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Old Navy vs. lululemon ~ Battle of the Stretchy Pants

Working out is personal whether you prefer a gym, Zumba, P90X in the comfort of your living room, a jog on the beach or a heated cycling session. My stance on workout attire has always been ‘to each their own spandex’ which brings me to a little phenomenon of the $100+ work-out pants by lululemon.

I have a lot of friends who wear lululemon, but I’ve actually never owned a pair so maybe it’s not fair to compare; but I just can’t bring myself to spend the $$ when so many other pieces score higher on my wardrobe wish list. Whether you live in the city or the country, here’s my new favorite (motivating) athletic gear, cardio accessories, and a little fitness goldmine I just discovered at Old Navy. Plus some of my sister’s top rural work-out tips…Let’s sweat!

How to Feel Like You Worked Out Really Hard ~ Sometimes, I want to do a quick lazy workout but still feel sore the next day. I’ll jog a mile (slowly) and do around 50-70 lunges without stopping. The next day I can barely sit down.

Enough Lunges, Let’s talk Fashion ~ This top c/o of ViewSport is one of the most unique athletic clothing lines I’ve ever seen. Why? The shirts for men & women are sweat activated and phrases will actually appear in the back of the shirt once you start sweating enough. You can see ViewSport’s full line HERE.

Old Navy for the Gym, Who Knew?! ~ Last week, I discovered Old Navy has an entire collection of work out pants, sportsbras and athletic tops. Pants were on sale in stores for less than $20 and were comfy and came in different lengths like these.

Cardio Arm Candy ~  If you’re jogging in the city, you can’t leave your house unlocked which is why I love how all of the Old Navy pants had the added pocket detail to put your key in the back. Also, these Prayer Bracelets courtesy of 33Knots have risen in popularity among celebrities and especially athletes.

Old Navy Wine Country Workout 

The SF Fashion WarmUp is Over, Time for Country Cardio ~ My sister, Jody, is wearing another pair of the Old Navy ative wear pants here with this matching racer-back sportsbra 

Jody of the Jungle ~ My sister showed me a few ways to work out when I’m up in the country visiting my family. Like holding onto a tree branch and raising your knees to your chest or as high as you can go.

Front Porch Calorie Burners (Step 1) ~ Hold yourself and then get ready to do a push up.

Step 2 ~ The push up. There’s a reason I had her demonstrate. These are hard, but great for your core, strength and upper bod

My Outfit ~ Pants –Old Navy here, top c/o – View Sport, Shoes – Nike from Big 5 Sporting Goods, bracelets c/o – 33Knots

My Sister’s Outfit (above) ~ Pants here & sports bra –Old Navy, Hoodie – Nike (ROSS which always has low prices for athletic clothes

Fitness Attire Results ~ After my sister and I tested the Old Navy outfits I bought (3 pants, 2 sports bras and a tank for under $100) we were really happy with the quality, bright colors and the way they make you feel. Sometimes a new bright outfit can re-motivate us into workout mode. So I can’t bring myself to splurge on lululemon yet, although I know they’re very popular. What are your favorite workout pants?


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  1. Hey! I love your running shoes. Any idea where I might be able to find them? Or at least the model name? Thanks so much 🙂

  2. Michael from Germany says:

    Where do you live? When i watch the photos, I think, that could be South France..!?
    Please mail to me :

    Sorry, but what size are your lovely nike-running-shoes?

    TThanks, Mike

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