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5 Tips for a Perfect Movie Night


Can you smell the anticipation of Oscar night? From endless award shows, red carpet coverage, celebrity filled lodges at Sundance and theaters worldwide; tinseltown buzz is in the air. I love chilly winter nights in January catching up on Academy Award nominated films. I like judging the ‘critically acclaimed’ films for myself to see what everyone is talking about.

As a San Francisco native, I loved Blue Jasmine and  looking forward to the Wolf of Wallstreet and American Hustle this weekend. I guess that’s what you do when it’s snowing in the Swiss Alps and you don’t ‘do’ snow. Rainy weekends are the perfect opportunity for a movie night of your own. Here’s 5 tips to plan the perfect movie night with limited drama and old-fashioned fun…


1. Fandango to Your Heart’s Content ~ Finding showtimes is simple on your smartphone, but there’s nothing more annoying than showing up to a 8 pm show with the theater so packed you’re cramped between a family of 5 and a canoodling teen couple. That’s why I love matinee’s in the winter. No crowds + a discount.


2. Date Trick ~ If you’re on a date and you’re both into the movie, grab a drink after the flick. Or if you’re throwing an Oscar party at home – why not create your own Blue Jasmine Martini or Wolf of Wallstreet whiskey cocktail.


3. A Movie No-No ~ Even a movie night at your house can be distracting with everyone checking their phones, so I try to avoid it from the big screen to the small screen.


4. Make It Comfy ~ Turn your living room into a theater with chairs, your couch, and blankets ready-to-go. Even if you need to create a movie theater fort for something different. (These pics are from a recent stay in Geneva, not our apartment)


5. Snackster Alert ~ A movie night wouldn’t be complete without sweet and salty goodies. DIY a popcorn bar like recipes I just found on Pinterest and an ice-cream sundae station with toppings galore. Or in Switzerland – you must have Mövenpick ice-cream. Here’s a pic from our trip to the Mövenpick shop last week in Zurich. It’s the best ice-cream I’ve ever had!


<DETAILS by Dale> sneakers ~ Converse, jeans & sweater (old) ~ H&M, Bee earrings ~ Lilith & McCrae (close up here), Locations ~ Hôtel N’VY in Geneva and Mövenpick Ice-Cream in Zurich, Switzerland

Have you seen any good movies lately or do you have any suggestions for your ‘perfect night?’


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  1. Oh Dale, now you are making me want some ice cream and that read sweater. LOL. You look amazing like always and love the photos. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Great tips doll, I do love going to the movies & watching them at home, it’s a perfect way to just relax and eat all your favourite sweet treats too :)) I hope you have a marvellous weekend xx

  3. Such great tips and ideas! I like having movie nights at home in the winter and I’m always behind on movies, so it works out that I haven’t seen many of the ones that are already out on video or Netflix!

    xo Megan, Lush to Blush

  4. fabulous tips dear…I would only add that the company is important too…we should try to take into account the tastes of the ones watching the film with us. There is nothing worse then a person complaining about the film.

  5. Good tips and awesome photos. I absolutely agree with the no cell phone policy. It’s not only distracting, it’s impolite. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  6. Love the outfit and the earrings *wiggles eyebrows**.. I have to admit I am not sure why but I didn’t like the movie that much. Wolf of Wall Street was way better.. I laughed the whole way through, it was so ridiculous and sad at the same time.

  7. Whitney @ To Live & Diet in L.A. says:

    I thought that room was your apartment at first and I was like….Dayyyyyyam girl!

    Abe and I love movie nights. I don’t like actually going to the movies that much because I like being comfy in my own home but he definitely prefers the big screen. We compromise by making it more Whitney-friendly by sneaking in sushi and mini red wines bottles haha!

  8. you look gorgeous:)

  9. I used to go to the movies all the time and the matinees were the best, I usually had the the theater to myself or with a few other people spread all over … plus it was much cheaper like you said. Enjoy your movies and the weekend 🙂

  10. I need to see some of these movies!!! Fun post:)

  11. I think these are wonderful tips. Especially the not checking your phone. It is so annoying when someone is always checking their phone.

  12. great tips dale!! i loveee love movenpick ice cream lol!! and i agree.. it drives me nuts when ppl are checking their phone especially if you’re talking to them.. it’s so not cute!!

    when are we getting together!! i’d love to see you 🙂 the hubs and i are moving back to the states this summer so i really hope we can meet up before we leave!

  13. Dale, I am also liking the is season for getting all those Oscar movies in..Just loved American Hustle. Now I want to see The Dallas Buyer’s Club and it’s just come back to theaters here. Also really liked Mr Banks and the Butler this year..

    Fun ideas! Love that red sweater.. Cute post below! How fun is it creating that 70s look? Now only if I could wear those plunging necklines. Still, someday, I’d love to have a disco party..You Dale, could wear any of those looks!

    xx Kim

  14. This all sounds so lovely! I better pull it together for Oscar night soon! I love the idea of an ice cream station too!

    xo Mary Jo

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