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What’s Behind ‘Street Style’ Pics at Fashion Week?


It’s a mega fashion week from the Oscars red carpet to the catwalks of Paris. We flew to Paris over the weekend during PFW packing in mini-getaways this Spring – thanks to flight miles from countless Zurich -> SF roundtrips. Not that I was going to any fashion shows, my imaginary Chanel invite got lost in the mail, but Saturday we attended the Tranoi trade show checking out Swiss designer Van Bery at the Carrousel du Louvre.

As we made our way to the Champs-Élysées through the park, I noticed a familiar sight. Off to the side, there appeared to be a fashion blogger prepping to take pics. However, I noticed she had a friend fixing her hair and two photographers around her. About a minute later I saw other photographers running past us to capture…who? What happened next is an ‘inside look’ at what really happens behind all those street style shots you see in magazines and fashion sites during Fashion Week, plus the photos we snapped starting with Van Bery and Anna Dello Russo…


Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week

Anna Dello Russo

Paris Fashion Week


Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week

Paris fashion week, studded purse

Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week


Street Style ‘Behind the Scenes’ cont… All of a sudden we noticed a commotion of paparazzi  running around snapping pics. I stepped to the side eager to see who was approaching. Was it Kim, Kanye, Rihanna? No, but it was one fashionista, blogger, editor, or model after another in a surreal 15 minute scene that reminded me of a a movie clip in which Borat would saunter through at any moment.

First, Anna Dello Russo walked by showing off her perfectly toned, tan legs in Jeremy Scott for Adidas bright yellow heels. Then, there was one wild outfit after another on many in the fashion world, I’m embarrassed to say, I didn’t recognize.

The Trick to Getting Street Style Cred – I noticed some fashionistas, like the blogger I saw in the beginning, had their own photographer. As they started to walk through the crowd, their photographer ran up snapping pics and then the rest of the paparazzi followed. I’m guessing these are then sent to fashion mags and sites for ‘Street Style’ posts. It was so entertaining and clearly, the key to street style during fashion week is taking an outfit to the next level x 100, then getting photographed.

The End –  Feeling thoroughly underdressed continuing down to the Champs-Élysées complaining about being ‘freezing cold,’ there wasn’t an ounce of sympathy. After all, we’d just seen a bevy of beautiful and timeless fashionistas in barely there skirts and sky high heels warmed by nothing more than the flashes of overeager photogs.

Are you a fan of street style blogs and pics for outfit inspiration?

Below are some of my favorite styles inspired by looks I saw that day. ~xoDale

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  1. It’s really interesting this part, behind the scenes!


  2. I’m not a major fan of street style blogs, but love your peek behind the scene. Some photographers seem over aggressive to get their shot, and it sounds like it’s becoming a bit of a zoo!! That’s said, who doesn’t love the excitement and inspiration of Fashion Week!! Enjoy your day. xoJennifer

  3. Whitney @ To Live & Diet in L.A. says:

    This is hilarious. I remember the first time I went to NYC Fashion Week and had a similar experience. I realized that a lot of people just put on the wildest outfit they can think of and then sit out front of the Lincoln Center until someone asks to take their picture. Once one person takes their picture, then the other photographers assume the person is special and they all begin snapping pics too. I also saw several fashion bloggers with their own “papparazzi.” So bizarre!

  4. So interesting post!!! I read all and also is funny

  5. What an interesting experience Dale. I had no idea that is what happens. They make it all look so caught, but it’s actually staged. that is bizarre. I think this is a phase and the whole fashionista blogger thing will die out one day. It’s a bit too much about look at me, and not genuine style. Neat you got to see it first hand. I bet you looked better than most of those posers..

    xx Kim

    • haha, thanks Kim – but I would definitely need to step it up to compare with their outfits. It will be interesting to see what happens with the ‘fashionista bloggers’ throughout the years.

  6. Looks like a really fun time, I always enjoy seeing the people out on the streets, as they always have some interesting on 🙂 x

  7. Wow, the things people will do to get photographed for possibly ending up in a magazine… oooo… lol … People amaze me sometimes 🙂

  8. It really fun to read and picture of those quite busy fun moment to watch. Fashion week is just not about the collection, designer, Model any more. The street style is more fun and interesting to look at, as we are, who are passion for fashion, to me – street style are more fun to look at their great sense of style when it comes to Fashion week!!! not celebrity!!! Thanks for your kindly comment Dale.



  9. Street style are more fun to look at their great sense of style, they are real people, real sense of fashion just like the rest of us. I hope my 1st comment went through, this one for incase it didn’t go through. Thank you for your lovely comment on mine Dale.



  10. It sounds like it would be fun to watch, but I wouldn’t get terribly caught up in it either. It’s all a spectacle right and if you are amused, why not?

    Chic ‘n Cheap Living

  11. What an experience Dale!!! What’s scary is that Anna looked “normal”. HaHaHa I was looking at the pics, and girl you could easily outshine…OUTSHINE…everyone you showed there. Your awesome styling, beauty and figure. They should’ve been snapping you.

  12. Awesome <3

  13. Yeah I think my Chanel invite got lost in the post too ;-). Yes I like street style blogs, personal blogs and beauty blogs… I hope you enjoyed your stay despite the cold. These people make me feel underdressed all the time and I don’t know how they manage the withstand the cold in their skirts… I admit that I would love to see a show but I can do without these photographer and stuff!

    xx Mira


  14. Nice post!

    I wish I could be there one day during Fashionweek!



  15. It must be so interesting to be in Paris during PFW whether you’re attending the shows or not though I can imagine the whole scene would be abit of a circus. I don’t really follow street style blogs just The Sartorialist.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  16. Hahaha this is pretty funny, creating a buzz around yourself. Oh boy. Yes kinda crazy that some bloggers have new photos of themselves to post EVERY day. Seriously even celebrities do not have photographers attached at the hip who take photos of them 5-7 days week 365 days a year.

    I think that is why some fashion bloggers get bad rep but the times they are a changing and this the age of the selfie, reality TV, and living your life online and onscreen so the old guard better move aside it is just a matter of time.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

    • Yes, you make some great points and it’s so interesting how the times are changing. I thought it was so funny how Ellen kept making fun of the whole selfie/super self-involved personality we see so often when she was hosting the Oscars. 🙂

  17. Oh wow, I never knew all this, thanks for the little sneak peek! 🙂

  18. Have a happy Thursday!! Looking forward to see your new post 😀


  19. loved reading this, because i had NO idea!!

  20. I noticed the same thing at NYFW this year! I was definitely underdressed but comfy and warm in my snowboots.



  21. I definitely like the street style pictures you did, but I have a hard time turning them into a wearable trend for me!! I definitely like the looks, though!:) And you have wonderful photography~ great post!


  22. It is interesting to hear what happens behind the scenes at fashion weeks! So cool that you were there to capture some of the action!


  23. amazing!

  24. That’s probably the main reason why I am starting to get frustrated with this circus. People overdressing, over-thinking all in a vain attempt to get photographed by others. Dressing boldly not in the name of fashion per-say but more as an attention grabbing ploy for internet fame. It was cute a few seasons ago but now it just annoys me to no end. I find when I go looking through those countless galleries I become much more drawn to classic and minimalistic looks. I find them to be so much more elegant and stylish rather than the trend devouring ones. I don’t know, maybe I’m just becoming more senile in my old age or something, younger people pissing me off and stuff hahaha but it really does seem like a circus and your description of all those staged flurry street style snaps kind of confirms it. And after reading this I can kind of see Suzy Menkes point and her annoyance over bloggers and stuff. I know times change and evolve but those few bad eggs are giving everyone else a bad name!

    BTW don’t feel too bad re the Chanel invite – mine mysteriously got lost in the mail too…

    • You make some great points Sonia and I’ll have to check out Suzy Menkes, I haven’t read her articles. I guess on the one hand, it’s nice that anyone who really loves fashion can dress as wild as they want and get photographed in street style posts. And lol – you’re not getting senile. 🙂

  25. Hi Dale! Probably also my invite got lost (and u know is soooo easy here!:P) but you made me so smile, I think would love to take part in a fashion week especially to see (and snaps) the outfits on the street. I enjoy street style blogs and sometimes they inspire me, but the most of the time they make me feel also pretty underdressed too and I really dont get how they fight the cold..brr I shiver only looking at the pics!:) Kisses my dear! xo

  26. LOLZ….agree with Allie’s comment above. It’s too funny what some bloggers would do sometimes to get some attention. Do you read GOMI? There were some pretty funny threads in there about fashion weeks.

  27. I have never been to one of these Fashion Weeks, it must be quite an experience. I would probably feel under dressed too.

    Thank you so much for stopping by. You definitely should try that donuts truck, it is quite special and yummy.

  28. I was just reading about this on a fellow blogger’s post about how some blogger’s really go for outrageous or very dramatic just to get photographed by street style photogs. I do love some street style blogs, but I don’t usually get inspiration for my outfits at all from there directly. When I used to goto LFW for work I don’t remember it being soooo crazy as Fashion Weeks seem today. I’m sure you get snapped without knowing, or you should at least because you have great style, dear. 🙂 Love these snapshots! /Madison xx

  29. It truly must have been a surreal experience, I would love to attend at least one fashion week sometime in the future, these are really great shots. I had no clue people brought along their very own photographers, now thats popularity planning. Have an awesome weekend babe!

  30. hey girlie, I just wanted to say thank you so much for the sweet comment you left about my mom. It really meant a lot and I’m super glad to report that after six weeks in the ICU she is doing much better. 🙂

    Don’t forget to check out today’s brand new post.

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