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5 Travel Secrets from France

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Same Shirt, Different Day. Packing for small trips like weekend getaways can spell disaster if you’re not careful. I used to be a complete nightmare to travel with trying to pull multiple overweight suitcases, duffle bags on each arm, plus receipts or ID’s scattered throughout my luggage. I still have room for improvement, but I’ve drastically cut down on over-packing.

On Part II of our Tour de Champagne through France last week; I’ll share my best tips for packing light whether you’re on the road or traveling in Europe. Thanks to confusing converters and the world’s worst blowdryers in European hotels; it’s not exactly a walk in the park if you’re moderately high-maintenance like me. However, my best tip to packing this summer is to find lightweight clothes that you can mix and match and wear throughout the entire trip! Hence, the white top and handbag on repeat in the post on our way back to Switzerland stopping for a bite in France…


The Scene ~ Verdun, France (a small city in Northeast France known as the being the site of a major battle during the First World War). I’ve learned A LOT of history facts I probably should have already known since traveling Europe, but better late than never.

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TIP 1 ~ A Solution for Wrinkled Shirts: Hotels often don’t have an iron (especially in Europe – I haven’t had a single hotel with this amenity). A quick fix for polyester or jersey knit cotton material is to put the shower on full heat and hold your garment right next to the steam for a few minutes. With a collared shirt like this, pop the collar, roll the sleeves and then tie it in a bow which all drastically cuts down on the appearance of wrinkles.


 TIP 2 ~ Light Heels to the Rescue: Stuffing your suitcase with heels is not recommended and you’ll always stick to the pair that is most comfortable. I’ve been loving these NUDE heels  from Nine West which are a bonus because they go with everything. If you’re heading to Europe, avoid stilettos and wedges which are catastrophic on cobblestone streets.


TIP 3 ~ Stick to Private School Skirt Lengths: Taking public transportation in a mini skirt? No thanks. And maxi skirts can spell ‘total disaster’ on an airport escalator with all your luggage. There are so many cute A-Line and pleated skirts trending right now, and this polka dot one has been perfect for traveling on hot humid days.


TIP 4: Skipping Sunnies is Not An Option: You’ve applied sunscreen – that’s step one. It’s so important not to skimp on sunglasses with UV protection while traveling. Not only will your eyes be protected from sun damage and constantly squinting, it will block out excess light on flights. Just make sure to bring a small case so they don’t get smashed in your bag.


TIP 5 ~ Avoid a Handbag Headache: I used to bring a different bag or clutch for nearly every outfit. BIG MISTAKE. Take one handbag that can fit all of your necessities and a smaller cross body bag for day tours.


 <DETAILS by Dale> Nine West gladiator heels (recent) / JCrew Skirt (old) / ‘W Tote’ – LV / InStyle Essentials Shirt  (size 34C) ℅ / Prada Shades / men’s watch – vintage

Do you have any packing tips that have helped you when you’re traveling light? For expert tips, check out blogger ‘The Fashion Travel Girl‘ and her Minimalist Packing List.


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  1. Ivana Džidić says:

    dreamy! this outfit is pure elegance! I love the sandals and the polka dots skirt is adorable!

  2. Ivana Džidić says:

    dreamy! this outfit is pure elegance! I love the sandals and the polka dots skirt is adorable!

  3. Elizabeth Hawn says:
  4. These are really good tips… when I went to my daughters wedding in Wisconsin a few years ago, I was there for 8 days but I was able to pack everything I needed as well as my youngest daughter in one suitcase due to mixing and matching…

    I learned that after taking too many things in the past too…

    I adore your skirt Dale and the shoes are cute 🙂

  5. Great tips, Dale. And that steaming in the shower…must remember that.

  6. Very good list Dale. Maxi skirts can be a disaster on an escalator.

  7. Such a beautiful and chic look! That skirt is incredible, just the perfect cut&print and those nude sandals are to die for!!!

    Have a great week,
    Mary x

  8. Rashmi Bhosale says:

    Hey Dale..thanks for visiting and following my blog!! Your blog is amazing too!! Following now via Fb…

    I love the polka dot skirt and nude heels!

    The tips are soo useful…especially the last one…saves travelling weight too..:)


  9. Lesllie from Around The Table says:

    LOVE those NW Gladiator Heels! So cute and great price. I have some from Coach and they are getting worn so I’ll take a look at these. Dale, you should do a guest post on travel tips for my blog! xxleslie

  10. Shulamit E says:

    Seriously though, walking in heels in Europe is learned from the womb mane.. Love this outfit and the reuse of that cute shirt that I plan to buy 🙂

  11. That skirt is adorable!! Packing light is always so hard for me but these are all great tips!

  12. Diana Ashuayem says:

    I love polka dots and yellow! So cute and those heels!!!

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