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Brunch on the Bay ~ Bloody Mary’s & Hipster Style


There’s more colorful neighborhoods in San Francisco than Nicki Minaj’s favorite eyeshadow palate. Yesterday, on a lazy Sunday afternoon, I discovered a new one. I dodged SOMA and mozied down to the Dog Patch with friends and family. This neighborhood just south from AT&T park has a restaurant, bar and spacious outdoor hangout called The Ramp. It’s not fancy, but with good food, friendly service and outdoor seating a stones throw from the bay, I highly recommend this SF classic.

Along with bundled-up unintentional hipster style; this post will be complimented by shout-outs, sunshine and some huge ships.


 What is ‘Hipster?’ ~ Last year, Buzz Feed showed ’11 Tired Hipster Fashion Trends’ from overdone ripped denim to flag tees and shredded tights. Hipster to me is wearing shades, distressed denim, avoiding uber trendy styles and most importantly not really trying. We showed up yesterday after a long weekend of late nights and recovering from that crazy flu. I spontaneously starting snapping pics capturing authentic ‘I don’t care’ hipster style rather than ‘I spent 2 hours putting this look together for Coachella’ hipster style. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. 🙂


 Hermione in coral kitten heels & a wool coat from Amsterdam on a business call. Follow her @HermioneWay for updates on her travels, startups, drama and more…


 My sister, Jody, helped me Saturday shoot ehow.com style videos at The Factory (SOMA’s hottest clothing boutique.) Sunday, she took it easy in her short new haircut, poofy vest, denim top and Toms. Two dogs enjoying the sun at The Ramp in pumpkin & Niner’s outfits came to say ‘hi.’


The Dogpatch ~ This pup may be excited about Superbowl Sunday, but I just found out a childhood friend has created a FB fanpage taking off all over the world. After teaching her little Corgi dog Franklin to hide, she takes a photo and you try to find him in the pic. The next day, she tags him in the photo so you know where he’s hiding. To play, just like the FB page, Where’s Franklin?


 Ships & Giggles ~ My brother and I joked that this might be the only house, slipping into the Bay, that I could actually afford a mortgage on here in San Francisco.


Hey Guys ~ If there’s one thing I’ve learned about men since starting a fashion blog; it’s that snapping pics for style posts is pure torture. I asked them for a cute pose anyway and got this…


 My brother Drew (on the left) has also just launched his comedy FB page Dru James Entertainment for weekly posts, videos and craziness in SF


The Creamery is Out ~ The Ramp is my new favorite SF ‘Brunch in the Sun’ spot.


 Plaid Toms & Skinny Jeans. Aww.


So what is ‘hipster style’ to you?

(Sidenote) ~ Beyond these casual SF shout-outs, I’m looking to feature new businesses, fun fashion startups, good causes, cool restaurants, hotels and entrepreneurs more regularly on my blog this year. If you’d like a chance to be featured or to share a new product or project, please email me directly at dale202@gmail.com.

Thanks for virtually brunching with us. Hope you had a great weekend! ~xoDale

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  1. great photos:)

  2. lovely pictures! seams like you had an amazing time:))
    if you get some time it would mean a lot if you would visit our blog: http://fromarmanitozurich.blogspot.ch
    lots of love:)

  3. Pure love, darling

  4. Love the pictures of the guys posing! And the photo of the house collapsing into the bay makes me laugh, too. I love SF and haven’t been there in 13 years. Must plan a trip back some day. 🙂

  5. I love this virtual brunch! I’m from SF but live in LA now – I’ll have to visit The Ramp next time I’m up there, it sounds great xoxo

  6. This hipster brunch and Coachella style are so fun to see! Love this post! And, omg Dale, that house falling into the bay is so unbelievable!! I feel for those homeowners!

    -Lauren at adorn la femme

  7. I have no clue what a damn hipster is and it’s been something I’ve been trying to figure out! There’s so many definitions out there I think it’s been lost in translation LOL. Loving these photos, especially that ‘sinking’ house, is it really sinking!?! I’d love to live on it regardless!


  8. hahah I lol-ed at the whole hipster write up. cute toms!

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  9. Hi lady! First of all congrats on the news!! Eek! 🙂 Also this place looks like fun! Now I totally want a Bloody Mary! 🙂


  10. I’m dying to have brunch on the bay right now! And this post was too funny! One time (I was at brunch, actually!) I overheard this girl asking her friends: “So what IS a hipster? I mean… do you KNOW any?” like they are some mythical creature. I thought it was pretty cute!

  11. Beautiful photos! you look amazing!


  12. The guys are hilarious!!! I missed coming by here and reading your great posts!!!

  13. That’s very hip! I love your sister’s outfit and the dog is too cute.

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