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Top 5 Beauty Products I’ve Loved for 5 Years

If you’ve used a beauty product for nearly 5 years, and it’s still effective; it’s safe to say you might buy it life. I have 5 on the top of my list. I presented them to the American Women’s Club Zurich during their monthly ‘Coffee Morning‘ last week. Here are the 5 products (as pictured above) that I’ve used for 5 years or more and why have only gotten better for us to use now…

1. Temptu Airbrush System – This product has come a long way. When I first bought Temptu in ’09 with a couple makeup pods in Sephora, I spent over $300. Now, the Signature Starter Kit includes the foundation, blush, and highlighter in your hue for $200, plus free US shipping. I use Temptu when I’m going to events, weddings, or anywhere I want an ultra-smooth foundation that lasts much longer than my regular makeup. Signature Starter Kit – $200

2. Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs – This product conceals everything on your legs you want covered (scars, bruises, veins, paleness) and truly creates a flawless slimming look. My first Youtube video in ’12 on ‘How to Create Flawless Legs with Sally Hansen’ mixing it with shimmer lotion is here. Sally Hansen –  Target $11.20 (multiple shades available – tend to be on the darker shades. I’ve been using Medium).

3. Fake Bake Flawless Self-Tan Liquid & Professional Mit – This has been is my favorite faux tanner for years! I love the color (super natural looking), the price, and mainly the ease to apply (with a mit). You can tan your entire body in less than 5 minutes streak-free. They make a 60-min formula now and I’ve tested countless tanners and they all have some sort of smell, but I rate this a 7 out of 10 (10 being best). The color is so amazing, it’s worth it. $26 – Fake Bake

4. Ardell Faux ‘Natural’ Lashes – I have never had eyelash extensions because it’s pricy and I heard they can damage your real eyelashes, but I LOVE drugstore faux lashes. Especially Ardell Natural. The key to wearing fake lashes during the day is to find the ‘Natural’ ones that aren’t too long. Then add a bit of your mascara to them once applied. The natural Ardell lashes I love are numbers –  110, 116, or the 105 Starter Kit. $3-$9 Walgreens.com.

5. Makeup Forever High Definition Powder – I started loving their Mat Velvet Matifying foundation back in ’08 for ‘going out,’ and then I got hooked on their HD powder. I use this everyday, especially when I want my eye-makeup to last until the evening. First I use a paint pot primer by MAC on my eyelids, then apply this powder on top eye-shadow and it stays. $30+ – Sephora

Do you have a beauty product you’ve used for over 5 years or do you usually try new brands?

Hope you’re having a great weekend. Stay tuned for my Savvy SleepersMarch Madness for Her’ Giveaways starting this week. ~xoDale

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  1. Great picks! I absolutely love those lashes. They always look natural but super beautiful too.

  2. this was a great article. i’ve been looking for a good make up. the one i had from europe is slowly coming to an end and they actually don’t have the brand here. i want something light and non toxic. yours sounds like something i would want to try!

  3. These sound like super products xx

  4. Whitney @ To Live & Diet in L.A. says:

    Air brush legs and fake bake are the best! So easy to look golden all year long 🙂 I love doing home self-tans too since I’ve heard that the spray booths can be bad for your lungs.

    • Yea, it’s weird you mention that because I used to do the spray booths when they were first popular and I always woke up the next day with a weird headache and I really think it had to do with breathing in the spray.

  5. I’ve looked at those air brush systems and have yet to buy one. I’m a huge spray tan fan;) and have used the Sally H product. It’s a great buy for the money. St. Tropez is my favorite tanner. Have you tried it? I need to try the HD make up from Sephora. People rave about it!


    • Hi Leslie,
      Yes I definitely love St. Tropez mousse formula and lotion too and used it in the past. The reason I switched is Fake Bake’s color is just as good and just so much faster to apply.

  6. These all sound terrific! I’ll have a look for the Sally Hansen. My legs are pasty white, so this might be a great solution in the warm weather!

  7. Air brushing is the thing! I’ve never tried it, but I love the results

  8. i really wanted to try temptu when it first came out, but didn’t want to dish out that kind of money because i wasn’t sure it would be worth it (meaning, if i could figure out how to use it properly). i’d still love to try it!!

  9. Oooh, the Sally Hansen airbrush legs product sounds amazing. I have really white legs right now that desperately need some color. 🙂 I usually change up products, but I will forever stick with Maybelline’s Great Lash mascara in blackest black. It works the best for my eyes, it’s cheap and it makes my lashes look amazing. I’m the biggest fan!

  10. I’ve heard so much about the Temptu set and I recently ordered it and have my sister shipped it over to me. I’m sure I’ll need some practise before mastering it =D Hope it’ll turn out good for me.

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