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A ‘brutal polar vortex cold enough to take your breath away!?’ Al Roker isn’t joking when it comes to the super chill factor today on the East Coast, so bundle up. There’s been a burst of unseasonably mild snow-free sunny days here in Switzerland. And back in Nor-Cal, in need of rain, the dried up lakes are starting to resemble the Las Vegas desert. Well, that concludes the weather; now onto fashion.

We spent the first Friday of 2014 chilling out ourselves making home-made Italian style pizza. Actually, he made it and I tossed on some Galbani Mozzarella balls before it hit the oven. On our Saturday night out; I wore one of my all fave retro styles – 70’s glam! I love gold accessories or as I’d say in German – ‘Ich Liebe Gold!’ I highly recommend the look for a date, night out, or an easy style solution for an upcoming January holiday party. Here’s my ‘American fashion blogger’ meets ‘American Hustle’ style. Plus, now that SJP is introducing her new line of heels at Nordstrom, I’m curious if you think designer heels really worth it? 

Savvy Spice black jumpsuit

Gucci Heels

Gold Gucci heels - Savvy Spice  fashion blog

Savvy Spice fashion blog, Dale Janee

Sweet & Spark Savvy Spice fashion blog

Savvy Spice fashion blog

<DETAILS by Dale> jumpsuit ~ Zara (Similar Here), heels ~ Gucci Outlet (Lugano, Switzerland) – Love These Too, shades ~ H&M, clutch ~ Shanghai N/A, coat ~ Vintage, necklace c/o – vintage Sweet & Spark last seen here

Are Designer Heels Really Worth It? ~ After finally organizing my wardrobe so my husband would stop calling me a ‘hoarder’- a term he just learned last summer thanks to American TV; I lined up my mini collection of designer heels. I realized that not only do I take better care of them, i.e. (avoiding scuffs at all costs), I keep them forever. Plus, they often get the most compliments as they instantly dress up any basic H&M or Zara dress.

Tips to buying designer footwear – 1. Check Outlets & online legit sites 2. Buy off season for nearly 75% discounts (like the ones in this post) 3. Look for styles that are classic and not super trendy so you can wear season after season. 4. Always use the little dust bags to keep them safe when traveling. 5. Designer heels might be genuine leather, but they still need to be comfortable and the right height or you’ll never wear them. Take a stroll or two around the store.

What do you think – are you more likely to splurge on heels or handbags?


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  1. Ahhh geez I don’t think I have a favorite to splurge on, it’s kind of balanced. Heels and bags are my weakness and where I tend to invest more in. Though when it comes to care I am much more careful with heels than bags. I always tend to destroy mine. I’ll never forget a certain Miu Miu bag I brought to take overseas a few years ago. I brought it a week before departure and only noticed while waiting at Frankfurt airport that two of the damn letters were missing from the logo. Yeah that probably happened when I left it on the floor under my feet and was probably shoving it as far as I could get it to go with my shoes and stuff. I’m so bad I know.

    BTW I LOL at the ‘he was making the pizza’ bit!

    • Yes, I agree – bags can be so tough to take care of unless you treat them like a baby lol. Sorry about your story in Frankfurt! That must have been so annoying with no way to replace the letters. 🙂

  2. I don’t really splurge on either of those things. You look awesome doll xx

  3. Those shoes are sweeeeet! And I love black & gold, it’s one of my favorite color combos!

    belle + compass

  4. Great look! How’s the designer shopping in Switzerland? I JUST splurged on my first pair of designer heels last night. They are black patent leather pumps by Valentino. I first saw them at my local TJ Maxx when they were marked down to $500 from $800. Then I watched them drop to $250. I still couldn’t do it, but then last night they were just $150. I had a $60 gift card so I just went for it. I think it was a steal! And since they’re so classic, they will last me a long time. I completely agree with all your tips for buying designer shoes. But this will be my last splurge for a while!

    xo Megan, Lush to Blush

    • Wow Megan! That’s such a great deal and I’ve been seeing Valentino heels on so many blogs and love them – they’ll last you forever. The designer shopping in Switzerland is not good – unless it’s an outlet like that right near the border of Italy. I usually wait til I’m out of the country to shop hehe

  5. Dale, Would die for these. I think I am for a nice designer shoe when it can add some quality to your wardrobe and last for years. These are obviously going to be something you could use for a long time and how fabulous they make your whole outfit! Only if we had a Gucci outlet here in Northern California… I’m loving the whole American Hustle throwback styles. Can’t wait to see that movie either.

    x Kim

    • Thanks Kim – yes, I know what you mean about an outlet there. I’d never seen one until I came to Europe and I think the outlet is there only because it’s so close to Italy.

  6. those heels are so gorgeous dale. i love the texture of them and also the color.

  7. Fantastic 70’s look!

  8. So b eautiful look!
    I love your shoes!
    Happy new Year my dear!

  9. Ooh those gold heels are gorgeous!

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  10. You are so chic Dale. Love everything about your look, especially those heels.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  11. You look great! I love the gold accents!

  12. I love love love the title of this post, so perfect! Gold is my absolute fav too.


  13. Great look. Really love the coat.=)

  14. Thumbs up for the Italian pizza!! 😛 Great heels!


  15. I love those gold shoes. You moved from San Fran to Switzerland!? That must have been exciting

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  16. Those heels are amazing! I don’t think I could ever splurge on designer heels, though. I am way too hard on shoes, and I’d never forgive myself if I broke the heel or scuffed it. Handbags are something I can get behind. 🙂

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