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Roadtrip to Champagne

The French Breakfast, Savvy Spice fashion blog

You’ve seen London, you’ve seen France, now let’s head to the land of Champs – as in Champagne. If you’re planning a trip to Paris in the future, I have to recommend a tour 2 hours away to France’s Champagne region. Paris is the ultimate tourist destination, but after a weekend road trip with friends to Nancy and Reims, this is my favorite part of France. After a night in Nancy’s city center, we indulged in the typical French breakfast called petit déjeuner. Although, I have no idea how French women stay so petite with a daily petit déjeuner because if you plan to enjoy it, you must throw all carbohydrate caution to the wind.

A French breakfast equates to a delicious buttery croissant, fresh baguette, butter from Normandy, and my favorite – Bonne Maman strawberry preserves which if you’d like for your next Sunday brunch you can skip the transatlantic flight and just head to your local Target. The beverages are included too! The entire meal, under 10 euros each, comes with a Cappuccino or as the waiter politely corrected me – Café au lait – plus fresh squeezed orange juice. Before I start craving goodies not on my weekday diet, let’s head to part 1 of the tour de Champagne this week. Welcome to Nancy, France…








<DETAILS by Dale> InStyle Essentials top ℅, Zara pants – (Love these by Rag & Bone), ‘W Tote’ – LV,  Shady Sl*ts sunglasses, Gucci outlet heels, bracelet (gift) – Love this Michael Kors Tortoise Watch

(Style Side-Note) If you’re packing for Europe this summer, it’s so important to bring light-weight pants, a jacket and jeans. The weather changes daily and even if the sun is out in June; it doesn’t mean ‘California Sun‘ and can be on the chilly side. Most french women I saw wear neutral tones or black and white. Solid styles are key so save the hot pink flamingo print dress for the beach or tropical destinations. If you’re looking to visit Nancy, here’s the train schedule from Paris.

Have you ever traveled to France or is it on your must-see list to visit one day?


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  1. Vannessa@Luxuria says:

    Lovely post Dale, but I think I am more in love with your bag than with France 😉
    Been to France many times (as my 2 God-daughters are French) but not actually to those regions. It certainly looks away from the madness that can be Paris xx

  2. Shulamit E says:

    I love France especially the South of France. Nice was my favorite city. Fantastic place. Next time I go back, I definitely need to go to Normandy and Champagne. Great post, cute outfit 🙂

  3. Just looking at your photos remind me of when I used to travel to Europe a boatload. I am remembering all the delicious smells, the relaxing atmosphere… The stunning sights. Ugh. I need to TRAVEL SO BADLY!!!!!!!! It’s killing me!

  4. France is on my must see list one day… I would have to skip all the carbs though or I would be putting all the weight back on… 🙂

  5. France is on my must see list one day… I would have to skip all the carbs though or I would be putting all the weight back on… 🙂

  6. Elizabeth Hawn says:
  7. Spectacular and exquisite Dale! The croissants and champagne. I wish I was sitting there with you. Love your sandals.


  8. This place looks gorgeous and I love how you described it. Makes me wish to plan a trip soon. 🙂

  9. kylie2014 says:

    I also am obsessed with your bag – it is gorgeous! This post makes me miss Paris and their croissants!! 🙂

  10. Lesllie from Around The Table says:

    Great color bag Dale! Yummy breakfast and the jam IS the best:) Nothing like starting the day off with a little sparkling wine ..love that!

  11. The land of Champs sounds like heaven! We went to Paris last September but unfortunately we didn’t make it out of the city. Would have loved to check out Nancy.

    Btw, now I’m craving croissants 😉

  12. Laura Lilia says:

    Wow so nice! I would love to be there some day!

  13. Oh to Be a Muse says:

    Champagne in Champagne–I dig it (and the bag). I didn’t have enough time to go to Champagne last time, but would certainly add it to my list the next time I’m able to go to France.

  14. RedTagChicLA says:

    Wow everything about this post…..I LOVE!!! THE bag and the location CHAMPAGNE…def want to go there soon!! I am following you now at Twitter….see you there!


  15. Carisa Muller says:

    Love your bag!!! oh my gosh, lovin this pop of color!

  16. Carisa Muller says:

    Love your bag!!! oh my gosh, lovin this pop of color!

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