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Interview: Cassie Chapman of TNT’s ‘Nashville Wives’

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‘A glass of wine or champagne for you, ladies?’ the waiter asked. I can honestly say I’ve never sat down with another female and our drink of choice was Crown Royal. ‘I’m a whiskey girl,’ Cassie said unapologetically. Woohoo! my favorite, I thought, as we each ordered a bowl of split pea soup garnished with bacon and our whiskey cocktail – Crown & Seven for her, Crown & Coke for me – in Nashville’s Hutton Hotel. Cassie Chapman stars on TNT’s newest reality show, The Private Lives of Nashville Wives,’ which she admitted  turning down three times before finally signing.

Don’t let this Southern belle’s petite frame fool you though. What struck me initially, after her gorgeous blue eyes and smile, was her genuine down-to-earth demeanor mixed with a bold enough personality for a reality show. A rare combination. Cassie’s married to Gary Chapmansinger, songwriter, Christian music star and Nashville staple – after meeting in the Bahamas, falling in love, marrying and adopting their daughter, Eva Rose. There’s also a European connection. She’s part Swiss and a big fan of Switzerland! So from life on a reality show in Nashville handling cat fights, haters and humidity, to far deeper topics like the issue of private adoption- meet Cassie…



Q. What was it like being on a reality show and how did you handle any haters on social media? Did you prepare for filming the pilot by watching other ‘Real Housewife’ shows. (Cassie on the left in a promo. pic via TVGuide.com)

Cassie – ‘I actually didn’t watch other housewife shows, but I knew there would be drama. We do watch others though like Duck Dynasty and American Pickers. For the first time in my life, I did feel very small when all the girls (on the show) were yelling above me because Jenny and Sara were about 5’11.’ About haters…there can be a 1,000 nice comments on twitter or Facebook and then one negative thing can destroy your day. But, I know how to handle it after going through it before (after her marriage to Gary.) You can’t take it personally.’

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Q. In some of the episodes at outdoor BBQ’s, it looked unbearably hot! How did you keep your hair and make-up looking flawless (even in HD) in the humidity? And what is your favorite hair product? (She’s extension free too)

Cassie ~ ‘For hair, I’ve been loving a brand called Davines and when it was really hot, I just put my hair up in a sock bun – it’s so easy and the other girls called it my ‘power bun.’ For my skin, I use Temptu Airbrush and love it. That’s what I wore for shooting during the show and even now.’

(Sidenote) – My aunt, a hair dresser who first told me about satin pillow cases, also just told me about Davines hair products being amazing. And I’ve LOVED Temptu for years and actually travel with it to this day because it’s the only foundation that doesn’t seem to melt in humidity. Pic above is a photo of mine on the trip above. 

Cassie chapman eva

Q. The first season follows your journey with your husband, Gary, adopting your baby girl, Eva Rose. It showed your interaction with the birth mom which is very different than other reality shows showing couples struggling to have child? (i.e. Khloe on Keeping Up with the Kardashians or Giuliana and Bill)

Cassie ~ ‘Our original story line was about me starting fertility treatments, but one day I walked in and told Gary, we’re going to adopt. We showed the steps of our private open adoption meaning the birth mom can always see Eva and private adoption has so many benefits for the parents and child. I learned so much that I’m building a company with women who have gone through private adoptions called One Eight Five to help parents across the country. Stay tuned. pic via FoxNews – Read More about Her Open Adoption Story

Stay tuned for the media savvy reality star’s upcoming projects and here you can find Gary’s new album, The Truth. Wishing all the moms and especially Cassie an unforgettable Mother’s Day Sunday!


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PS Kathy Lee & Hoda may have ‘Winesday Wednesday,’ but Cassie coined #WhiskeyWednesday after our visit so let’s be friends on Twitter. Follow @CassieChapman and @Savvy_Spice. I’ve also extended the Mother’s Day deal thru Monday at 11:59 pm PST for last minute orders.


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  1. ha! whiskey wednesday, love it! xo

  2. ha! whiskey wednesday, love it! xo

  3. Splenderosa says:

    So happy to hear from you, Dale. What a wonderful life you’re living, I am so happy for you, my friend. Whiskey Wednesday? That’s too far away ! Marsha @ Splenderosa

  4. She’s awesome! Love her personality and such a cutie. That air brushing system is nice.

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