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Cape Alert! Are they a Fashion Do or Don’t?


Everyone should have at least one friend who can be 100% honest with them when it comes to style. Who is that friend for you? When I decided to debut this cape last week for a casual dinner in SF; I grabbed my clutch and was ready to go when my friend Ryan yelled, ‘WHOA! What are you wearing?’

A cape,’ I replied.

I’m not gonna lie, that is not flattering at all,‘ he said. As my sister giggled in the background, I said ‘Capes are in style, so I’m wearing it anyway.’

‘Well, you look like a tortilla,’ he said. And with that, we were out the door. Now it’s time to play fashion police. I’ll give my cape-wearing-style-tips and you decide if this winter trend is a ‘Go’ or a total ‘No’!


The #1 Problem with Capes ~ They’re shapeless! ‘Suck it in,’ ‘arch your back,’ ‘stick out your butt’ my sister directed snapping these pics. None of it helped. Capes are essentially cropped Snuggies. They’re not flattering, but they’re comfy and there are ways to work around their blanket like qualities.


The Cape is the Statement. Now What? ~ Keep the rest of the outfit tight. Capes cover most of your body, so you can keep the rest of your clothes as fitted as a figure skater’s costume. I recommend long sleeve knits, leather leggings, tights or skinny jeans below.


Red to the Rescue ~ As the cape digs continued including ‘you look like a flying squirrel’ to I decided it was time for the red lipstick trick. Channel your inner Marilyn Monroe and wear your favorite shade of red. It’s a power play every woman should have in her makeup collection. It doesn’t need to be pricy, Try Wet & Wild.


When in Doubt, Put the Attention on Your Toes ~ Whenever I need to give my outfit a boost, I reach for a pair of Zara black heels. Every season, they have new styles that are budget friendly, pretty good quality and comfortable. I always get compliments on Zara heels and in this case, they took the focus off the cape.


Valentine’s Special Coming ~ Next week I’ll have posts from V-Day Style to how-to-know if you should give her red roses. There’s lots of factors.


Cape (old) Nordstrom Rack (Black Michael Kors one HERE), Leggings ~ Forever21, heels ~ Zara,  ring ~ F21, Red lipstick ~ MAC

 So now it’s your turn. Are capes a Fashion ‘Do’ or ‘Don’t’? You won’t hurt my feelings 😉


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  1. We love the cape and your tips on how to wear them! We’ve learn when it comes to men, they’re a little scared and intimidated by women fashion trends. But you are working that cape!!
    XO Wil Harris

  2. wonderful tips! and you look stunning in this outfit. Yes is my vote:)

  3. Dale, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about! You look so sharp girl. That’s the prettiest cape I’ve seen in a long time. LOVE the camel and black together. You look so CHIC! KEEP!

  4. You look great Dale and I have to disagree with your friend. I think men and women differ like night and day when it comes to views / opinions on fashion. I love your tips and was nodding all the way. I love capes and the ones that have movement and are not thick look better I think. I absolutely love your Zara heels and leggings. 🙂

    Heel in Mint

  5. This cape is DEFINITELY a style “do.” I love the camel color and the way you styled it with red lips and leather! I’ve always thought that I couldn’t pull off a cape, but you make it look so easy. 🙂

  6. I personally think you look amazing! Have you seen Kate Middleton wearing her Zara one? Also looking very chic!

  7. I think cape is a women’s thing. My bf dislike it too! The other day we saw an ad by Burberry and it was this model wearing a beautiful cape and I turned to him and said “That’s a nice cape!” and he goes “It’s ugly”…what the hell..
    I like it! I think if your cape is red, you’ll definitely look like The Red Riding Hood =D

  8. Hi Dale! Love the cape trend! I agree with your tips! And wow, what a style!! So fantastic and cool!:) Kisses dear! xo

  9. All the cape digs are kind of funny – I especially love “You look like a tortilla.” But honestly, I like it! I think you look fabulous – you styled it perfectly and I love your shoes!!!

  10. LOVE the cape and it is absolutely flattering on you!

  11. love the coat!! you look beautiful !!!

  12. Gosh this cape is amazing!
    We’ve done a cape outfit some times back, check it out: http://pitypartyforlesspopular.com/2013/01/23/well-it-is-good-cape-weather-cool-breezy/

    Cool blog.


  13. I like capes, though since you’ve mentioned tortillas and shapelessness it’s all I seem to look at now LOL!!! I personally think they’re fabulous and a great way to keep all snugly and warm on chilly days.


  14. I forget to mention I think you werked that cape perfectly, especially with the red lips!

  15. Brava Dale! You were spot on with your cape. The way you wore it, the clothing worn with it, and your addition of the right makeup and the right shoes. I make capes for a living and one of the ways I sell my capes is by picking out that particular women at a show that has the personal style that will compliment one of my pieces. They almost always have the same comment, “I’m not a cape person”, and their not…until they put it on. Then they simply fall in love with the way a cape makes them feel. Capes are a piece of personality that will set you apart from almost every other women on the street. Thank you for sharing this topic with us!

  16. Thkans for taking the time to post. It’s lifted the level of debate

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