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Savvy Sleepers European Tour! Part 1~Packing

Business, sightseeing, Switzerland and Savvy Sleepers! For the next week I’ll be on a whirlwind tour through Europe nibbling on croissants, sipping espressos and promoting my 1st product Savvy Sleepers which are the world’s first line of unisex satin pillowcases healthier and smoother for our hair & skin while we sleep.

I arrived a few days ago in Zurich and have been posting updates on both twitter & Facebook, but the most difficult part of prepping for the trip was packing for Europe in November. I decided to pack as many Kate Middleton inspired ensembles as I could squeeze into my leopard print suitcase. Turns out; all I really needed to pack was black, black and more black. Here’s why this outfit I wore a few days before takeoff in SF is definitely more California winter style compared to European fashion trends I’ve seen so far… 

What I love About Europe ~ Besides Switzerland being a million times cleaner than San Francisco, the style is too. From the belts, elbow patches, boots, denim, leather jackets and winter coats; the trends for men and women are basic, tailored and classy. It doesn’t need to be expensive (there’s practically an H&M on every corner) as long as it fits well which is the biggest trick to looking put-together.

Europe is Fashionista Friendly ~ I just learned something new today about Switzerland & Germay that should be in every country called Frauenparkplatz! These are designated parking spots right near the entrance of shopping malls for WOMEN ONLY so it’s safer and more convenient to get into the stores. It’s essentially fashionista VIP parking! Perfect.

You are Your own Brand ~ When it comes to brands in Europe, for the most part it’s not flashy and people wear dark colors. Especially black. The 3 winter Euro essentials I’ve been wearing non-stop include: 1. This black Chilko Jacket c/o Westcomb Outerwear 2. Skinny Jeans c/o Lotus Premium Denim 3. Boots! Black, brown & rain boots daily.

Brrr! We’re Not in California Anymore ~ There is a big difference between a chilly November day in SF compared to here in Europe. If I’m not wearing gloves, a scarf, hat and thick socks daily, I can’t stay outdoors more than 5 minutes at a time.

<DETAILS by Dale> jacket (old) ~ Zara,  top ~ Ralph Lauren (recent),  boots (old) ~ Report Signature (very similar pair here), watch ~ (a Switzerland staple piece) by Michael Kors (similar here), purse (old) ~ LV, hat ~ Nordstrom Rack (recent)

Are you wearing brights this winter or sticking with basic black? ~xoDale

Hope you had a great week and I’ll be back early next week with updates, photos and more from the Savvy Sleepers (my 1st official product) and the Euro Tour so far….

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  1. I’ve been loving your Instashots of Europe Dale, especially the misty and snow capped town in France, that shot was utterly dreamy and refreshing whilst I was melting in 110 temperatures LOL. Good luck with your tour and keep warm!


  2. I’d say your observations are spot on my friend 🙂 Lots of basic black and lots of boots. Do love your outfit!! (and you’ve reminded me what cold is… I always thought a couple layers would cut it, not so!)

  3. PS. I don’t think I’m following you on Instagram!! Mine is @Rachel_DaPaura – find me! 🙂

  4. Xenia Kuhn for fashionrolla.com says:

    I have a similar hat. Sam color. 🙂 Beautiful.

  5. love this! you look so chic i love love the color of your boots.. the caramel is so pretty with your skin tone dale!!!

    haha yes leather jacket and skinnies seems to be the uniform in europe hahaha! and yes would love a reunion anytime :)!!

  6. I adore your jacket and I have that bag and love it.

  7. Europe is so fashion friendly! And what a gorgeous ring. Congrats for being able to go to Europe to promote Savvy Sleepers. Hope you’re having a great time!

  8. LOVE that plaid jacket and details on the elbows. LOVE that hat. You are equestrian CHIC!


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