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Autumn in Amsterdam! 4 Steps to Layering this Fall


Have you tested your Netherlands knowledge lately? I’ll admit, I didn’t know much about ‘Dutch’ culture while living in Cali other than hearing the word itself being used for my bread of choice at Ike’s Place or a term related to awkward first dates. And Hollywood doesn’t do Holland justice either. I was embarrassed to admit I recognized scenes in Amsterdam from ‘Deuce Bigalow European Gigalo.’ Not to mention the Austin Powers 3′ flashbacks when I spotted the traditional clogs in souvenir shops that Goldmember wore.

Amsterdam is beautiful and one of my favorite cities in Europe so far. Everyone rides bikes, the shopping is eclectic, it smells like home (i.e. Mendocino County) and reminded me of San Francisco, just colder. And with that, here’s 4 tips for fall layering. Redlight, greenlight, let’s go to Amsterdam…


1. Start with the Basics ~ A light sweater, (or sweatshirt this fall) and basic denim or my favorite this season, waxed denim that look like leather but are more comfy.


2. A Scarf ~ If your sweater is a solid color, try a patterned scarf. For fall ’13, try cobalt blue just spotted on Jessica Alba, get festive with tartan, or an owl print scarf.


3. A Winter Coat that Doesn’t Make You Look Big ~ The level of layers will depend on the severity of winter in your city, but I don’t take cold days in Europe lightly. Or I’m freezing. However, I hate the huge bulky winter coats. Try one that is more fitted and has a belt to keep some shape over multiple layers.


4. ‘I Can’t Stop the Rain’ ~ Pick a coat with a back-up plan. The little zipper on the back of this coat is hiding a hood perfect to keep your hair dry during an unexpected downpour.


<DETAILS by Dale> jacket & boots (recent) ~ Zara, sweatshirt ~ MANGO (similar here), pants (recent) ~ H&M (Similar waxed denim here by Spanx & here by JBrand)

All of this layering is new to me, what’s your style secrets when it comes to dressing in the cold? 


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  1. Great layering tips:) And ur post made me miss Amsterdam. I was there aeons ago, and just basically hung out at Leidsepleine (sp?) after visiting museums:)

  2. You look amazing Dale, and I love this entire look. Very inspiring. Also adoring the photos.

  3. Looking great! 🙂


  4. Super tips, you look fab xx

  5. Fab pics! I am adoring the idea of a scarf with owls on it! Hugs, T.

  6. Soo beautiful there! I love your outfit too 🙂
    And those are perfect Fall layering tips! I definitely need to layer more

  7. These are great tips! I am in love with your jacket. That zipper pocket for the hood is genius.

  8. Thank you for commenting and thank you for the tips how to look stylish and worm on this european weather! XO


  9. Hi Dale,

    Great layered outfit and one that you’d see me in here in WA state with our cold temps, rain, ice, and occasional snow storm. The soft sweater (not too bulky..I’m super picky!) or a light sweatshirt is perfect. Love the coat you have! Amsterdam is looking a lot like Brussels (we were there last year). I hope you are having fun:) xxleslie

  10. I love your look! The Celine bag is gorgeous!


  11. I went to Amsterdam a few years ago in April and it was so beautiful. But it was also pretty cold and rainy, so I can totally appreciate that Vine you made. 🙂


  12. Your learning fast about dressing in Europe 😉
    I love your coat.
    Like you it’s layers that get more numerous as Winter progresses. Then as soon as you go in a cafe or restaurant you literally have to start stripping down 😉
    I love Holland too. Looks like you had great weather.
    Did you see Anne Franks house?

    • We went to go to Anne Frank’s House Sunday and it was raining and there was a huge line so we’re going next time. You’re so right about having to strip down once you get indoors 🙂

  13. FASHION TALES says:

    I love your waxed denim. I grew up layering, so it’ s probably my favourite style of dressing, especially in autumn/winter season. Belted coats are a great go-to for layering in cold climates. xo /Madison 🙂

  14. Beautiful coat!

  15. You look adorable Dale! I haven’t been to Amsterdam yet but the cold isn’t new to me. Layering is the best thing to do when it’s cold. A scarf and a hat (beanie) are also very important. I have so many but I need a scarf with a tartan print. Have a wonderful day Dale!

    xx Mira


  16. Love your styling/layers for Fall! I have been including a great leopard sweater vest that includes a fur collar in my layers this season! It has a gold zipper and can be dressed up or made casual! Another fun layering piece! We need many for this time of year! Love your tips!

  17. Great post! Totally love the photos 🙂

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (http://missbeatrix.blogspot.com)

  18. Nice warm jacket ah, but also very beautiful, thanks for sharing

  19. Great pictures

  20. I always wear tees, cardigans and scarves under my winter coat. That way, all the layers are light so I can peel something off if I get too warm. I’m loving boot socks over my skinny jeans, too! They keep my legs warm.

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