Savvy Sleepers European Tour! Part 1~Packing

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Business, sightseeing, Switzerland and Savvy Sleepers! For the next week I’ll be on a whirlwind tour through Europe nibbling on croissants, sipping espressos and promoting my 1st product Savvy Sleepers which are the world’s first line of unisex satin pillowcases healthier and smoother for our hair & skin while we sleep.

I arrived a few days ago in Zurich and have been posting updates on both twitter & Facebook, but the most difficult part of prepping for the trip was packing for Europe in November. I decided to pack as many Kate Middleton inspired ensembles as I could squeeze into my leopard print suitcase. Turns out; all I really needed to pack was black, black and more black. Here’s why this outfit I wore a few days before takeoff in SF is definitely more California winter style compared to European fashion trends I’ve seen so far… 

IMG 99121

What I love About Europe ~ Besides Switzerland being a million times cleaner than San Francisco, the style is too. From the belts, elbow patches, boots, denim, leather jackets and winter coats; the trends for men and women are basic, tailored and classy. It doesn’t need to be expensive (there’s practically an H&M on every corner) as long as it fits well which is the biggest trick to looking put-together.

IMG 9881

Europe is Fashionista Friendly ~ I just learned something new today about Switzerland & Germay that should be in every country called Frauenparkplatz! These are designated parking spots right near the entrance of shopping malls for WOMEN ONLY so it’s safer and more convenient to get into the stores. It’s essentially fashionista VIP parking! Perfect.

IMG 9910

You are Your own Brand ~ When it comes to brands in Europe, for the most part it’s not flashy and people wear dark colors. Especially black. The 3 winter Euro essentials I’ve been wearing non-stop include: 1. This black Chilko Jacket c/o Westcomb Outerwear 2. Skinny Jeans c/o Lotus Premium Denim 3. Boots! Black, brown & rain boots daily.

IMG 9916

Brrr! We’re Not in California Anymore ~ There is a big difference between a chilly November day in SF compared to here in Europe. If I’m not wearing gloves, a scarf, hat and thick socks daily, I can’t stay outdoors more than 5 minutes at a time.

IMG 98731

<DETAILS by Dale> jacket (old) ~ Zara,  top ~ Ralph Lauren (recent),  boots (old) ~ Report Signature (very similar pair here), watch ~ (a Switzerland staple piece) by Michael Kors (similar here), purse (old) ~ LV, hat ~ Nordstrom Rack (recent)

Are you wearing brights this winter or sticking with basic black? ~xoDale

Hope you had a great week and I’ll be back early next week with updates, photos and more from the Savvy Sleepers (my 1st official product) and the Euro Tour so far….


California Birdwatching ~ How to Pull off a Puffy Vest

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Turkeys, pheasants, ducks, peacocks or curvy brunettes? Whatever your preferred bird is during the holidays; there’s nothing like waking up in your hometown knowing the only fashion concerns are ‘What to Wear’ while you prep food, relax or take a hike outdoors during the day.

I’ve mentioned I grew up in a small Nor-Cal town called Ukiah. While four-wheeling, horseback riding and skeet shootin’ aren’t my every day routine up there, country style is another story. I styled my sister, Jody, for a day out ‘birdwatching’ and from the poofy vest to the poofy side bun, here’s her country lovin’ meets prep style below…

IMG 6307

Bird Watching Fashion 101~ Go with neutrals, denim, and a bright fun vest for your instant ‘J-Crew Meets a Cockatoo‘ style spotlight.

IMG 6322

Footwear for Faux Outdoor Activities ~ There are outdoor winter hikes where you’ll be knee-deep in mud. Conversely, there’s little flat trails off the side of the road that make you feel good about getting some fresh air and seriously low-impact cardio. For those faux trails, Converse, oxfords and flat boots will do the trick.

IMG 64274

The Scene ~ Two ducks taking an afternoon swim in a pond near Mendocino Jr. College. PS: In case you’re having a really awkward holiday dinner next month, here’s a lame little duck joke. Q. What do you call two ducks & a cow? A. Quackers & Milk 

IMG 6317 1

 ABC’s of Bird Watching Accessories ~ From layering over a V-neck to snapping outdoorsy Instagram classics, you’ll want to be warm. Bright puffy vests over a v-neck and chambray top are not only comfortable, it gives off the instant outdoorsy magazine model look. (Sidenote) ~Don’t wear super shiny earrings around flocks of birds, but do remember shades, binoculars and  sunscreen.

IMG 6314

<DETAILS by Dale> Chambray shirtvest (recent) Forever 21, oxfords~About Me (Nordstrom rack), Neutral Skinnies – LA (similar corduroy’s here)

When you go home for the holiday’s are you outdoors or is it too cold to venture outside? Cue the cozy fireplace… ~xoDale

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving break. I’ll be back later this week with my line of satin pillow cases Savvy Sleepers news…(PS: Cyber Monday deal going on now. Use code ‘Cyber Monday’ for 20% off total order today. Free US Shipping included)


Savvy Sleepers Official Launch! Join the Slumber Party

Savvy Sleepers has officially launched! Yesterday in my post I announced that I just started the world’s first line of unisex satin pillow cases. They’re designed to create the highest quality smoothest conditions for our hair and skin throughout the night. is LIVE HERE. Sleep Better!

SPECIAL DISCOUNT I’m offering a ‘Let’s Sleep in through Black Friday’ special discount code for all readers. Just type ‘savvy sleepers’ in the discount code at checkout to get 20% off your order (plus free shipping in the US) now through Friday Nov. 23, 2012.

Then Join the Slumber Party and share your story with us on twitter @SavvySleepers or post your Slumber Party pics on our Facebook Fanpage HERE. We want to hear how you’re sleeping on your custom new case. Let’s all sleep better by 2013!


Tips to Starting Your Own Small Business in 2013

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Eat, sleep, work, blog. It’s already Thanksgiving week, but doesn’t it feel like we were just coming up with our 2012 New Years’ Resolutions? One of mine was to start my own company beyond styling and fashion blogging. I wanted to sell a product that I believed in, but it also had to be realistic and simple enough for me to handle.

The past week I’ve been putting the final touches into my 1st official product launching in the next 2 days. It’s the world’s first line of unisex satin pillow cases that are the Creme de la Creme of all cases. (Sidenote: Sleeping on a satin pillow case is healthier, smoother and better for our hair and skin.) I’ll announce it on my blog very soon (plus a major giveaway) open to all Savvy Spice readers.

As I take Wallee, the neighborhood pup,  for a walk I wanted to share some of the challenges, tips and lessons I’ve learned in case your New Years resolution is to start your own company or expand your blogging business in 2013…

IMG 99221

Have a Clutch Group of Friends ~ And family! If you’re starting a business you’ll likely need help and guidance along the way. I definitely couldn’t have put this all together without them and especially the design team at The City Supply Co. apparel who’s created graphics for my blog and the new company. (PS -Studded clutches are hot for fall & this hand-knit wire cuff I love is c/o Lapis Beach.)

IMG 9940

Keep Your Nose to the Grindstone & Don’t Look Back ~ Starting a small biz has so many steps and takes a lot of time (aka 6pm-2 am every day for me) Squeeze what you can out of your schedule. From the proper permits to discovering extra costs you didn’t anticipate, you’ll learn fast. I encountered bank fees, terminology mix-ups and made mistakes along the way, but I’ll never do them again so I’m not going to dwell.

IMG 99232

Make a Business Statement without Spending a Mint ~ If you have a business meeting or even if it’s grabbing a drink with your mentor; dress professionally which reflects on you and your company. You most likely won’t have a ton to spend on a new wardrobe. I just found this statement necklace and emerald green Jessica Simpson knit dress at TJMAXX. Yesss!

IMG 99551

Keep it Local ~ Depending on your business, you may have to source outside of your city, but try to keep it local too so you don’t have to worry about cross country shipments. One of the best decisions I made was ordering all my packaging from The Packaging Store in SF. The owner, Ed, was so helpful throughout the entire process of choosing boxes, tissue, labels, etc. (PS~ This Sat. is small business Saturday. Shop Local)

IMG 9953

Get Some Fresh Air ~ A product as simple as a satin pillow case is still a LOT of work. There were a few times I freaked when I thought Shopify deleted all my store content or U-Haul (which I will never use again) became a complete disaster moving my product. When you experience this, walk outside, take a deep breath and most likely, everything will be totally okay.

IMG 9926

<DETAILS by Dale> Green & gold bracelets ~ c/o InPINK, dress (recent TJMaxx) Jessica Simpson, watch ~ Michael Kors, cuff ~ c/o Lapis Beach, boots ~ Franco Sarto, nails ~ Sally Hansen Insta Dri ‘Cinnamin‘, clutch~ (recent TJMaxx) MMS

Hope these tips help and if you have any of your own small business advice, feel free to share. I will be announcing more on the satin pillow case launch very soon. Thanks for the support! ~xoDa


Home for the Holidays ~ What to Wear to a Dive Bar

Dale Thanksgiving Prep Savvy Spice fashion blog

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and whether you have a 20 minute drive or a cross country flight to get home; there’s a few common style and etiquette concerns we can prep ourselves for the night before stuffing our faces with gravy and green bean casserole.

One of my favorite comedies is ‘Just Friends’ starring Anna Faris and Ryan Reynolds pre-Blake Lively in the scene when he bumps into his high school love (Amy Smart) at a bar in his home town. Whether you’re from a small town, the burbs or a big city; if you’re in the vicinity of where you went to high school next Wednesday night, you’ll likely run into ex-classmates. Here’s a few ‘Dive Bar’ tips from styling a look without looking like you tried to combating awkward conversations with old crushes while your new love is by your side…

IMG 0037

Tips to Country Chic ~ So you’re from a small town (like me), but still want to dress to impress while you’re out. Skip cocktail dresses and any outfit that is going to get you an immediate ‘un-like’ with your old classmates’ eyes. Leggings, riding boots, cardigans and tanks, plaid tops, leather jackets, skinny jeans work and in a pinch on a chilly day, raid your younger brother’s closet for a denim jacket.

IMG 0013

The Little Red MacBook of Holiday Dating Tips ~ If you’re taking your NEW bf or gf home for the holidays and plan to show them your old watering hole; here’s some tips for hitting a dive bar together. 1. Be extra attentive and make introductions immediately. The last thing you need is an icy stare across the cranberry sauce the next day over a silly case of jealousy. 2. Don’t drink too much. Holiday hangovers are brutal and your new love doesn’t want to escort you out of the bar in front classmates armed with iPhones. #UnTag  3. Be Polite as Pumpkin Pie to Old Classmates. Who cares if she stole your bf in junior high or he threw a ball of clay at your face in pottery class; don’t drag a new flame into any past hometown drama.

IMG 0023

Let Your Hair Down for the Holidays ~ If you’re always ‘dressed up’ for work; enjoy a few days to dress for comfort and relax in your old room.

IMG 00421

Falling Leaves & Leather Leggings ~ To stay trendy without looking over the top for a rural terrain, try a pair of leggings with added leather details and motorcycle boots.


How to Take Holiday Style Up a Notch ~ If you’re going out to a lounge or want to dress up a bit for Thanksgiving dinner try faux leather leggings (stretchy of course) and a cable knit sweater, blouse or v-neck sweater. Accessorize as needed and toss a bottle of Tums in your clutch just in case.

IMG 0068

Thanksgiving Day Style Trick ~ My favorite part of turkey day has always been the Stovetop and the sparkling cider, but the sugary spritzer and artificial stuffing sure is filling. I’m always a fan of festive (forgiving) sweaters and stretchy skinny jeans or tights throughout the holidays.

IMG 0061

<DETAILS by Dale> Outfit 1 ~ Jacket ~ Levi’s, plaid top ~ c/o C&C California here, shades ~ Aldo, necklace ~ Zara, boots ~ REPORT Shoes, leggings ~ GStage (Similar here), Macbook cover ~ Michael Kors here (recent), watch ~Michael Kors, Outfit 2 ~ faux leather leggings (old) Forever 21 (Similar TopShop ones here), sweater ~ hazel, booties ~ Qupid, hat ~ old

Do you plan outfits for when you’re home for the holidays? ~xoDale


Saved By the Bell Fashion! How to Add a Pop of 90’s

Dale Steliga 90s post

By the time I grab my books and I give myself a look, I’m at the corner just in time to see the bus fly by. It’s alright coz….‘ and if you can finish the lyric; then you probably grew up watching ‘Saved by the Bell.’ After years of seeing Bayside’s shananigans on my 13 inch TV as a kid, I wondered if my high school experience would be the same as Zack and Kelly’s? Would I have a cool junk food hangout like The Max? If I had a boyfriend in high school, would he call me ‘Mama’ like AC’s awkward pet name for Jessie?

As far fetched as some of ‘Saved by the Bell’s’ story lines may have been, when I recently tried on this scoop neck French Connection bold patterened dress, my friend and I both said ‘that’s so 90’s’! and I had a major flashback of my old favorite show. And that leads us to a few ways to incorporate Bayside style. ‘Saved by the Bell‘ may have been cheesy, but we can all relate to it from high school and beyond…

IMG 9538

Kelly Kapowski Inspired Hair ~ Skip the crazy round brush 80’s bangs, but go big with volume. Kelly’s hair was never ultra smooth and by pulling all your hair to one side, it instantly looks thicker. Then add light waves with a big curling iron and hairspray.

IMG 9551

Mr. Belding’s Worst Nightmare ~ Can you imagine if ‘Saved by the Bell’ took place 2012? The endless ‘Screech in instagram’ pics and high-tech stunts Zack would have pulled on Mr. Belding would have landed him in detention for years. For your 90’s look, stick with mod watches, playful plastic accessories and iPads, iPhones, anything Mac chic.

IMG 95551

How To Do Subtle 90’s ~ While this isn’t a dress I’d typically wear, it’s comfortable and adding a trendy shoe with a retro dress works. I added booties and the large black clutch to update the look and avoid looking like an extra in ‘Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.’ Fashion risks are fine, but we never want to look dated or ‘stuck’ in an era.

IMG 95471

Spikes are Way Cooler than AC Slater’s Hammer Pants ~ Adding a distressed denim vest and spiked hoops are easier to pull off than ultra 90’s style staples like harem pants and crop tops which made a comeback in the past few years.

IMG 9539

Remember Jesse Spano’s ‘I’m so Excited’ Freak Out Moment? ~ When I saw that scene as a kid with Jesse spazzing out after taking too many caffeine pills, I thought ‘Wow, weird.’ Then I grew up and realize most people suffer mild cases of anxiety whether it’s caused by work, school or relationships. Pilates, steam rooms and a bff (or your mom) help if you’re ever having a moment like that.

IMG 9553

<DETAILS by Dale> Dress ~ French Connection (recent TJMaxx), vest ~ Denim & Thread, watch ~ Croton, clutch ~random, polish ~ Sinful Colors ‘Black on Black’, bracelet ~ Stella & Dot, booties (old) ~ Qupid

After growing up watching the cast of Bayside, I still tune into interviews whenever the old cast pops up in Hollywood like Tiffany Amber Thiessan on E!’s Fashion Police recently, Mario Lopez hosting ‘Extra’ and just read that Lark Voorhies (aka Lisa Turtle) is battling mental illness after rumors of erratic behavior.

Were you a fan of ‘Saved by the Bell’ and would you add a little 90’s to your wardrobe or leave it in the past? ~xoDale


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