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How to Spice Up Weekend Wear in Pops of Red

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Finally, the first 3-day weekend since December. Time to sleep in, relax, grab a coffee with a friend or slip into yoga pants with no intention to actually hit the gym. While it’s tempting to bundle up in hoodies on long weekends, there’s a few ways to spice up casual outfits.

Here’s a few shots of my sister on a weekend walk with her dog, Ollie. Beyond the pops of red in this post, I want to share a real life look at the scam of catfishing dogfishing…

IMG 01461

The Power of Red ~ From Politicians to celebs; crimson is a striking shade. Try this ‘Russian Red’ Lipstick by MAC last seen here on the streets of San Francisco.

IMG 0162

All Star Paws ~ I’ve mentioned before, but a classic pair of Converse Chucks are appropriate at any age. Especially white, black or neutral with denim and a cozy sweater.

IMG 0164

My sister, Jody, and her dog Ollie in Mendocino County, CA

IMG 0153

Q. What’s Worse than Catfishing? A. Dogfishing. In light of the Manti Te’o fake online girlfriend scandal, I want to explain ‘dog fishing.’ A few years ago, my sister found a breeder on Craigslist selling purebred yellow labs. After weeks of contact with the breeder, emails of blurry puppy photos, promises of paperwork, and not much more details, she drove three hours to buy her labrador. It turns out once Ollie grew, she has multiple medical issues, she’s socially awkward and clearly not a purebred anything. But we still really love her even though we got dogfished.

IMG 0144

The Simplicity of Weekend Bling ~ Instead of feeling the need to pile on a bunch of bangles when you’re relaxing on the weekend, try a wrap bracelet and an over sized watch. Your weekend arm-party for two is complete.

IMG 0158

<DETAILS by Dale> skinny jeans ~ Forever21, shoes (below) ~ Converse, Vest ~ Gap (similar for men here), top (old) ~ Similar below, watch ~ Michael Kors, bracelet ~ Stella & Dot, lipstick ~ MAC, hat~(random from the OC)

I hope you have a great weekend and I’ll be back this week with a full ‘corporate style report’ from Beverly Hills. (Sidenote) Have you ever known any who has been scammed online? ~xoDale

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13 comments on “How to Spice Up Weekend Wear in Pops of Red
  1. Lilli says:

    She looks so cute! And Ollie is very sweet! Kisses! xo

  2. Huong says:

    I would totally wear this look, Dale! Love it all!
    Pink Carnations

  3. Niki says:

    That is so sad that there are breeders out there who treat dogs so poorly and then try to pass them off as healthy purebreds. I’m so glad you guys still love her! She’s such a lucky girl! And I love these photos! MAC Russian Red Lipstick is one of my favorites, and your sister’s makeup looks amazing!!!

  4. Lindsay says:

    I love her outfit! I have worn my red Chucks to pieces (literally). They were actually the shoes I wore with my wedding dress, and I still wear them with everything.

  5. ivana says:

    Great outfit, simple and causal yet very stylish. I really that shade of red. Thank you so much for following, I’ll do the same so we can keep in touch. You have a great page here:)

    The dog doesn’t look like a pure breed but it’s so nice you love her anyway! It’s tragic that most breeders are only in it for the money and not because they like dogs…

  6. Angie says:

    Ah how cute is Ollie! Converse trainers are a must – in fact, I need a new pair in my life!

  7. Sonia says:

    Ollie is adorable but such a sad story behind him. Thankfully he ended up in a loving home! Australia doesn’t have any issues in that area but our worst is ‘puppy farming’ literally what it means. It’s awful and something that will be resolved and ended very soon! Anyhoo onto the outfit you’re so right about a good pair of Chucks and red, it’s such a complimentary colour on anyone!

    Have a great week lovely,

  8. Your sister looks so good! I love her hat, striped top and chucks. Very cool! That is so sad! There are so many shady characters out there. It’s horrible! He looks like a good dog. Glad you ladies kept him.

  9. Angela says:

    I really like this outfit. The accessories are gorgeous.
    Method Clothe

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