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White Yoga Pants – Hot or Not?

Yolanda collage

Do you watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? This season’s fights were nastier than ever. Thanks to AppleTV, we (as in my husband and I) watch every week. It’s a bit of a shock for guys to watch E! and Bravo!, but especially for a European who’s never seen characters on TV like Bruce Jenner, Joan Rivers and the Botox babes of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. He says most of them look like ‘angry cats,’ but Yolanda on RHOBH is his is top pick for ‘most stylish and natural looking’ even liking her white yoga pants this season. pants via Soybu

I found myself googling, ‘where to buy white pilates pants?‘ the other day when I realized maybe that’s a silly purchase. In my version of ‘splurge’ or ‘save,‘ here’s some of Yolanda’s boldest outfits for the gym, plus what do you think of white workout pants? 


<If you wear workout attire to run errands like I do, or if you’re working out at the gym laying on yoga mats; white workout pants seem so impractical and impossible to keep clean. Here’s Yolanda on the left in white pilates pants and on the right in NYC with her daughter.> left pic / right pic 


<The ladies of the RHOBH seem to be big fans of lulu lemon, although I’ve noticed an aggressive push by other brands to create knock off’s at half the price. That’s for another post, but for now I’ll stick to black workout pants from Old Navy or Lorna Jane.> pics via

What do you think about white workout pants?  Hot or Not?

Have a great weekend! New Giveaway coming Monday.


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  1. Dark colors are more slimming and typically white is not so in spandex….well you just have to have the body for it (and the right undergarments) and I think it’s fine!

  2. I think they would look great on some women… I don’t think they are the color I would wear … I like my darker colors for working out 🙂

    Have a great weekend 🙂

  3. For me definitely a not. I’m with you, white seems like a pain to keep clean. Plus for me, white=see through, unless they’re super thick, but then who wants to wear super thick pants when working out? More power to Yolanda though for taking that risk, I’ll stick with my paint splattered sweats for the gym.

  4. To me, white workout pants will stay as workout pants. I don’t know if I would even wear a white workout pants for workout in the first place. I guess I would stick with the darker colors. LOL!

  5. Because they are so tight and fitted, I’d feel a little self conscious wearing them to the gym. If I’m out and about, I’d wear them with a longer top to cover some of the back. Dale, you are young and have a great body so you could totally pull this off. My butt is small and I’m not overweight but it’s one of those clothing items that I need to pass on because of my age;) .. kinda like a mini skirt. That said, white pants are great in the spring and summer and if it would ever stop raining in Seattle I’ll wear them immediately! xxleslie

  6. I see them as more cosmetic…like for filming! hahaha If they were filming you doing yoga sequences with a gorgeous background then that’s what I see them for. But for everyday, nah! LOL

  7. I love white but wow, talk about a way to emphasize your less flattering areas! Most women, me included, like to make their legs look leaner with workout pants so this seems counter intuitive. Props to Yolanda for being brave enough to rock them but I’m going to have to pass 🙂

  8. If you really like them, go for them. I wouldn’t spend a ton, but they are kinda hot.
    Simona/OFF DUTY

  9. I also like Yolanda F amongst all of them….level headed & stylish that she can carry those white spandex well!


  10. I do watch Real Housewives – good guilty pleasure. All the catty reality TV stuff gets exhausting, but they sure are entertaining. Yolanda is actually one of my favorites and I think white pants look great on her. However, I would not wear white yoga pants. Probably ’cause I can’t keep them clean :O)

  11. I don’t watch the show but I think workout pants are meant to be worn only at gyms. Well, I prefer wearing a dark color though.

  12. I loved the white yoga pants on Yolanda but I’m not sure that I could pull them off…


  13. I think it really depends on who’s wearing them as white can be an unforgiving color as a bottom. I personally don’t wear workout wear out but I do like the new trend of fitted skinny leg sweatpants.

    Rowena @ rolala loves
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  14. I don’t really think I would feel comfortable in white yoga pants but I am sure some ladies look fantastic in them.

  15. LOVE RHOBH, and like your Hubs mine also likes Yolanda 😉 She is super fit and she always looks so pulled together without looking over-the-top. My fav is Lisa (well I would say that being a Brit!)
    White pilate pants? Hmmmmmm? If you have limbs like Yolanda then I guess you could pull it off other wise you could end up looking like you have two stumpy bottles of milk hanging off the end of your body (not sure I can take that risk 😉

  16. Eni Smith says:

    Looove her white yoga pants! Anyone know what brand they are? ?

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