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Bravo! ‘Start-Ups Silicon Valley’ Special Announcement

It’s official, Bravo!’s new show ‘Startups Silicon Valley’ premiere date has been announced! I first met one of the show’s cast members, Hermione Way (pronounced her-mine-eee), earlier this spring when she hired me as her stylist before filming began. Along with her brother Ben Way and six other cast members here in ‘Silicon Valley’ the show dives head-first without floaties into the deep drama and realities of what it’s like to live in Silicon Valley and create, curate, fund and launch a Start-Up company.

The show premieres Nov. 5th at 10 pm after the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and although ‘Start-Ups Silicon Valley’ has already generated controversy by the NY Times, here’s 5 reasons to tune in…

1. The show is about entrepreneurs and what it’s like to start and run your own company. If you’ve ever wanted to start your own biz, this show is a REAL inside look even if it is edited by Bravo!
2. You’ll see first hand the struggles and advantages of working on a business plan with a family member.
3. If you have a Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest account, you can already relate to being in the tech world too. The show’s executive producer is Randi Zuckerberg and if you have your own business fanpage or blog you understand the importance of viral marketing, social media, and networking online.
4. Real drama! Not ‘Jersey Shore’ drunk on the boardwalk drama, although ‘Silicon Valley’ parties too.
5. Because you have room for a new kind of reality show in your DVR. ‘Start-Ups Silicon Valley’ is like ‘Saved by the Bell the Advanced Class‘ where Bayside High is open to anyone in the world with an Internet connection. And this hybrid cast is blend of Screech and Zack Morris with a little Kelly Kapowski cherry on top.
Meet @HermioneWay ~ She’s one of the main cast members you’ve seen before on my blog here and here styled for the show. Hermione is all real and I’m not just talking about Botox-free which is rare on Bravo! You’ll see the stress she goes through working on this StartUp with her brother Ben and she’s not afraid to be herself including when it comes to style. Sometimes she’s sporty, casual, other times glammed up, and you’ll see her makeup free running to meetings because the tech world doesn’t care (yet) about eyeshadow and shimmer lotion.

The Day of the Bravo! Shoot ~ A few weeks ago I helped Hermione get ready for the day Bravo! was shooting all the commercial promos you’ll see and the group shots for press. They had a full crew of hair and makeup people and we had to decide on an outfit that would work on a green screen.

Behind the Scenes in the Stylist Quarters ~ Statement necklaces, blazers, dresses, heels and steaming were in full effect. We had to choose a dress that looked business appropriate and could transition into happy hour to match what producers wanted for promo shots.
4 Weeks til Showtime ~ All of these promo pics were released today and we went with a simple blush colored number, and added a belt, Michael Kors square watch and Zara strappy heels. Anything too shiny would create a glare on a green screen and a plain black dress seemed boring.
Whether you’re a skeptic of ‘Start-Ups Silicon Valley’ or not, there’s only one way to find out if you ‘Like‘ it. Watch the premiere Nov. 5th at 10 pm on Bravo! 😉
Thanks for all the support on blog so far, I really appreciate it and I’ll be sharing more styling adventures with Hermione throughout the season because I feel like you’re already a part of the ‘Behind the Scenes’ on this show. 🙂  I’ll be back tomorrow with a Fleet Week Finale and the one dress style to NEVER wear on a sailboat.

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