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What to Wear to a Fall Film Festival plus Glitz, Glam & Bling Bullies!

Did you hear the story last week of the news anchor from Wisconsin who fought back after a viewer wrote her an email bullying her for being overweight? The truth is if you’re in the public eye, a TV personality, a blogger, or even when you write a ‘status update’ on Facebook; you’re opening yourself  to be judged and criticized online. So I have a folder in my gmail called ‘Hate Mail’ just in case, but actually the blogging community is very positive (in case you’ve ever wanted to start one). Every now and then you’ll get a hater. After I did a ‘What to Wear Winetasting’ post recently, I received an email with the subject line, ‘ick and more ick’ so I clicked and here’s what she had to say…

Give me a Break? Correct outfit for winetasting? Confident, self-assured women (not girls) wear what’s comfortable and don’t bother w/lugging additional clothing/shoes. We of a certain age don’t concern ourselves with such trivial issues. We’re fit, mentally and physically, and we’ve no need for wine tasting ‘costumes.’ Only the very insecure bother with such get-ups. 501’s: check! Clean t-shirt: Check! Comfortable shoes: Check! You and your ilk reek of the shallow and insecure. Get a life, and please try to get real. If only, Susan

Ouch! 🙂 Why did I share the email from a reader above? Partially to show some of the realities of blogging. And if she stumbles across this post to STOP reading now because I’m about to show ‘How to bring Hollywood glitz and glam to the Napa Valley Film Fest’ next month…

The Napa Valley Film Fest is Nov. 7th-11 and festival villages include Napa, Yountville, St. Helena & one of my favorites Calistoga (Sidenote ~ Blazer or faux fur highly recommended for chilly tasting rooms and walking outdoors)

Cocktail Couture on a Budget ~ Whenever fall rolls around, don’t feel pressured to buy new outfits for events when you can re-use past trends. Pair a pleated skirt or peplum skirt with an old sequined top (or dress in this case which I’ll show below)

How to Create a Hollywood Glow ~ My favorite evening foundation is ‘Makeup Forever Mat Velvet’ and add a pop of NARS blush in ‘Orgasm’ which is a universal fave of celebrities and makeup artists worldwide. Retro lipcolors like this MAC shade ‘Rebel’ or a classic red may leave a mark on your wineglass, but it’s worth the glam.

Diamond Cuffs Only Please~ When planning for a jaunt to Napa or any wine-country event where the Pinot flows like water, be prepared and have a driver. It’s worth splitting a towncar or limo with a group of friends. My go-to car service in the SF Bay Area is SFC Limo which still has cars available for the #NVFF Nov. 7-11
Sequins Re-Styled ~ On the left my sister Jody is wearing a pleated black & white skirt over the same fitted sparkly dress I styled her in for her NYE makeover last year.
My sister Jody in dress worn as top (old) ~ Forever21, bracelet ~ Charming Designs by Lynda, blazer ~ Vintage, skirt ~ F21, heels ~Rampage, watch ~ Michael Kors, Lipstick ~ MAC ‘Rebel’ with gloss over it
Will you wear sequins dresses and tops this Fall & Winter? And if you’re a blogger, do you ever deal with negativity?
 For more on the Napa Valley Film Festival, click here
Hope to see you there and have a great weekend!

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