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Have you ever thought about starting a blog? If you enjoy writing, keeping a diary, or just want to vent on a topic you’re passionate about longer than a Facebook status update, then I highly recommend taking your thoughts to the blogosphere. There’s enough platforms available to fit what works for your life.

Some blogs change, grow, and take breaks throughout the years whether it’s the design or the content itself. The past few months I realized there are going to be some changes on Savvy Spice too. I have 5 tips if you’re thinking about updating or starting your own blog, including 5 NEW Ch-Ch-Changes coming to this site from ‘Behind the Scenes‘ shots of an upcoming Youtube video…


1. Not Everything is Black & White with your Blog – Don’t get stuck in one category or niche if you don’t want to! When I first started my blog in San Francisco, it was about fashion trends, celebrity scandals, and whatever I felt like talking about. Then I kept hearing ‘find your niche‘ which can be confusing.  Now that I’m in Switzerland 80% of the time, Savvy Spice will be filled with newbie travel tips, lifestyle short-cuts, hot topics, beauty tricks, celebrity looks-for-less, and candy – yes candy, because I LOVE Candy!


2. What about Video Content? – Not sure about Youtube? Test your interest on a light basis with instagram videos or VINE. If you’d like to test making Youtube videos, I will have expert tips for beginners in an upcoming post. Plus, a new series of Youtube videos coming soon to my channel SavvySpiceFashion because I’ve always loved writing, but sometimes it’s easier to explain in person what I want to say. So have a seat and subscribe if you’d like. 😉


3. Should You Show Your City? ~ After living in Switzerland a little over a year, everything is SO different in Europe from the US. I discover new trends -some which are 5 years behind the US, but I’ll be sharing more ‘What’s Hot/What’s Not in Europe‘ so you know first. PS. If you have a blog, I highly recommending sharing some of the local flavor or culture in your city. There will always be people checking out your site who have never been there, and will find it fascinating whether you live in a big city or tiny town anywhere in the world.


4. Lifestyle Tips for the Lazy (aka if you’re short on time) – I hate cooking and thankfully my husband has accepted ‘fruit salad and PopSecret‘ as a ‘perfect light dinner’ I’m happy to prepare. I’m the furthest thing from Rachel Ray and wouldn’t attempt a Pinterest DIY with a 10-foot pole, but I do have some super time-saving tricks around the house to share. Share your tips, no matter how simple they may seem because you never know; there may be someone out there who doesn’t even know how to make a hardboiled egg. gulp.


 5. Stick with what You Love ~ The truth is whether you’ve been blogging 3 months or 3 years, you will be bored if you don’t write about what you really, truly like. And take a break whenever you want to, blogging should be fun or at least a learning experience. Thanks for reading!  Do you ever feel like your blog is on the back burner when life is busy and want to make changes to it? Or are you thinking about starting your own blog in 2015?


Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 12.19.14 PM 2

<Details by Dale> – Zara top & skirt with MAC Russian Red lipstick, plus my favorite cocktail of the summer, Martini Bianco on ice with lemon.

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  1. You have provided some excellent tips! I would love to visit Switzerland! I bet it is so beautiful!

    Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  2. Dale, Great tips! I do get stuck in ruts and then go through times where I cannot blog enough. I think the tips about videos and highlighting your area of the world are a super idea! I have been trying a little with videos.. I’m excited to see your series! Hope you have a lovely weekend !

    p.s. Love the new Savvy Sleepers collection! Beautiful.

  3. Hi Dale,

    I didn’t realize you were on YouTube, I have subscribed 🙂 My daughter and I have been oohing and aahing over the new colors of pillow cases, after Christmas I am investing in a few, we both deserve beautiful pillow cases. I have been loving my black one.

    I agree with you about the blogging, it is a great way to get your feelings out and you are right, people should write about what they love, I find too many people who don’t and then don’t stick with it. Also, it is not a numbers game, yes of course we all want followers but I would rather have a few amazing followers than a 1000 people who don’t care about me.

    Also, taking a break is important when you are feeling overwhelmed, it is good to step back. I only write once or twice a week and that is plenty, I used to write daily, that was a bit much for me 🙂

    Have a great day 🙂

    • Hi Launna, Yes I definitely know what you mean about more every day being too much for me too. You have such a great community on your blog and you’re so right about not falling into the numbers game.

      Thanks for the comment from you and your daughter. Glad you like the new colors! 🙂

  4. Great tips! It takes time to find a niche but as long as you stay true to what you love you can’t go wrong! I’ll keep the tip about posting about my local area in mind. xo


  5. Such a pretty outfit. =)

  6. Great tips and love the outfit! You can never go wrong with black and white 🙂

  7. Those are excellent blog tips Dale! We started blogging around the same time. We both have evolved so. I LOVE your dress. Looks so pretty! Can’t wait for your YouTube Channel

  8. Hi Dale! You are so right, for me the best way is starting to write what we really love and are passionate about, without stress or feeling the pressure, otherwise isnt anymore fun. YT videos are a nice idea, Id like to do as well but still little shy. Oh, Im lazy when it comes to cook too, I found many ideas and tricks on many blogs and pinterest, that is really useful!:) You look marvelous Dale, always so posh and chic, Martini Bianco is one of my fav too. Kisses! xo

    • Hi Lilli! I know what you mean about feeling shy too. I should definitely check out more foodie blogs and Pinterest too more often. Thanks for the compliment too and I had never had Martini Bianco as a main drink til moving to EU, but I heard it’s very popular in Italy. 🙂

  9. Such a great post. I love blogging It’s fun and helps me connect with other ladies that share the same interests and passions as me 😉

  10. Yes, I agree! It’s really been such a great way to connect with others talking about the same topics. 🙂

  11. Hi Dale,

    Totally agree – blogging should be fun 😉 and, yes, I do wish I had more time for mine but I’m sure I’ll get there eventually. Watching your blog grow and develop is a great inspiration 😀 xxx

  12. Hey Dale! Great tips! I’ve been reading personal blogs forEVER and have always kinda wanted to start one of my own, just never got around to it until recently. Now that I’ve created one, I’m not really sure what to do with it, haha. It’s super hard to find time to get around to creating content/posts, especially when I’m so busy.


  13. Hey Dale! I’m going to try this again — my previous comment didn’t post for some reason. Great tips! Although I’ve been reading personal blogs forever, I just started one recently…and now I’m not sure what to do with it, haha. I never realized how time-consuming creating content/posts could be!

    Love your top and skirt!


  14. very nice tips. I agree your blog should follow your interest and your blog is a good example how it matches your reader anyway!

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