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Celebrity Style for Less in the OC (Mommy Edition)

“Celebrity Moms, They’re Just Like Us Not! Although, there are some celeb moms who dress realistically in public with their kids like Jennifer Garner, Heidi Klum and definitely Jessica Alba. In fact, if you subscribe to Jessica Alba on FB you might actually believe she is really one of your friends because her pics are always down-to-earth and unpretentious with her family. However, there are other celeb moms naive to the fact that Gerber and Dolce & Gabbana just don’t jibe. 

As it currently stands, I’m not an expert on kids. Lately, I feel like my blog is my baby, I have a toddler named ‘Twitter‘ and an awkward teen Facebook fanpage. Mommy bloggers who find the time to raise real-life kids and write consistently are truly talented. When it comes to style for moms, there is no reason to break the bank with the kiddies at Kitson or feel like you can only wear certain clothes just because you have children. That’s a myth. Here’s a realistic approach to mommy glam at the park featuring my friend Liz and her son while I was visiting Orange County last weekend…


The Converse Effect ~ There is something about Converse that makes me feel like a teen the moment I step into them; but they’re also appropriate and quirky at any age. I’ve seen everyone from kids to Kris Jenner wearing them, plus they’re comfy.


Behind the Scenes Styling ~ I had Liz wear a comfy cotton striped dress with one of this season’s hottest trends, an olive military green jacket. There is a huge advantage to shopping in Southern California~ There are endless stores of affordable styles with all of the latest trends. This entire outfit (jacket, dress, necklace and sneakers) was $55 from a store called GStage in Tustin, CA.


“Mommy, Wear This” ~ At some point, kids either pick out a piece of jewelry for their mom or make  something during ‘arts & crafts’ as a special accesory for mom. While I don’t recommend letting a toddler style you head to toe, if they choose a necklace because they think it will look good on you; it makes it all the more special.


Sunset in Orange County, CA


Styling Kids without a Fight ~ For better or worse, most kids develop their own sense of style from an early age and it’s usually what is most comfortable unless you’re Suri Cruise. We wanted Jaiden to wear jeans and his new shoes and then he picked the Tom & Jerry tee all on his own.


Insta MakeUp On-the-Go  ~ To be realistic, I Liz’s makeup fast in under 10 minutes using natural foundation and neutral eye shadows by MAC, NARS blush, a bit of Urban Decay eyeliner on the outside corners, Cargo concealer, MAC powder and a bit of lip liner and gloss.


Jacket, dress, necklace ~ GStage in the OC. Special thanks to Liz & Jaiden for modeling


Who is your favorite celebrity mom and if you’re a mom, do you have any time-saving style secrets?


SavvySpice Housekeeping News…

My blog is being re-designed this weekend, so if there’s any issues or if it’s down for a couple hours, that’s what is going on. New Look revealed soon. Have a great Halloween Weekend! icon smile


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  1. You are a so beautiful mum!

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