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Denim Al Dente in Rome

Rome Italy

When I started blogging back in 2011, I never thought my ‘travel’ posts would transition from Vegas to the Vatican. For quick weekend trips, it helps that nearly all ‘must-see’ cities in Europe are about 90 minute flight from Zurich. I love hearing ‘What to See‘ from friends and fellow bloggers who have already well traveled throughout Europe because almost every city I visit is my ‘first time.’

However, I have a special place in my heart for Italy. Sure, mailing a postcard is an adventure (we were sold fake stamps at a Tabacchi) and watch out for over-priced Espressos, but Rome and Venice are beautiful. My two best pieces of advice for traveling in Rome – bring sneakers and get ready to walk. Also, don’t be afraid to order classic Italian. I stuck to my bland, boring palate and yet had the best spaghetti al Dente Saturday night. From brunch in boyfriend jeans to an intense sightseeing tour, let’s go to Rome…

Rome with Savvy Spice

<The Collosseum>

Zara denim, Rome

 <Brunch in casual basics and heels before changing into power walking flats. I usually hate ‘boyfriend’ jeans which seem shapeless, but this distressed pair by Zara (recent) get two thumbs up.>


<I highly recommend heels with boyfriend jeans, otherwise my legs look like they’re 2 feet tall.>

Savvy Spice fashion blog

<Travel Necklace by the Faire Collection – They reached out to me to share their jewelry which I love  especially because it’s so lightweight for travel, but their story caught my attention. The founder of the Faire Collection was studying for her Masters thesis in South America researching ‘poverty reduction strategies.’ Jewelry making was one them and she turned it into a business helping families in Ecuador survive by selling their jewelry globally.>


<Details by Dale– jeans ~ Zara, sweater ~ H&M, necklace ℅ Faire Collection, heels ~ Gucci, sunglasses ~ Prada outlet>

Vegas Savvy Spice

<After three hours of walking, we made it to The Vatican>

Have you been to Italy before or what is city is at the top of your list to visit?

Special thanks to Kim of NorthernCaliforniaStyle for her Savvy Sleepers review. She also just posted about the ‘hot flats’ for Spring including Vans & Birkenstocks if you dare.

See you later this week!


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  1. Rome is probably my favorite that I have ever been too – I can’t wait to go back! I also need to try out those boyfriend jeans, I have been looking for a new pair!


  2. Nice pictures and outfit! I love Italy!


  3. Dale, Your pictures are gorgeous and I am dying to go there! I know what you mean about the boyfriend jeans. Unless you are very tall and narrow, they tend to make you look frumpy. I have a pair and I don’t wear them much. These Zara’s are a little more fitted.

    (I’ll me emailing soon hopefully. My web designer has been on spring break.)


    • Thanks Leslie and you would definitely love Rome. That’s true about these, I think they’re more fitted than most BF jeans which helps. Yes, please keep me posted when you’re designer is back.

  4. This is a perfect casual chic look for spring Dale! We would love to make it to Rome some time. We went to Milan last year and like you, loved classic foods like burrata and tomato as well as a great charcuterie platter. Yum!

    Chic ‘n Cheap Living

  5. it’s so gorgeous dale! would love to visit there one day. great sweater and i love your heels.

  6. Okay seriously adorable yet casual outfit! I love it. However, I must ask. If you were really sight seeing this day, did you truly wear those shoes the entire time??

    • Hey Gigi! Thanks and there is no way I could have worn those the whole time. I just wore them to brunch in the lobby of our hotel and then changed into flats before it was time to walk.

  7. Like this heels!! I were in Rome last summer, it’s such a great city!

    With love,

  8. I have never been to Italy, my oldest daughter and her husband went there about five years ago and fell in love with it 🙂

    My top list is Portugal, Spain and Italy 🙂

  9. Dale, I was popping over to see your trip to Rome. Thanks so much for your sweet mention!

    I loved this look. It’s perfect for Rome in Spring. Love your jeans too. I also have to put Rome on the top of my favorites list. Just wandering around is wonderful and the food!! You lucky girl to be so close to all these fab cities. I also have to add Brugges to my list after my last trip to Belgium and I always love London. I’m really enjoying your trip pics on Instagram.

    Thanks again so much for the mention! Now maybe you could model some of those Birkenstocks on your trip? 😉

    xx Kim

    • Thanks Kim and yes, I was surprised it’s actually kind of humid in Rome even when it’s cold. haha, I think I will try on Birkenstocks when I’m in SF next month and see if I like them. (I haven’t worn them since 7th grade.)

  10. Lovely pictures as always and you look fantastic! xoxo

  11. Ironically, Rome and Venice are two places that I’ve not been, most everyone in my family loved travelling to Italy, so I really want to go soon. Gorgeous photos and heels Dale!

  12. aww dale i love your italy pics! i loved the vatican! so beautiful.

    your outfit is so cute i adore your python heels they’re amazing! lol to your comment i can’t imagine your legs EVER looking 2 feet tall.. lololol you have barbie legs haha!!


  13. Red Tag Chic Los Angeles says:

    You are rocking those jeans….thanks for sharing images from your tour!


  14. Dale-What incredible travel adventures you are having. I’m so excited for you. Flights from place to place in Europe are so reasonable aren’t they? I love both Rome and Venice. We’ve visited Rome twice and stayed right near the Spanish Steps a couple of years ago. Your recommendation about comfy shoes is so right on. During our first visit to Rome in 2003 I ended up walking blocks in Rome at 2 am because my stilettos ‘killed me’ and there were no taxis out at that hour. It’s funny now but I learned my lesson. 😉
    xx, H

  15. You look great. I love your shoes Dale. I hope you had an amazing time in Rome.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  16. You’re right about lots of walking. I don’t think I can survive with heels in Rome. Those cobblestones are not easy to handle with heels! I like Rome. It has so much history and so rich with culture. A little old and not too clean for my liking but I can’t expect it to be all new and rich with history =P Have you discover Naples? We went there to visit Pompeii and I was fascinated with that town.

  17. what fab look Dale. I do love Rome, altho Florence is my fave city.. glad you are enjoying yourself

  18. Beautiful outfit. I think a white sweater with jeans is a perfect way to spend a day out. Wow – Rome! That’s incredible! Looks like a wonderful city to visit. I’ve never been, but since my husband’s Italian, we do plan to visit in the future.

  19. I like you look. You look very nice.

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