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03 /29
Good Friday 411! Louis Vuitton Scandal & Kim K’s Style

The weekend is upon us and for this edition of my Friday 411 I want to introduce a new favorite San Fran based blog and talk about two style topics that keep popping up this week including Kim K’s pregnancy style

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03 /25
How to Wear White Denim and Why Men Love It

Did you know men love white denim on women? Of course I can’t speak for all guys, but part of the reason I started blogging was to share trends, tips and style secrets. I’m always listening in (non-creepily) on men

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03 /22
Friday 411 & the Site Everyone is Talking About

It’s time for a Friday 411! Tips, fashion updates and news starting with a new site I’ve heard so much about this week. It’s called theSkimm started by two former female NBC employees. It’s a simple, clever and easy-to-read AM

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03 /21
London featuring Tory Burch & 3 Spring Boosts

WooHoo! Spring is officially here. Oh wait, it’s still cold. After checking out my daily fix of style bloggers located everywhere from LA to Malaysia, it seems there’s quite a few cities craving warm weather. London was no exception this week as

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03 /18
Exotic in Geneva

If you won the lottery tomorrow and could have any car in the world, what would you choose? Whether it’s a Ferrari or a Fiat, surprisingly your answer says a lot about you, even though I think everyone is entitled to

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