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5 Holiday Style Secrets


My name is Dale and I’m a shopaholic – but only during the holidays. If you’re buying gifts for others, it can’t really be that big of a problem, right?  I’ve always loved Christmas shopping and usually start as early as August. In fact, the shopping bags in this post are filled with Christmas gifts for others from a trip we took to Vienna, Austria earlier this fall. Well, all of them with the exception of the Douglas bag.

Douglas is a German chain of beauty stores and I needed a new concealer, which I thought would be simple enough until the sales woman started telling my husband that I had very dry skin around my eyes and needed a moisturizer asap. She wasn’t rude, just very honest – European style – but it’s definitely awkward having your husband delicately translate from German to English how the skin around your eyes is looking ‘older‘ in the middle of the beauty department full of Austrian teen girls. Anyway, that’s my excuse for the anti-aging moisturizer shopping spree in the baby blue bag. But moving on – I wanted to share my TOP 5 Holiday Secrets for 2014 – from stress-free shopping if you haven’t started yet, to slimming style secrets


1. How to Take the Stress Out of Holiday Shopping FOR-EV-ER – Stumped on what to buy someone (or everyone) on your list? Grab a coffee and have a little brainstorming session alone. Think back….You know that time you were shopping with your BFF and she was obsessed with a new top or when you looked over your girlfriend’s shoulder and she was Pinning away on her ‘Stuff I Really Love‘ board. Bingo! The signs and clues for the perfect gift there; just make sure to write them down as soon as you know – even if it’s in July. 


2. How to Avoid Credit Card Shock in January – The best $40 investment I made this season is the tiny little purse by Zara I’m wearing! I used to take all my credit cards holiday shopping in a huge handbag. When January came around, it was the worst-month-ever in terms of bills and a sea of lost receipts. Take a small purse with two cards max and cash – you’ll feel better and stay more organized. Plus, a small cross-body bag helps prevent any holiday pick-pocketing and keeps your valuables safe in case you get caught in the middle of a mad holiday rush or Target stampede.


3. How to Feel Slimmer in 30 Minutes – I hate going to the gym on these icy cold Swiss winter days! If you feel the same way, but want a quick pick-me-up before a holiday party, I discovered a Youtube fitness channel I love called eFit30. It’s 30 minute workouts with cute Australian accents. For an intense cardio/sculpt/tone video, go with this one, or if you’ve ever wanted to try Pilates, I’ve been doing this one every week on my hot pink yoga mat.


4. Add this Stylish Staple – If you don’t have a black leather jacket or you’re really sick of your old one, then it’s perfect timing because you can add it to your holiday list. I fell in love with this leather jacket I’m wearing by Karen Millen. A black leather jacket can make you feel like a rockstar and goes with everything from an LBD to a V-Neck and jeans. Plus, it’s slimming on all body types.


5. Slimming Tights – I’ve worn so many uncomfortable tights, but in Europe they’re essential and this style has a secret slimming illusion! They’re completely black on the calves splitting the upper leg in two creating the illusion of slimmer thighs. These are by Calzedonia – an Italian brand – I wish they’d sell in the US, but I found others sexy like these by Calvin Klein with the seam. Or with a shorter mini dress, these ‘Suspended Tights’ (on sale). Finally, these are fancy/sexy by Wolford.


PS – Thanks for reading and my site had a bit of work done – but not a full face lift – over the weekend so it has a an updated look and a simple layout I hope you like. In case you’re a blogger looking for a blog makeover in the new year, I hired Radu – here’s his site – and he’s great! Stay tuned – I’ll be having a special giveaway coming this Wednesday and new posts all month!

Sooo…now I have to ask, have you already started your holiday shopping?



 <DETAILS by DALE> dress (borrowed) Van Bery Calzedonia tights/ Jacket (borrowed) – Karen Millen Switzerland (sold in Globus) / purse – Zara – Sidenote: I snapped these pics just before going out to eat after doing all my shopping in flats – there’s no way I could shop in stilettos. 

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  1. Dale, Fun post. I am crazy for your pretty jacket and those tights are darling. Very pretty for the holidays too! I am going to check out these online workouts because you are right, it’s hard to get to the gym and yes I have been eating way more cookies than usual!! Love also the tip about small bag and the credit cards. Smart. Ugh got to get out there now and start ticking off those boxes. Happy holidays Dale!! xo Kim

    p.s. The new blog look is so clean- very chic!

  2. fun post. with great tips! I love the one sharing the fitness Youtube…totally have to remind ourselves to stay fit through these colder months!

  3. Hi Dale, oh for me that sales woman at Douglas has been pretty rude! Your skin is flawless already, trust me! Btw, I didnt do the Xmas shopping yet, have to start soon..on my! I need to check out that YT channel, it inspires me! Glad you like Calzedonia, is my fav brand for tights, socks and leggings. You look gorgeous, you got style!:) xo

  4. These are all such great tips – and I will definitely be checking out that YouTube channel!

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  5. love your tips, dale!!

  6. Adorable tights!!! I can definitely see what you mean about the slimming effect, although I think a huge part of that is just that you have fabulous legs 🙂 xoxo

  7. Hi Dale, I love this post – am def going to go and get a pair of those tights – superb!
    Love the new look of your site too.

    Wishing you a wonderful day – Yvonne from http://www.funky forty.com xoxo

  8. Great tips Dale. I believe in stress-free holiday shopping, and shop with a smaller bag too, but only because I don’t like to be weighed down when I shop. Love your outfit. Happy Holidays!/Madison
    Blog Memories & Anniversary

  9. These tips are fabulous, Dale! I also like to go shopping with a small crossbody for efficiency. Yours is adorable! And your site design looks great!

  10. Great new site design!! Those tights are legit!! LOL!!

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