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Dangerously Daring Fall Trends Spike Nationwide

While San Francisco is in celebration overload since winning the World Series last night; after witnessing vandalism all over the city including fires, dented cars, and this bus in SOMA overtaken by dancing ‘fans’ bobbing their heads inches below power lines as the driver ran to the police, I decided to head home. In the words of one of Joe Buck’s favorite announcing terms, the morons looting ‘spoiled it’ last night for what should have been a happy carefree celebration. Sadly, if the Giants won at home, I don’t think SF could’ve handled it last night. Is rioting and vandalism common in other cities when they win the World Series?

Enough about baseball, let’s talk fall trends. Specifically, let’s discuss dangerously daring trends like ‘STUDS,‘ ‘SPIKES‘ and ‘LEATHER‘.

Faux or Real, Leather is Hot ~ After shopping in LA last weekend, I couldn’t turn a corner without seeing racks drenched in faux leather shorts, tops and skirts. As long as you’re not faux leather head-to-toe, the look is good-to-go.

Zest by Zara ~ If you’re looking for a perfect pair of heels for cocktail parties this fall and winter, check out Zara. I buy Zara heels each season and they’re good quality, but more importantly stylish and I constantly get asked where they are from. Plus, most styles are under $90.

A Solution to Combat those Awkward Shoulder-Touching Guys  ~ When I saw this spiked studded top in LA, I couldn’t resist. Although I was scared to look down fearing I’d poke my eye out.

How to Spike Your Wardrobe ~ Too spike-it-up without wearing an extreme tee like this, check out a spiked headband, loafers like these or a spiked leather jacket.

Cuff Love ~ I’ve been a big fan of cuff (bracelets) for a couple years and when Lauren with LapisBeach sent me this gold wire knit cuff that clasps in the back with a magnet, I was pleasantly surprised. Many bracelets I have a hard time fastening solo, but this cuff was a cinch.

<DETAILS by Daleskirt ~ Misope,  cuff ~ LapisBeach, top ~xtaren, clutch ~ Limited, heels ~ Zara, nails ~ Sinful Colors ‘Black on Black’


Are you accessorizing with spikes this fall? 

SPECIAL COLLABORATION: After I got my Fiat car a few weeks ago, I collaborated with DGDG Auto group and Capital Fiat to create a promo video cruisn’ SF. (Sidenote: you may recognize Uncle Jesse’s house at the end…) See the video Here.

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  1. The spikiest thing I wear are my rings I think haha.. That certainly is an “eye-catching” top, and you look gorgeous in it 🙂

  2. those spikes! i like how you’ve accessorized this black outfit


  3. amazing shirt

  4. Oh, I love your shoes!

  5. so jealous of your skirt! I saw something similar at H&M but they ran out of the product 🙁 I need to find something similar somewhere else. I’ve never heard of the brand for your skirt. Where did you get it? 🙂
    thanks for stopping by my blog! I’m following you now. hope we can keep in touch!


  6. Love this look! The studded shoulders are so cool! And ur bracelet…so beautifuL!


  7. I’m letting the spikes pass me by… I used to be a Personal Injury attorney, so all I see with the spike trend are the safety hazards!

    • haha LawyerDoll, that’s funny. I have to admit I don’t think they’d cut anyone, but they are kinda dangerous and especially spiked loafers could be really painful if someone stepped on them barefoot 🙂

  8. Every piece is perfect in this post! Love the skirt, studded shirt, shoes, bag and bangle. And your legs look great! Thank you for your kind comments.



  9. OMG, your spiked top is sooo cool!! I love that. And I think I’d be afraid of poking my eye out too. 😛 And Zara does have the best heels. I recently got a pair and although I haven’t worn them yet, they are so pretty. You look amazing in these photos! <3


  10. couponanddealz says:

    Beautiful skirt…and nice to have heels under $90……u can also view are store for discounts…

  11. Gorgeous,love the cuff

  12. Amazing outfit! 🙂
    Have a nice day!


  13. Really cool look. Love the spiked shirt <3

  14. Wow! STUNNING! So many great pieces to love! Hugs from Cali! xx The Golden Girls

  15. OMG, Dale! This is my favorite look on you, by far! It’s too hard to pick a favorite piece, but I am in love with the spike detail on the shoulder, the leather skirt, and the awesome new Zara heels. You are killin’ it!

    And yes, rioting is not just limited to SF when home teams win big. It’s kinda annoying actually.

  16. Fabulous look Dale! The cuff looks gorgeous on you! Thanks for helping spread the word about Lapisbeach hand knit jewelry!

  17. Nice look, i adore this studded top

    – Nora

  18. Lavender Loafers says:

    You look Stunning!!! I love your style and your blog!!
    I would be happy if you find 5 minutes to check my blog 🙂


  19. Hi Dale,

    Great post! I love the leather skirt and what about the Zara heels, they are divine! I saw that you updated your blog, it’s very sharp and pretty. Congrats!

    Take care,
    Catherine xoxo

  20. Irene Bauer says:

    Very nice shoes, just great

  21. StyleDeLaCreme says:

    Don’t see how I can follow you via Bloglovin. But I’m following you via twitter.

  22. Dale! I ended up buying this skirt and I am wearing it out tonight 🙂 Thank you so much for sending me the website info 🙂

  23. Cassandra says:

    Love the spiked shoulder top!!! What store did u buy this from in LA?

    • Hi! Thank you. I actually got it a few years ago at a store in Orange County called FashionQ. I’m pretty sure, but it was definitely one of those stores in So-Cal where everything is under $30-$40. 🙂

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