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Vintage & Neon! LA Sunset Double Feature

Savvy Spice fashion blog, Dale Janee,

Sunsets are enjoyable wherever you are, but on warm spring nights in LA I can’t help but smile. Ignore the traffic, embrace the unique personalities you won’t experience in any other part of the world, and just accept that everyone you meet has a celebrity connection. Don’t try to compete.

My sister, Jody, and I spent last Thursday in our Ford Focus rental exploring Beverly Hills in between sessions at the LuckyFABB blogger conference. Below I styled her in one of my favorite altered vintage dresses along with the 5 Most Important Blogging Tips I learned at LuckyFABB….


Vintage Apricot ~ I found this dress vintage shopping in the Mission District in San Francisco last year and altered it from this to what you see now.


Accessorized in Simplicity ~  A Cruciani bracelet from Italy


Accented in Neon ~ This spring neon pumps seem to go with every look like these from H&M. (Similar pair here on sale by Gabriella Rocha Saber)


Beverly Hills ~ Strip malls & celebrity sightings 24/7

Dale Steliga Savvy Spice fashion blog silver Versace heels for HandM

New on Savvy Spice ~ Throughout the summer, I’ll be featuring more ‘Vintage Dress Restorations.’ Above, I wore this same dress last Spring showing tricks for alterations to make a vintage dress look more modern.

As promised, here’s my TOP 5 Blogger Tips I learned at LuckyFABB:

1.  Quality Photos make a BIG difference. Best Camera for beginners wanting great photos ~ Canon50 mmF14. Also, here’s a Golden Hour app that tells you the most flattering time to take photos every day.

2. Know Your Worth ~ Emily from Cupcakes & Cashmere said a few months after blogging she got an email asking if she could place a banner ad on her blog in exchange for a scarf. Don’t sell out or sell yourself short for brands. An ad expert noted rates of $25 for 10K monthly pageviews, $125 for 50K page views & $1,875 for 750K pageviews.

3. How to Partner with Brands ~ Don’t always wait for them to come to you. Create a 1-sheet with social media stats. Look at your blog and see what brand would fit best with the voice and style of your blog. Try to put yourself in their shoes and make a list of the top 20 brands you’d like to work with.

4. Simple SEO trick ~ Tina Craig (founder of the Bag Snobsaid when you link to the name of a designer in your outfit posts, always make it ‘bold.’ This will help drive traffic from Google searches and image searches. ExampleMarc Jacobs Daisy Bag

5. Don’t Underestimate Newsletters ~ A Daily, weekly or monthly newsletter is a little delivery to your reader’s inbox that helps you connect immediately (if they open it so catchy subject lines are vital). Check out MailChimp for an easy way to start one.

Hope these help! More on LuckyFABB: Check out one of my new favorite bloggers Talking With Tami 


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  1. Those are some great tips! I am loving those neon heels, too. You and your sister are both so pretty!

  2. I love vintage as well! Great looking outfit!

  3. What awesome tips, thanks for sharing, especially the ad traffic part. I learned the hard way about selling out and did a post thingy and in the end only got half of what I ordered, meh, whatever! But this is still soooo good to know. Just catching up on all your fabulous posts darling, hope you are well


  4. Thanks for sharing those tips! I especially like the one about not selling out – I decided a while ago that putting up ads wasn’t my thing, since I generally hate seeing them in the sidebar, and I’m still trying to figure out what would make me willing to even consider giving someone ad space, if there is something. I love the heels your sister’s wearing! They’re very pretty, and the strappiness there is wonderful.


  5. Hi Dale,
    I have very similar hair to your sister, wavy/curly, and was wondering where she gets it cut? I love her cut and its the style I’ve been looking for.


  6. I absolutely love the color of the dress on your sister and it has a “sunset” vibe to it. Paired with neon, it looks fabulous! Thanks for sharing the tips from LuckyFABB event Dale! That is so sweet of you!! 🙂

    Heel in Mint

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