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Valentine’s Day 4-Step Recovery Plan

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If you’re waking up this morning feeling bummed about Valentine’s Day, you shouldn’t. Having good, bad & ‘whatever’ V-Days is part of life. Plus, it’s already over and now all the red and pink candies are 65% off. And if you’re in a relationship and the day didn’t go well because of busy schedules and floral headaches, I have a few tips to patch everything up this weekend.

Please ignore the fact that I look like an extra in an Old Navy commercial. After wearing black for a week straight in Zurich, I infused my hiking outfit with every cold-weather neon accessory in my California carry-on. Here’s 4 Tips for a weekend relationship recovery plan starting with doing something outdoorsy…

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 1. Take Advantage of  Your Local Surroundings - Past trips…In Denver, we hiked near Boulder. In SF, it’s been sunny and perfect for tennis. If you’re surrounded by snow, go skiing, snowboarding or on a simple snow hike. The other day, Jakob and I went on a hike up this mountain in Switzerland.

IMG 0042

2. Give Her R&R - If you’re a guy in a relationship and Valentine’s Day was a bust; surprise her in a few weeks with a trip to the spa, a massage or a mani-pedi appointment at her favorite salon along with a bouquet of her favorite flowers.

IMG 0041

3. The KISS Method - (Keep It Simple Stupid Sexy) I hated that phrase growing up, but it does ring true in this case. Our after-hike brunch was simple and delicious, but more importantly I’m learning some European diet-secrets here in Switzerland. They may eat a lot of cheese and chocolates, but they’re slim. Swiss diet tricks coming soon…

IMG 0046 2

4. Outdoor Romance on a Budget - The total cost of the trip once we reached the top of the mountain: 1 Wienerschnitzel for him, 1 pretzel for me, and two little train tickets down the mountain. Sidenote - The Üetliberg (also spelled Uetliberg) is the mountain we’re on in the Swiss plateau, offering a panoramic view of the entire city of Zurich.

IMG 0021

<DETAILS by Dale> coat c/o Westcomb, Top, scarf & gloves – H&M, Active leggings - Old Navy HEREprayer bracelets c/o 33Knots last seen HERE

How do you like your Valentine’s Day? -xoDale 

Special Announcement - Throughout the year I’ll be collaborating with Cruciani Bracelets from Italy. See their special V-Day bracelet below & new Collections HERE

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9 comments on “Valentine’s Day 4-Step Recovery Plan
  1. ivana says:

    funny post:) V-day can get crazy for sure! I love the photos, they’re amazing, you look like you’re having a lot of fun:)

  2. Lilli says:

    What a place! These photos are truly stunning Dale! You look so nice too! Happy weekend!! kisses! xol

  3. Huong says:

    What great photos, Dale! Nothing wrong with neon attire. You look adorable! I understand the woes of technology, haha! Thanks so much for taking the time to personally email me! You are so sweet! Have a wonderful weekend! Xx
    Pink Carnations

  4. Hi Dale, thanks so much for your comment on my blog, I really appreciate it! This post is lovely and fun – both at the same time. The view from the top of the mountain is amazing, it’s a shame we don’t really get to see snow days like this in London very often… Have a lovely weekend xo

  5. Kim says:

    Dale, you look so cute doll! I love that pink, yellow and black together! It’s so beautiful! You two look awesome together. What a perfect pairing! Ok, I can’t wait to hear about those Swiss diet secrets. Do tell! HaHaHa Pretty post!

  6. Lindsay says:

    That bracelet is gorgeous! And you look beautiful (and not like you stepped out of an Old Navy ad). :)

  7. Angie says:

    Look at all that snow!!! Amazing!

  8. I love the neon accessories! You are right -there are always affordable and fun seasonal activities so we should take advantage of them!

    Chic ‘n Cheap Living

  9. You look so happy and beautiful! Love this post too! It’s so unique and the tips are fantastic!! No one needs to stress about Valentine’s Day for sure. :-)

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

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