. Sure, Nor-Cal has milder temps and warmer vibes than Europe, but I can handle the ‘rural‘ part and it’s been an adventurous change from San Francisco. However, I’ll take the Mendocino County ‘harvest scent’ any day over the constant stream of second-hand cigarette smoke I breath in Zurich on a daily basis walking through the city.

Some of the best moments of being home in California for Thanksgiving was cuddling up near the fire, taking brisk walks through the vineyards at sunset, and letting my hair down (aka going extension free). Unlike Zurich in November, I didn’t need a marshmallow-poof jacket and Uggs to set foot outside, so I threw on a poncho with faux fur details and distressed denim for a casual afternoon in the sun. Welcome to Nor-Cal for a little tour of where I was born and raised…


<The Scene ~ My parent’s walnut orchard/summer go-kart track near Ukiah, CA >


<California poppies & a new sparkly bracelet that doubles as a glam stowage ring for my new umbrella by Persolé – more on Persoléshade coming soon…>


<I decided to ‘Shop Local‘ in Ukiah and found this faux fur detailed poncho at The Habitat boutique. That’s our old treehouse my dad built in the background. ‘Girls Only‘ until my younger brothers learned how to climb the ladder>


<We don’t have dairy cows, but our neighbors have goats>


<Walnuts from the orchard ready to be cracked by the family. ‘Not it’>


<New highlights and a hair cut for Fall. I still love getting my hair done when I’m back in California where there is no translation issue with the term ‘super blonde‘>


<DETAILS by Dale> poncho – Habitat Boutique (Ukiah, California) / Zara jeans & purse / D&G boots / Essie nails ‘Vices Versa’ / vintage men’s watch

I’m loving ponchos more than usual this fall because it’s like wearing a cozy blanket when I’m in chilly room or the car without control of the thermostat. What about you, is a poncho a style ‘do’ or don’t?’

Hope you’re having a great week so far!



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  1. From the pictures it looks like a wonderful place to grow up! You look beautiful, and how cute is that goat!

    xo Megan, Lush to Blush

  2. Looks like you’re enjoying being back home…I haven’t been in any of these two places ( Zurich or California) so I can’t compare but sometimes places are oddly similar..

    I say poncho are a sure yes…they keep us warm and that is reason enought…doesn’t hurt they look goo too!

    Your hair looks great!


  3. You know what Dale? I am loving ponchos! They are so hot this season and I think they are going to stay in style like capes a couple of years ago. Yours is beautiful. So glad you came home for Thanksgiving. Your families place is beautiful. I so appreciate you sharing your thoughts about the Benefit skincare trial kit. I was in such shock, I needed to hear someone else’s opinion. LOL

  4. Ah Dale, is what I thought too when I knew you moved! The place where you was born and raised is breathtaking, wish I was there right now and the goat is just too sweet! How nice you got the chance to come back for holidays. You look very stylish and wear the perfect fall outfit. You know, I just love your hair in this way, you should keep it so <3 Hugs! xo

  5. Love your outfit and your pictures are gorgeous!

    Michaela || The Monogrammed Midwesterner

  6. Dale, how nice of you to share your childhood with us. What a contrast with Zurich, though! That goat seems very happy to see you. I love ponchos; so easy and stylish and practical. Enjoy your time with your family. And the sunshine!

  7. LOVE the poncho Dale;) and I can imagine how wonderful it was to be back home visiting your parents. I was born in L.A. and grew up outside of Santa Barbara. My brother is a wine maker .. so I have spent a little time in the Northern CA area too. It’s God’s country for sure;) and the climate is perfect. Happy Wednesday! xxleslie

  8. Love your poncho! SO beautiful 🙂

  9. This is a great post Dale, learning a little about where you grew up. Love the treehouse, always wanted one and to a certain extent I still do, sigh. That poncho you’ve got on looks super warm and snuggly. Oh how I wish it were cold enough for layers again.


  10. Super cute poncho! Sounds like you had a great trip home! I love going home for the holidays and just disconnecting for a few days. Hope you have a fab holiday season! xo

  11. Loving the poncho- so cozy and chic!
    The hair looks amazing- gorgeous, girl!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  12. Love this look- the poncho is so cozy and chic. And your hair looks awesome- gorgeous, girl! 🙂


  13. Dale, thanks for the tour. It must have been nice living next to goats. Loving the poncho too, luv.

  14. What a pretty spot you grew up in here in NorCal Dale. I love that poncho on you. I have my eye on a cashmere one in winter white this season so I’m definitely ‘in’ on the poncho look. Glad you made it back safely! I’ll be shipping off your second order on Monday!
    Happy weekend!

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