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Casual Italian Style – How to Get the Look

Savvy Spice in VeniceParis may be called the ‘City of Love,’ but I’m going to veto that in favor of Venice, Italy. We spent Valentine’s weekend in Venice and in between gazing at gondola traffic jams and sight-seeing in San Marcos square; I snuck in a mini shopping tour of few Italian brands that really really need to have store locations in the US soon.

As I was on the hunt for stylish sneakers (a must-have this year), I crossed my fingers they’d have the size 40 I needed. Thankfully, the salesman assured me there are some ‘Italian girls with big feet’ so they should have my size. Whew! A few stores later I found the perfect pair. Of course, there’s nothing like an exchange rate to put a bit of a damper on retail therapy in Europe. The US dollar is so weak, literally, but I found a couple must-have Italian brands without a trace of Euro sticker shock. Here are the Italian styles to steal…


The Scene – Venice, Italy

DSC04634 2

Step 1. Italian Denim – When I first met my husband, he told me Replay jeans are the ‘hot’ ones from Italy. If you ever liked True Religion or Rock & Republic back in the day (they remind me a bit of that style minus the huge stitching), replace them with a pair of Replays. They fit well on men and women – plus, they are ‘Made in Italy’ with a stylish edge.


Step 2. Stylish Sneakers ~ They are everywhere in Italy and a must-have for Spring/Summer 2014. This pair by Geox is an Italian brand I discovered and love – Here’s the same shoes I’m wearing in Ivory.


 Step 3. Effortless? ~ I have no idea how to do a ‘not trying without trying’ look as I definitely put thought into this outfit, but it seems the stylish Italians are natural born fashionistas. Try to fake that whole ‘oh I just threw on a blazer, jeans, sunglasses and a bit of lip-gloss look’  with casual tailored pieces and well made shoes.


 Step 4. I Heart Sisley ~ This top is by a an Italian brand – Sisley – (also where I got this coat) and they have stylish Italian designs for a price point of Zara.

DSC04451 2

Venice Part 2 – Coming Next


<DETAILS by Dale> Denim (old) ~ Replay, top ~ Sisley (jacket from Sisley seen here), Shoes ~ Geox (collection Scarpe Donna), blazer (old) ~ Forever21, Nail Polish ~ Sinful Colors, sunglasses ℅ Shady Sl*ts, watch ~ Michael Kors

I hope you’re having a great week so far. Any jeans or European brands you’re loving this winter?


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  1. Wowwww I love Venice!!!

  2. looks like you are having fun! your bun looks so good


  3. Dale.. you are a world traveler! So funny, I know what you mean about creating that “I just threw on the blazer..” look. Not as simple to create as one might think. That said, it’s important to learn to do:) I love this look and it works for me. A simple tee (for a casual day) or a blouse for work .. add the blazer and its done. I have several different blazers and I rotate..totally boring but that’s the way I roll 😉 You always have great ideas and you stay budget friendly! Have fun today:):)

  4. Dale, I am so envious of all these amazing places you get to go to in Europe.

    I love your shoes. I am going to be investing in a stylish pair of sneakers very soon.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  5. I love how I get to see these places through your blog… I have such a desire to travel… I will someday… and not far off in the future.. You look like you are totally enjoying yourself Dale… have lots of fun <3

  6. Venice looks so awesome Dale! I bet you had a romantic time there! You look great and HAHAHA I’m glad they had your shoe size. I have long feet too. Great post!

  7. I’ve never been to paris, but I have been to venice, and I will agree, such a beautiful and romantic city. I am so envious of you right now!

  8. Very optimistic blog post, with romantic atmosphere. I ‘ve been in Paris and in Venice too and I agree that Venice is calmer and maybe more suitable for a couple’s vacation.

  9. I need to get those sneakers, Dale! I’m glad you were able to visit Italy. All of these images are amazing. I feel like everyone I know has either visited Italy (and loved it) or wants to go ASAP–including myself.

    • You two should definitely go Cheryl. Even if you fly into a different city you can get a train pass for Italy and go to all the cities you want to see. There’s a lot of ways to avoid the tourist traps too. 🙂

  10. Totally agree with you that sneakers are a must-have this year. Geox make some really comfortable shoes and yours looked stylish! =D I’ve not been to Venice. They look pretty from your pictures.

  11. I LOVE those shoes! You definitely pull off the effortless chic look. 🙂

  12. Newcomer to your blog but definitely am hooked already. Great blog and I agree with many of the comments here, you rocked the effortless chic look! Love how you made it seems so easy.

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