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How to Dress Slimmer with 3 Simple Style Tricks


We’ve all done it! Worn a dress or outfit and thought it looked fine, then saw photos splattered across FB or uploaded to iPhoto and immediately thought ‘Wow, that’s really unflattering on me.’

Here’s a Before & After pic of the way I looked in this same MANGO dress a few weeks ago. It was boxy and unflattering; plus I forgot the basic styling tricks like adding a belt. Luckily, we’re not under the scrutiny of celebs like Kim Kardashian getting slammed for daily fashion mishaps. Here’s my fave slimming style tricks…

IMG_1868 navy blue

1. Add a Belt & Posture ~ If your dress is on the boxy side and has no structure, add a belt. The shorter the dress, the thinner the belt. If your dress is longer or a maxi, the belt can be thicker. (Old school slimming trick) If you’re at an event and not a fan of your outfit, practice perfect posture and it’s an automatic trick to look 5 lbs thinner.


2. The Power of Neon ~ If you really want to disperse attention to other parts of your outfit, just ADD Neon. Jewelry, nails, and definitely summer footwear will instantly attract attention to your toes.


3. Get Vulnerable ~ Whether it’s asking ‘Does this look good on me?’ or ” Do I look fat?,’ only ask someone who will be totally honest with you. As it turns out, my non-American friends from Europe and Asia are always the most blunt and truthful. (Sidenote – Never take outfit critiquing personally.)

IMG_1866 2

As I mentioned above, to see the Before & After 20lb difference this belt & styling tricks made, click here.


<DETAILS by Dale> Dress – MANGO, shoes (old) – F21 (Similar HERE), bracelets – yellow & striped – F21, Gold Bardot Bangle ~ Stella & Dot, belt ~ Ralph Lauren

Do you have your own styling tricks when it comes to unflattering dresses?


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  1. Kim of A Very Sweet Blog says:

    Dale that’s a fabulous dress. Love the belt and pop of neon in the shoes. You look so good. Lol I invest in Spanx! HaHaHa You offered some great tips. Will definitely try them.

  2. It’s crazy how a little styling can make such a difference! And I love the belt and shoes you have on!!!

  3. Cafe Fashionista says:

    Gah! You look incredible! I am in love with those flats! 🙂

  4. i think you still looked great without the belt, but yes, it definitely slims you to add it. beautiful look!

  5. It’s amazing the difference styling can make with outfits, definitely. I usually just go for belting everything with a really thick belt (the belt I usually use is kind of overworked, but it’s so useful…) I ought to use the slimmer belts in my closet more often than I do, but thick belts just seem to work with me and my slightly odd proportions. Neon’s a good trick too – I’ll have to remember that, since it’s not something that usually occurs to me.


  6. really like the neon tip, something I will have to try out for sure 🙂

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  7. It wasn´t that unflattering before but you are right it looks so much better with the belt. It´s the little details that matter. Btw the flats look so cute. Why haven´t I seen them at Mango before <3


  8. Wow, what a difference a belt makes! Love your advice and tips. They’re very easy and practical. Your whole look is perfect, love those neon cap toe flats! Adding a blazer and/or a long necklace is our styling tips.
    XO Wil Harris

  9. LOL. My Asian friends, and family too, are certainly honest. Sometimes, they are too honest. Well, your dress (in this post) looks great – and that’s the truth. By the way – I’m sure you know this already – cuuuuuuuute shoes.

  10. I like the dress with and without the belt, actually. But I must admit, the belt does jazz it up. And I didn’t know about that skinny belt/short dress, thick belt/long dress trick so thanks for that, Dale!

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  11. Fantastic tips. Love the idea of adding neon.

  12. You look wonderful! Big congrats on the engagement, darling. Let me know how you’re doing with the other business. xx’s

  13. I loved this post! I just put a shirt on this morning and realized how unflattering it was — but unfortunately, I think it’s beyond help. It’s in the thrift pile now. 🙂

  14. CameronPoe2409 says:

    Great tips and those neon flats are so cute! xx

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