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Chambray, Lace and Why Every Guy Should be on Pinterest

If you’re on Pinterest; how long have you been addicted? Whether your browsing habits are under control or you’re fully glued to your Pinboards for hours on end; it’s safe to say you’ve seen outfits that have inspired you to style your own version.

My sister, Jody, saw a pin I’ll share below and had just bought a white lace dress, so why not re-create the look? After all, temps are still in the 90’s in Nor Cal this week where these photos were taken in Mendocino County. Here’s our chambray re-creation plus why EVERY GUY should be ON Pinterest…  


My Sisters’ Pinterest Inspiration ~ Although this dress super short and the fabric resembles tissue paper, we both liked the idea of a long chambray top over a white simple dress. (photo credit here)

White After Labor Day? ~ While it’s perfectly okay to wear white after Labor Day (especially when it still feels like summer), I prefer to avoid sandals which are just a bit-too-summery for this look.

Bored of Chambray? ~ Denim and chambray tops are classic and while I wear this watch all the time, and loan it out; sometimes a chunky gold watch is the perfect everyday anchor accessory. I also added this leather wrap bracelet c/o Splenderosa which coordinated with her brown leather purse.
Messy Side-braid by Jody ~ She promised she would show me how to do this look soon, so I’ll make sure I add it on Youtube also…
Why Every Guy Should be on Pinterest ~ Are you dating a new girl or have no clue what to get your wife or girlfriend for her birthday or special occasion? There’s no excuse anymore if she’s a Pinner. I visited my sisters’ ‘Pinterest’ yesterday and actually learned a lot about her. So if you’re dating or married and want to surprise her with jewelry, clothes or a home-cooked meal; look no further than her ‘My Style‘ board or ‘Recipe‘ Pins. Sidenote~ IF you’re one of those guys who ‘Google’s a girl or skims through her FB pics before a first date, you’ll learn a lot more about her by checking out her Pinterests.


Dress ~ H&M, chambray top ~ Iris Los Angeles (ROSS), watch ~ MK, bracelet HERE ~ c/o Splenderosa.com, Nails ~ Venique ~ Galoshes Glow, purse ~ Shanghai

Have you been inspired to re-create outfits, home decor or recipes you’ve seen on Pinterest? How did it turn out? 
I’ve been Pinning some of my favorite fall styles on my “Trend Watch” Board. If you’re on Pinterest, let me know your username below. I’ll be back tomorrow with ‘Friday Fitness’ post including a LuluLemon case study. 

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2 comments on “Chambray, Lace and Why Every Guy Should be on Pinterest
  1. erica says:

    Hi :) I find your blog amazing :) so i’m following you now :) mind checking my blog? It would be really nice if you could follow me back :) thanks a bunch!!!
    The Girl with the Muji Hat

  2. Caitlin says:

    What is the name of the dress? or style number? that is PERFECT for what I’ve been looking for! Please let me know :)

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