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Maxi Dress Remix in Majorca


On our last day in Majorca following tapas and a goat cheese salad at the beach; it was time to head back to Zurich. I changed into a Zara maxi dress on the verge of winter wardrobe hibernation.

I’d never heard of Majorca until a few years ago, but after visiting this year I fell in love with the relaxing Spanish hotspot. I highly recommend it for a summer vacation. Sure, the flight is longer from the US, but prices in Spain are inexpensive. Plus, comparing it to the only tropical places I’ve been in my life (Cabo, Hawaii, the Bahamas and Vegas pool parties), Majorca is like the best mix of all. From the beaches, dining to the nightlife…it’s ultimate Euro style R&R. And Ibiza for a night is a 3 hour ferry ride or 25 minute flight. Kayak is only a click away, but until then…






<DETAILS by Dale> dress ~ (recent clearance) Zara, purse (old) ~ Marc Jacobs, heels ~ Gucci (outlet), faux tan ~ FakeBake, bracelet ~ LuLu-Le, sunglasses ~ Prada, Lipliner ~ Subculture by MAC with Cargo Clarity lipgloss in Fresno Baby Pink 

 Thankfully there are a few ways to restyle your summer maxi into a fall ensemble. Like adding a fitted leather jacket, a long cardigan or denim jacket. Do you try to restyle summer dresses in the fall wearing them over tights or under a jacket?


Have a great weekend. Hopefully I sold you on Majorca. Let’s do a 2014 blogger meet-up on the beach! 🙂 

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  1. This outfit is killer. loving those shoes

  2. That salad looks so delicious!

  3. What a gorgeous place! That dress looks so good on you 🙂

  4. Majorca sounds like a great place to visit! I’ve never heard of it but now it’s on the list! You look beautiful!

  5. THOSE SHOES. I love them!

  6. I already waved goodbye to summer and packed summery clothes and took out my autumn jackets and winter coats. Still I’ll try to wear more dresses with black tighs and a sweater over them. I think it’ll work particularly good with my black lace dress.
    You look gorgeous in that white maxi-dress. And I wish I could go to Mallorca any time any soon 🙂
    Have a lovely day and a nice return to Zurich!
    xo Irene

  7. So stunning doll xx

  8. Hi Dale,
    I love the dress and those shoes look so nice with it! Hope all is well and have a great day!
    xx Easy Outfits, by Pip

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