Good Friday 411! Louis Vuitton Scandal & Kim K’s Style

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The weekend is upon us and for this edition of my Friday 411 I want to introduce a new favorite San Fran based blog and talk about two style topics that keep popping up this week including Kim K’s pregnancy style blunders and Louis Vuitton’s X-rated ad.

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Have you heard of the blog Bike Pretty? After connecting on twitter earlier this week, I checked out this SF based style meets cycling fashion blog. Not only is it, clever, unique and fashionable, accessorizing with bicycles is perfect for spring & summer. (Above – My ‘Citrus Cycling’ post from last April)

louis vuitton womens spring summer 2013 show 01

Louis Vuitton Meets ‘Pretty Woman?!’ Louis Vuitton’s new commercial has caused a red-alert controversy with its redlight district NSFW commercial showing two models approaching men in S-Class Mercedes looking exactly like luxury clad streetwalkers. Photo via

kim kardashian 600x450 1

Does Kim Kardashian Need to Bump Up her Style? From what I’ve heard, maternity style can be a bit of a challenge, but with her resources and couture connections Kim can do better, right? As Kim is continually criticized and compared to Kate Middleton lately, do  you think her preggo style is chic or does she need a new stylist asap? Photo Via

IMG 0706

 Coming Next Week~ I just touched down in Spain (Majorca) for my first time. I’ll feature resort style inspired outfit posts & coverage from the LuckyFABB fashion conference next week in LA.

Have a great weekend and Happy Easter to you & your family!



How to Wear White Denim and Why Men Love It

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Did you know men love white denim on women? Of course I can’t speak for all guys, but part of the reason I started blogging was to share trends, tips and style secrets. I’m always listening in (non-creepily) on men and women’s conversations when I’m out in public and I pay attention to what styles men think ‘look hot’ on women. After doing a fair amount of white denim research throughout the years, I concluded this is one style staple men love on women.

After just finding the perfect pair of white jeans; I couldn’t wait to wear them yesterday out with Jakob on our date at the museum of modern art in Zürich. Here’s my 3 Tips to rocking white denim…

IMG 0671

<Sunday Date at the Museum ~ Chagall art exhibition in Zürich Switzerland>

IMG 0685

1. What to Wear with White Denim – (The possibilities are endless) I went to the extreme with a neon blouse & pumps, but this spring pairing black and white is everywhere. Also try any pastel, neutral or striped nautical top with white denim. Avoid halter tops, spaghetti straps, or any tank too revealing. It hits a little too close to Snooki & JWoww style.

IMG 0677

2. Forget the Rules ~ If you feel like wearing white pants before Memorial Day, go for it, unless it’s raining. Then you’re just asking for trouble.

IMG 0699

3. How to Wear White Denim with Confidence ~ The key is in the fabric. Choose white jeans very carefully and always try them on! Check out all angles in the mirror. Many fabrics are not forgiving so look for a thick, stretchy denim blend (these are 98% cotton). If you still don’t feel comfortable, you’re not alone. Did you know the creator of Spanx, Sara Blakely, invented Spanx because she hated the way her butt looked in white pants?

IMG 0697

<Style SideNote> After finding a Dolce and Gabbana outlet Saturday with major deals, I was so excited! There’s not a TJMaxx or Marshalls in sight here in Switzerland and I think it’s important to be realistic. Today, Gwenyth Paltrow’s fashion & lifestyle site GOOP was slammed for being out-of-touch with women for posting her ‘Spring Fashion Must-Haves’ totaling over $450K. See the story here on my FB fan page here.

IMG 06921

<DETAILS by Dale> Top ~ Forever 21 (similar Vince Camuto top here), white denim & shades ~ Dolce & Gabanna (similar white jeans here & here), spiked bracelets -silver (Stella & Dot) gold cuff (gift), heels (recent H&M) similar here, Nail polish ~ H&M ‘Blue My Mind’ 

So why do guys like women in white jeans? According to my research, white denim is eye-catching, tan enhancing, plus crisp and clean in the summer. White denim stands out in a sea of blue jeans and is generally a ‘fashion risk‘ so wearing it can reflect self-confidence. White jeans also present the possibility of a high-maintenance woman which can be initially alluring. Right or Wrong, what do you think about white denim? 



Friday 411 & the Site Everyone is Talking About

It’s time for a Friday 411! Tips, fashion updates and news starting with a new site I’ve heard so much about this week. It’s called theSkimm started by two former female NBC employees. It’s a simple, clever and easy-to-read AM email of daily news from around the world that will make you feel smarter without having to read a newspaper and have you prepped to jump into a March Madness convo at Happy Hour without watching Sportscenter (because these ladies do it for you).

Up Next, Your Friday411 in Instagram

photo 17 copy

1. Today is World Water Day ~ People all around the world take action to raise awareness on water issues.’ Follow @CharityWater to learn more about donating water to countries in need. (Pictured above: my new favorite bottled water ever Liz by Hassia)

photo 17

2. Blogger & Branding Secrets ~ A. The power of Tee’s. Even the girls of the Skimm have T’s and branded watches. From tech startups, to my favorite sandwich shop, Ike’s Place and The City Supply Co., people love Tee’s! sent me this personalized tee and can print your logo on all types of clothing. B. If you’re a blogger, reach out to brands you love. If you mention them on your blog, tweet the company, post on FB or email their PR team. This helped me become a brand ambassador for Cruciani bracelets made in Italy and worn by women all over Europe. This one from their new Psy collection is making it’s way to Cali. (From collaborations to sponsorships now or in the future for you and your blog, being proactive is key.)

photo 17 copy 3

3. 1st Floral Friday of Spring ~ Feeling blah or just want to give your bedroom a boost this weekend? Try brunch and a Saturday morning farmer’s market for the blooming bouquet of your choice like these tulips I spotted in Switzerland today.

photo 16

4. Savvy Sleepers Goes International ~ I met with salon owners in London this week (like Anthony’s barbershop above) and Savvy Sleepers luxury satin pillow cases will be available soon in select cities throughout Europe. The easiest way to order now is online at Start Spring with smoother hair and wake up refreshed every morning on plush satin, save 20% when using promo code ‘SleepBetter‘ at checkout.

Hope you have a great Friday and sign up for the Skimm HERE


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London featuring Tory Burch & 3 Spring Boosts

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WooHoo! Spring is officially here. Oh wait, it’s still cold. After checking out my daily fix of style bloggers located everywhere from LA to Malaysia, it seems there’s quite a few cities craving warm weather. London was no exception this week as I visited for the UK for the first time instagramming pics of English Pubs & street views.

Here’s a few pics of my day in London as well as 3 Spring color BOOSTS including a bonus by Tory Burch…

IMG 0650

1. Spring Highlights ~ I just found a new salon in Zurick, Switzerland to brighten my locks and get a ‘little’ haircut. Check with your salon if they offer ‘Partial Highlights‘ because it’s affordable and easy to spruce up your locks.

IMG 0653

2. Get Sirius this Spring (Inspired by Tory Burch) ~ New Year’s resolutions are so over-rated. Find reasons to be inspired every month and March is Women’s History Month. I just signed up for a SiriusXM online subscription and I highly recommend it. Log on and listen to whatever you want On Demand (like Howard Stern). Tory Burch was just interviewed this week. Topics Discussed: Tory’s marketing secrets, how she started the line 9 year’s ago, her foundation for women & the truth behind her logo. Her interview is available for the next 175 days.

IMG 0644

3. A New Spring Glow ~ My new favorite self-tanner is St. Tropez mousse sold online and in Sephora. It comes with a little mit to apply it flawlessly and fast. This week I’m pale. Next week I’ll show you the St. Tropez faux effects.

IMG 0639

The Landmark Hotel in London

IMG 06511

(Style Sidenote) ~ If you’re not sure about mixing a polka-dot top or stripes or a different pattern below; as a general rule if both pieces are in the same color family, Go for It.

IMG 0631

Up Next Tomorrow ~ Branding and blogging secrets for beginners and Up…

IMG 0635

<DETAILS by Dale> Jacket (old) from Italy, pants & boots (recent) ~ H&M, top (old) Forever21, zig-zag bracelets c/o ~ (use code ‘SavvySpice’ at checkout for a discount)

Are you already in skirts & open-toed footwear, or are you still waiting for warmer spring temps in your city? 


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Exotic in Geneva

SS 031813 ExoticInGeneva COVERIf you won the lottery tomorrow and could have any car in the world, what would you choose? Whether it’s a Ferrari or a Fiat, surprisingly your answer says a lot about you, even though I think everyone is entitled to their own dream car. In fact, wrote an article about What Your Car Says About You.’

Jakob and I took the train Saturday to Geneva, Switzerland and spent the afternoon at the Geneva International Motor Show. If you’re a Lamborghini girl or a Porsche guy, you may enjoy this post. If you could care less about cars, here’s a few photos of my new faves from decor to cocktails spotted in Geneva…

photo 16 2

‘The Doors’ Inspired Decor ~ We had lunch at the N’vY Hotel in Geneva and I couldn’t help but snap a few pics of the über stylish decor throughout the lobby in this new hotel that is partnered with the fashion line Diesel.

IMG 0550

The International Motor Show ~ Cars, handbags, vacays or heels? What’s your splurge?

IMG 0545

Tweeting a pic of the new GQ designed Fiat

IMG 0559

What to Wear to a Car Show ~ If you’ve ever been to a bar at last call when the bouncers flip on the lights and start yelling to ‘call it a night,’ indoor car shows have a similar vibe. The lights are intense and bright to show off the cars, so pack some powder and make sure to layer over a light-weight top because it was about 90 degrees inside.

IMG 0561

We met up with friends Vincent & Flavie who live in Geneva

IMG 0597

Night Cap ~ We ended the night at The Little Buddha (it’s a worldwide chain), that made some of the most delicious cocktails I’ve ever tasted garnished with passion fruit, currants, and fresh raspberries.

IMG 0615

<DETAILS by Dale> On the train ride back to Zurich… Tuxedo bracelet c/o Cruciani, silver spiked by Stella & Dot, UK Cosmopolitan Magazine, pants & these platforms ~ H&M

Hope you had a great weekend and if you could have any exotic car, what would it be?


Coming this week... I’m headed to London tonight for my first time ever in the UK so I’ll be posting, instagramming and tweeting. If you’ve been there, please let me know some fun places to visit.


Weekend Prints and Swiss Diet Secrets

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Animal print, florals and tribal patterns, you name the print and you’ll find them splattered across all styles of pants this Spring. It’s time to take a departure from denim and try printed pants.

While they’re not exactly workplace appropriate, they’re ideal for Happy Hour, weekend getaways and chilly spring afternoons. From simple style tips to my first Swiss diet secret below, here’s a few pics from Zurich, Switzerland this week…

IMG 0482

Downtown Zurich, Switzerland

IMG 0451

The Easiest Way to Wear Printed Pants ~ If it’s your first time wearing floral, tribal or striped printed pants, pair them with solid neutral tops, jackets and footwear.

IMG 0471

Crazy for Aviators ~ Something about spring and the festival fashion frenzy makes me love Aviator shades this time of year. Gold, neon & silver. I just found these for under $10 at H&M. (Style Sidenote)  If you are going to Coachella, it’s best to avoid taking expensive shades.

IMG 0494

Swiss Diet Secret #1 ~ Throughout my time in Switzerland, I’ll share any diet secrets I notice that are different from the US. First, coffee in Europe is so different. They’re  smaller, cuter and usually come with a tiny chocolate and shot of water. Make coffee an event rather than a 400 empty-calorie Starbuck’s on-the-go diet nightmare. Nespresso machines are very popular here and they use celebs like George Clooney in ads. I bought this one when I was in SF and the little at-home coffee maker saves money, takes 1 min to make and is barely any calories. Like how many per cup? 1 Calorie! Of course I add cream and sugar, but it’s still under 100 cals.

IMG 0477

To Cuff or Not to Cuff ~ That’s up to you, but cuffing your pants with sandals or booties is a style-Do and can actually look cleaner compared to all bunched up next to your shoes.

IMG 0489

Tomorrow we’re taking the train to Geneva, Switzerland to a big car show. I’ll be sure to instagram some hot cars. If you could have any exotic car in the world, what would you choose?

IMG 0449<DETAILS by Dale> pants & white sweater ~ (Recent) H&M, jacket ~ Zara (Similar from Express here), watch ~ Michael Kors, My fave chevron bracelets c/o ~ LuLuLe (Use Code ‘SavvySpice’ for a discount at,  clutch ~ Max New York, Elepants earrings (old) ~ F21

Are you wearing printed pants this Spring?

Have a great weekend, see you Monday!


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