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Skin Care Secrets for Men


Have you ever overheard a conversation between a group of guys where one says to the other, ‘Hey your skin has looked really good lately, what products are you using?’ I’m sure it happens rarely, but we’ve all had men in our lives who may actually want some skin care tricks. Instead of asking, they’ll sneak a bit of your eye-cream or never ask at all. Whether it is a simple treatment for adult acne, or just a nighttime moisturizer, awesome skin is always a desirable trait. This brings be to some of the best men’s products I’ve discovered.

After consulting with some relatively high-maintenance men in their 20’s and 30’s, I want to share the top skin care products for him. Moisturizing is key for men and women, but guys can often feel greasy applying lotion or SPF on their face. Check out the products below:

Sidenote ~ Part of the reason my line of Savvy Sleepers satin pillowcases (featured above) are unisex is because I specifically designed them in a matte low sheen fabric. Men have reported their skin feels smoother and clear. Plus the satin causes less irritation especially if he has sensitive skin or facial hair. Do you have any skin care products you’d recommend for men?


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  1. These are really great!! Happy Monday doll x

  2. Jen Robbins says:

    Oh, great tip! I’ll buy this for my husband as he has oily skin. I’m also loving my savvy sleeper! Dale, I Love it. The thing I love the most is that I don’t wake up with deep sheet/pillowcase marks on my face! And, my hair is nowhere near as bed head (the bad kind) as it is with regular cases. I’m purchasing one for my sis for her birthday. She’ll love it too.

  3. Murad makes some awesome products.

  4. i should just forward this to my brother right now 🙂

  5. Think my boyfriend would appreciate this! xx


  6. I definitely will check on the product, thanks for sharing1


  7. Men’s skincare is becoming a big thing in Japan too! Thank you so much for your kind words. I enjoyed this blog post so I am following you on bloglovin 🙂 I also having a liking for sour candy!

  8. My husband has really sensitive skin. I’m going to have him try the Crew aftershave. Thanks!

  9. I do believe that it’s possible to get a beautiful skin at any age.

    You just have to know how to take care of your skin.

    Some basic techniques can already make a huge difference.


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