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Last Summer Sunset

SS_092513_ESPANA_SummerTime_COVERLast September I was contemplating moving from SF to LA for a change of scenery and because the weather in San Francisco was ‘too cold.‘ Fast forward a year and I’m gearing up for my first winter in Switzerland. Isn’t that an icy bit of irony. But before the rain, sleet and snow sets in, we flew 90 minutes to spend our last summer’13 weekend soaking up the sun in Majorca, Spain.

Here’a my Top 4 Summer Reflections from styles to Cervezas before this blond California bear hunkers down for winter in the Swiss Alps…

DSC00694 2

1. Retro Denim Cutoffs ~ I wore these all summer! The wash screamed 90’s and I loved their high waisted Farrah Fawcett 70’s feel. Plus, they’re longer in the back so preventing an ounce of Miley Cyrus-esque overexposure. BONUS: These shorts could still be sported with booties and a long cardigan this fall.


2. Mirrored Sunglasses ~ Keep an eye out for metallic shades because they’re sticking around for next Spring & Summer, especially blue mirrored sunglasses.


3. Fitness Shoutout ~ I was spoiled with outdoor workouts in Cali like night runs in November and tennis in January. Because it randomly rains in Europe a lot I joined a gym and have to give a shout-out to Body Pump. If you want a full body workout that’s less intense than Crossfit (which I can’t handle) but seriously tones legs and thighs; see if your city has this workout.

DSC00725 2

4. Oh Shandy ~ Every country has its own version of this, but Shandy in Spain is about 3/4 ice-cold beer mixed with 1/4 Fanta Límon and I loved it! Have you heard of this drink?


 <DETAILS by Dale> shorts c/o ~ TrendyBlendy, sweatshirt (recent) – MANGO (Similar HERE), sandals ~ Zara, bracelet c/o~ Cruciani, leg lotion ~ Dove Shimmer lotion, sunglasses ~ Rayban (Similar Here)

Is it already feeling like fall where you live or still summer?


See you Friday! More on Twitter & Instagram!

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  1. The sunshine looks marvellous, gorgeous pictures x

  2. it’s still warm here, but I do feel the summer…your shorts are so cool!

  3. This is a fantastic outfit! I cannot get over that gorgeous setting.

  4. love your outfit, especially the high wasted shorts!

  5. motivetobepretty says:

    Just get home from Crossfit, love it! Great pics!

  6. such a lovely scenery! i cant wait to go to europe this christmas! <3


  7. Not too bad in the UK, we’ve had it pretty good this summer. Although I’ve just come back from Greece, so it feels chilly to me!

    Loving your whole outfit, really nice!

    Hmm maybe…

  8. Fab pics! Spain would be an awesome place to visit. Fall has arrived in northwest Ohio. Sorry to see the summer depart so soon, but it has been a gorgeous fall so far–and I know the best is yet to come! Hugs, T.

  9. The view is amazing!!!! great photos! it seems you have fun there! Thanks for passing through my blog dear!!!


  10. Thanks for visiting my blog! Count me as your latest fan!

    I’m super curious to know what brought you from CA to Switzerland?? I would love to go there one day, it looks so amazing. I can’t even imagine how their winters are – i’m originally from Canada and that’s bad already. I would say investing in a big hefty parka is a must… Good luck! Here on the East Coast of the US, fall has started imposing itself a little bit, but the days are still warm-ish and sunny, my favorite. Oh and that beer-fanta drink sounds amazing, i’ve never heard of anything like that, but it def feels like the elevated version of a shandy!


  11. Fabulous look, I love it! And the Shandy kind of drinks are awesome, the only way I really drink beer actually 😉 ♥

  12. So exciting Dale! ..nope, never heard of a Shandy, but I’d try it for sure:) Also, I’m a fan of Body Pump too ~ keeps things from heading south!

  13. Love your outfit! Hope you have an amazing time in Spain!

  14. I adore this look on you! And what a fun weekend getaway!

  15. I also realised the importance of cut-offs this summer.They’re so essential 🙂
    Love yours too.
    Here in Turkey it’s still warm but it gets really windy and cold sometimes.I feel like fall is really near,hehe..
    You have such a nice blog,want to follow each other on Facebook?


  16. Very cool simple outfit! You look adorable!

  17. I love your cutoffs. The are one of the true symbols of summer for me. The temps have definitely dipped too much here for cutoffs though. It is almost time for sweaters!

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  18. Love your post from Sunny Spain!! It is a balmy Fall here in Minneapolis so I know we have nothing to complain about…..I just love looking at those palm trees though!!! Your post reminds me that I need to keep my eye open for blue mirrored sunnies!! Enjoy your weekend in the sun!!!

  19. wonderful post.. i was just curious.. that san miguel beer? it’s also available in the philippines.. i just found it surprising to hear of it from there!! that’s so rad, eh? 🙂

    Animated Confessions

  20. A fellow Bay Area blogger…well former 😉 Switzerland isn’t a bad move at all it’s got to be totally fun to travel and live in new places…agreed with the aviators, have yet to find the perfect pair though

    Indulgera Blog

  21. Beautiful photos
    You are so cute

  22. Love the sunglasses and the sweatshirt! You always make even very casual clothes look so cool. 🙂

  23. Unfortunately for me, it’s summer all year round over here =( I think grass is always greener on the other side =D

  24. Cute sweatshirt! ; )
    La Chica del Sábado

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