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‘Behind the Scenes’ LA Vintage Wedding Adventures


Ahhh, wedding dress shopping! It’s so fun. If you minus the stress, awkward stares in the mirror, sales associates lacing up your pale winter back in corsets and oh yea, the price tags. With the big day almost exactly three months away, I needed an anti-anxiety dress shopping experience so I tried a vintage store in LA with my sister called ‘Bride’ and was pleasantly surprised.

I plan to make a couple wardrobe changes throughout the night and want to have a vintage reception dress for the Nor-Cal vineyard celebration. Here’s a ‘Behind the Scenes’ vintage wedding ‘reception dress’ shopping in LA’s Echo Park… 

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The Scene ~ Bride in LA which I first read about on Refinery29.

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<Vintage dresses from all eras with the one in the center about to be transformed into a new creation. The boutique was completely relaxed and the collection isn’t overwhelming or overpriced>

Savvy Spice fashion blog, Dale Janee, San Francisco style blog, Dale Steliga

<Bride has accessories, jewelry and gloves perfect for any vintage inspired look>


<The neighborhood is the last place you’d expect to find an adorable vintage boutique, but the owner, Maria, was unpretentious, helpful and she’s a pro at alterations>


<So Which Dress Did I Buy?>

Bride boutique in LA, Savvy Spice fashion blog, Dale Janee

I’ll reveal in August after the wedding, but I highly recommend a vintage experience for any bride or guest whether she’s looking for the main dress, a reception gown, or a simple stress free shopping experience. Also, thanks for following and all your nice comments throughout the engagement.


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  1. I love the simple “approachable” look of the store. All the gowns look gorgeous and I can’t wait to see your pick. You look so beautiful here 🙂

    Heel in Mint

  2. It’s really nice that you’re getting a vintage dress. I think it’s going to look great for your wedding!

    Oh to Be a Muse
    Shop Layered Muse

  3. These are some wonderful pictures. The dresses look amazing. I also love the accessories picture 🙂

    x Sam

  4. I can’t WAIT to see which dress you picked! I really wanted a vintage dress for my wedding, but I was horrified by the prices and couldn’t find the perfect dress. I’m glad you found the right one — and that boutique looks so cute!

  5. You look beautiful in the photos. Can’t wait to see what you chose!
    xx M

    The Marcy Stop

  6. Wow what a beautiful shop! And yes you look so lovely, can’t wait to see the big reveal of the dress one day!

  7. All the dresses there look lovely! It’ll be cool to see what all you choose! I’m also really happy that I’m probably years and years and years away from the possibility of a wedding – it seems so exhausting. Fun, but exhausting. Hopefully everything for yours is more fun than exhausting, though!


  8. Damn it Dale we can not be left hanging until August LOL! I wanna know now! ;o)


  9. Dale, this is so exciting! If this is going to serve as your second dress, I can only imagine the one for the ceremony. I can’t wait to see both. I love vintage. You will look great in anything! Can’t wait for the big day! Relax and enjoy this time.

  10. I love that you’re getting a vintage dress. Can’t wait to see!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  11. The dresses all look so beautiful & I can’t wait to see which one you chose! Huge congratulations on the engagement too, it sounds like a fairytale! 🙂

  12. Those dresses look so gorgeous.

  13. Fashion Envy says:

    Gorgeous dresses! I hope you have an amazing day xx


  14. Gosh…August is just around the corner dearie! I can’t wait to see which dress you’ve picked. Did you ever experience that overwhelming feeling and you just have to sit and swallow everything down because it’s moving so fast? I’m so happy for you and it feels like it’s just yesterday that your fiancé proposed and you’re prepping for everything now =D I’m so so happy for you!

  15. Anonymous says:

    wow the place where u bought your dress looks so pretty and vintage 🙂 i can’t wait to see what you got!

  16. This really answered my downside, thanks!


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