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London featuring Tory Burch & 3 Spring Boosts

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WooHoo! Spring is officially here. Oh wait, it’s still cold. After checking out my daily fix of style bloggers located everywhere from LA to Malaysia, it seems there’s quite a few cities craving warm weather. London was no exception this week as I visited for the UK for the first time instagramming pics of English Pubs & street views.

Here’s a few pics of my day in London as well as 3 Spring color BOOSTS including a bonus by Tory Burch…

IMG 0650

1. Spring Highlights ~ I just found a new salon in Zurick, Switzerland to brighten my locks and get a ‘little’ haircut. Check with your salon if they offer ‘Partial Highlights‘ because it’s affordable and easy to spruce up your locks.

IMG 0653

2. Get Sirius this Spring (Inspired by Tory Burch) ~ New Year’s resolutions are so over-rated. Find reasons to be inspired every month and March is Women’s History Month. I just signed up for a SiriusXM online subscription and I highly recommend it. Log on and listen to whatever you want On Demand (like Howard Stern). Tory Burch was just interviewed this week. Topics Discussed: Tory’s marketing secrets, how she started the line 9 year’s ago, her foundation for women & the truth behind her logo. Her interview is available for the next 175 days.

IMG 0644

3. A New Spring Glow ~ My new favorite self-tanner is St. Tropez mousse sold online and in Sephora. It comes with a little mit to apply it flawlessly and fast. This week I’m pale. Next week I’ll show you the St. Tropez faux effects.

IMG 0639

The Landmark Hotel in London

IMG 06511

(Style Sidenote) ~ If you’re not sure about mixing a polka-dot top or stripes or a different pattern below; as a general rule if both pieces are in the same color family, Go for It.

IMG 0631

Up Next Tomorrow ~ Branding and blogging secrets for beginners and Up…

IMG 0635

<DETAILS by Dale> Jacket (old) from Italy, pants & boots (recent) ~ H&M, top (old) Forever21, zig-zag bracelets c/o ~ Lulu-Le.com (use code ‘SavvySpice’ at checkout for a discount)

Are you already in skirts & open-toed footwear, or are you still waiting for warmer spring temps in your city? 


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7 comments on “London featuring Tory Burch & 3 Spring Boosts
  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. Love your blog. Keep up the good work.

  2. I like your mix of patterns and your boots! So cute!

  3. Sue says:

    Love your stacking bracelets! Glad to hear Cleveland isn’t the only place that didn’t get the spring memo. I’ve been ignoring the weather and trying to get by in skirts, which sort of works. Except today, we had abrupt snowfall (it’s sooooo springlike) and my reaction to looking out the window was pretty much “no”. I wore my skirts inside only, for today.


  4. Kim of A Very Sweet Blog says:

    Looking fabulous in London Dale! Love your hair. My mom has Sirius and loves it!

  5. Huong says:

    Such a cute look, Dale! I love the fun polka dots! Thank you so much for sharing the website. I can’t wait to listen to Tory Burch’s interview. She’s one of my favorite designers!

    Pink Carnations

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