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01 /29
Brunch on the Bay ~ Bloody Mary’s & Hipster Style

There’s more colorful neighborhoods in San Francisco than Nicki Minaj’s favorite eyeshadow palate. Yesterday, on a lazy Sunday afternoon, I discovered a new one. I dodged SOMA and mozied down to the Dog Patch with friends and family. This neighborhood just south from AT&T park has a restaurant, bar

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01 /24
A Corporate Affair at the Beverly Hilton

You may be looking at this photo wondering why I’m hanging out on a hotel balcony in LA dressed like Hillary Clinton. The truth is when the red carpet, celebs and reporters are stripped from the Beverly Hilton, what do you have?

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01 /21
How to Spice Up Weekend Wear in Pops of Red

Finally, the first 3-day weekend since December. Time to sleep in, relax, grab a coffee with a friend or slip into yoga pants with no intention to actually hit the gym. While it’s tempting to bundle up in hoodies on

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01 /16
City Lights & the Dress Every Woman Should Own

When the lights go down in the city of SF; there’s no place I’d rather be than perched in Potrero Hill watching the sunset over the City by the Bay. With abundant parking and beautiful views, this neighborhood is a year-round treat on clear

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01 /11
Fuschia Friday! It’s Your Carrie Bradshaw Moment

‘Sex and the City’ re-runs do it. So does Gossip Girl. Celebs and top fashion bloggers can be even worse. I’m talking about drooling over their out-of-reach head-to-toe designer outfits. Louboutin lust and moments of ‘high-end design envy‘ happens to women every day, especially fashionistas. It’s natural to desire

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