Dangerously Daring Fall Trends Spike Nationwide

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While San Francisco is in celebration overload since winning the World Series last night; after witnessing vandalism all over the city including fires, dented cars, and this bus in SOMA overtaken by dancing ‘fans’ bobbing their heads inches below power lines as the driver ran to the police, I decided to head home. In the words of one of Joe Buck’s favorite announcing terms, the morons looting ‘spoiled it’ last night for what should have been a happy carefree celebration. Sadly, if the Giants won at home, I don’t think SF could’ve handled it last night. Is rioting and vandalism common in other cities when they win the World Series?

Enough about baseball, let’s talk fall trends. Specifically, let’s discuss dangerously daring trends like ‘STUDS,‘ ‘SPIKES‘ and ‘LEATHER‘.

IMG 95141

Faux or Real, Leather is Hot ~ After shopping in LA last weekend, I couldn’t turn a corner without seeing racks drenched in faux leather shorts, tops and skirts. As long as you’re not faux leather head-to-toe, the look is good-to-go.

IMG 9510

Zest by Zara ~ If you’re looking for a perfect pair of heels for cocktail parties this fall and winter, check out Zara. I buy Zara heels each season and they’re good quality, but more importantly stylish and I constantly get asked where they are from. Plus, most styles are under $90.

IMG 9525 1

A Solution to Combat those Awkward Shoulder-Touching Guys  ~ When I saw this spiked studded top in LA, I couldn’t resist. Although I was scared to look down fearing I’d poke my eye out.

IMG 9512 1

How to Spike Your Wardrobe ~ Too spike-it-up without wearing an extreme tee like this, check out a spiked headband, loafers like these or a spiked leather jacket.

IMG 9515

Cuff Love ~ I’ve been a big fan of cuff (bracelets) for a couple years and when Lauren with LapisBeach sent me this gold wire knit cuff that clasps in the back with a magnet, I was pleasantly surprised. Many bracelets I have a hard time fastening solo, but this cuff was a cinch.

IMG 95374<DETAILS by Daleskirt ~ Misope,  cuff ~ LapisBeach, top ~xtaren, clutch ~ Limited, heels ~ Zara, nails ~ Sinful Colors ‘Black on Black’


Are you accessorizing with spikes this fall? 

SPECIAL COLLABORATION: After I got my Fiat car a few weeks ago, I collaborated with DGDG Auto group and Capital Fiat to create a promo video cruisn’ SF. (Sidenote: you may recognize Uncle Jesse’s house at the end…) See the video Here.


Celebrity Style for Less in the OC (Mommy Edition)

“Celebrity Moms, They’re Just Like Us Not! Although, there are some celeb moms who dress realistically in public with their kids like Jennifer Garner, Heidi Klum and definitely Jessica Alba. In fact, if you subscribe to Jessica Alba on FB you might actually believe she is really one of your friends because her pics are always down-to-earth and unpretentious with her family. However, there are other celeb moms naive to the fact that Gerber and Dolce & Gabbana just don’t jibe. 

As it currently stands, I’m not an expert on kids. Lately, I feel like my blog is my baby, I have a toddler named ‘Twitter‘ and an awkward teen Facebook fanpage. Mommy bloggers who find the time to raise real-life kids and write consistently are truly talented. When it comes to style for moms, there is no reason to break the bank with the kiddies at Kitson or feel like you can only wear certain clothes just because you have children. That’s a myth. Here’s a realistic approach to mommy glam at the park featuring my friend Liz and her son while I was visiting Orange County last weekend…


The Converse Effect ~ There is something about Converse that makes me feel like a teen the moment I step into them; but they’re also appropriate and quirky at any age. I’ve seen everyone from kids to Kris Jenner wearing them, plus they’re comfy.


Behind the Scenes Styling ~ I had Liz wear a comfy cotton striped dress with one of this season’s hottest trends, an olive military green jacket. There is a huge advantage to shopping in Southern California~ There are endless stores of affordable styles with all of the latest trends. This entire outfit (jacket, dress, necklace and sneakers) was $55 from a store called GStage in Tustin, CA.


“Mommy, Wear This” ~ At some point, kids either pick out a piece of jewelry for their mom or make  something during ‘arts & crafts’ as a special accesory for mom. While I don’t recommend letting a toddler style you head to toe, if they choose a necklace because they think it will look good on you; it makes it all the more special.


Sunset in Orange County, CA


Styling Kids without a Fight ~ For better or worse, most kids develop their own sense of style from an early age and it’s usually what is most comfortable unless you’re Suri Cruise. We wanted Jaiden to wear jeans and his new shoes and then he picked the Tom & Jerry tee all on his own.


Insta MakeUp On-the-Go  ~ To be realistic, I Liz’s makeup fast in under 10 minutes using natural foundation and neutral eye shadows by MAC, NARS blush, a bit of Urban Decay eyeliner on the outside corners, Cargo concealer, MAC powder and a bit of lip liner and gloss.


Jacket, dress, necklace ~ GStage in the OC. Special thanks to Liz & Jaiden for modeling


Who is your favorite celebrity mom and if you’re a mom, do you have any time-saving style secrets?


SavvySpice Housekeeping News…

My blog is being re-designed this weekend, so if there’s any issues or if it’s down for a couple hours, that’s what is going on. New Look revealed soon. Have a great Halloween Weekend! 🙂


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5 Styles You Want in Your Wardrobe for the Long Haul

Did you ever see Stephen King’s 90’s horror film Trucks? Or what about 1997’s Breakdown starring Kurt Russell. Thanks to these movies I was terrified of tractor trailers for years. This brings me to a close encounter with a vintage big-rig up in the country recently in a deserted (or so I thought) industrial park. Here’s my sister below in 5 trends this fall that are still hot this spring with staying power that have already lasted for decades… 


The Scene ~ Redwood Valley, CA. We noticed a couple drivers next to their big rigs as well pulled into the industrial park. I asked if it’d be alright to take photos for an outfit post on my fashion blog. They looked at me like I was speaking a foreign language, but then one said, “You know, my truck is more vintage from the 70’s. You should use that as your background,” as he pointed to the one below. He was right. Now onto the trends and trucks…


1. The Trench ~ Tan, navy, black or this season try a military trench or one with leather details.


2. A Classic Hat ~ I’ve featured Goorin Bros. hats often in the past because they have a cool retro vibe and enough styles to suit everyone’s style. But this vintage hat was my grandpa’s from the 50’s.


3. Stripes ~ Every season, every era, stripes are classically cool. Striped cotton tops are also a layering staple for men and women in the fall. I don’t normally mix stripes with floral, but if they’re in the same color family, feel free to take a risk then keep the jacket, accessories and shoes solid.


4. Menswear Inspired Pieces ~ Throughout the decades from ties, blazers and oxfords like these, women have been stylishly infusing menswear into their wardrobes.


5. The Pencil Skirt ~ From Mad Men (Back April 7th) to every fashion magazine lately, it’s clear pencil skirts are ‘In.’ I realized I had this floral skirt from H&M and never wore it this summer. If you have a summery skirt, you can still wear it in the fall making sure all of the other outfit details are ‘cool weather trends’ like a scarf, trench, or pair it over tights with boots.


<DETAILS by Dale> Hat ~ vintage, shades ~ RayBan, top ~ random ROSS (similar here), skirt (old) ~ H&M, Trench ~ Calvin Klein, handbag ~ Michael Kors, oxfords ~ About Me


Do you have a long lasting trend that has stuck in your wardrobe season after season?


Old Navy vs. lululemon ~ Battle of the Stretchy Pants


Working out is personal whether you prefer a gym, Zumba, P90X in the comfort of your living room, a jog on the beach or a heated cycling session. My stance on workout attire has always been ‘to each their own spandex’ which brings me to a little phenomenon of the $100+ work-out pants by lululemon.

I have a lot of friends who wear lululemon, but I’ve actually never owned a pair so maybe it’s not fair to compare; but I just can’t bring myself to spend the $$ when so many other pieces score higher on my wardrobe wish list. Whether you live in the city or the country, here’s my new favorite (motivating) athletic gear, cardio accessories, and a little fitness goldmine I just discovered at Old Navy. Plus some of my sister’s top rural work-out tips…Let’s sweat!

How to Feel Like You Worked Out Really Hard ~ Sometimes, I want to do a quick lazy workout but still feel sore the next day. I’ll jog a mile (slowly) and do around 50-70 lunges without stopping. The next day I can barely sit down.

Enough Lunges, Let’s talk Fashion ~ This top c/o of ViewSport is one of the most unique athletic clothing lines I’ve ever seen. Why? The shirts for men & women are sweat activated and phrases will actually appear in the back of the shirt once you start sweating enough. You can see ViewSport’s full line HERE.

Old Navy for the Gym, Who Knew?! ~ Last week, I discovered Old Navy has an entire collection of work out pants, sportsbras and athletic tops. Pants were on sale in stores for less than $20 and were comfy and came in different lengths like these.

Cardio Arm Candy ~  If you’re jogging in the city, you can’t leave your house unlocked which is why I love how all of the Old Navy pants had the added pocket detail to put your key in the back. Also, these Prayer Bracelets courtesy of 33Knots have risen in popularity among celebrities and especially athletes.


Old Navy Wine Country Workout 

The SF Fashion WarmUp is Over, Time for Country Cardio ~ My sister, Jody, is wearing another pair of the Old Navy ative wear pants here with this matching racer-back sportsbra 

Jody of the Jungle ~ My sister showed me a few ways to work out when I’m up in the country visiting my family. Like holding onto a tree branch and raising your knees to your chest or as high as you can go.

Front Porch Calorie Burners (Step 1) ~ Hold yourself and then get ready to do a push up.

Step 2 ~ The push up. There’s a reason I had her demonstrate. These are hard, but great for your core, strength and upper bod

My Outfit ~ Pants –Old Navy here, top c/o – View Sport, Shoes – Nike from Big 5 Sporting Goods, bracelets c/o – 33Knots

My Sister’s Outfit (above) ~ Pants here & sports bra –Old Navy, Hoodie – Nike (ROSS which always has low prices for athletic clothes

Fitness Attire Results ~ After my sister and I tested the Old Navy outfits I bought (3 pants, 2 sports bras and a tank for under $100) we were really happy with the quality, bright colors and the way they make you feel. Sometimes a new bright outfit can re-motivate us into workout mode. So I can’t bring myself to splurge on lululemon yet, although I know they’re very popular. What are your favorite workout pants?



Chambray, Lace and Why Every Guy Should be on Pinterest

If you’re on Pinterest; how long have you been addicted? Whether your browsing habits are under control or you’re fully glued to your Pinboards for hours on end; it’s safe to say you’ve seen outfits that have inspired you to style your own version.

My sister, Jody, saw a pin I’ll share below and had just bought a white lace dress, so why not re-create the look? After all, temps are still in the 90’s in Nor Cal this week where these photos were taken in Mendocino County. Here’s our chambray re-creation plus why EVERY GUY should be ON Pinterest…  


My Sisters’ Pinterest Inspiration ~ Although this dress super short and the fabric resembles tissue paper, we both liked the idea of a long chambray top over a white simple dress. (photo credit here)

White After Labor Day? ~ While it’s perfectly okay to wear white after Labor Day (especially when it still feels like summer), I prefer to avoid sandals which are just a bit-too-summery for this look.

Bored of Chambray? ~ Denim and chambray tops are classic and while I wear this watch all the time, and loan it out; sometimes a chunky gold watch is the perfect everyday anchor accessory. I also added this leather wrap bracelet c/o Splenderosa which coordinated with her brown leather purse.
Messy Side-braid by Jody ~ She promised she would show me how to do this look soon, so I’ll make sure I add it on Youtube also…
Why Every Guy Should be on Pinterest ~ Are you dating a new girl or have no clue what to get your wife or girlfriend for her birthday or special occasion? There’s no excuse anymore if she’s a Pinner. I visited my sisters’ ‘Pinterest’ yesterday and actually learned a lot about her. So if you’re dating or married and want to surprise her with jewelry, clothes or a home-cooked meal; look no further than her ‘My Style‘ board or ‘Recipe‘ Pins. Sidenote~ IF you’re one of those guys who ‘Google’s a girl or skims through her FB pics before a first date, you’ll learn a lot more about her by checking out her Pinterests.


Dress ~ H&M, chambray top ~ Iris Los Angeles (ROSS), watch ~ MK, bracelet HERE ~ c/o Splenderosa.com, Nails ~ Venique ~ Galoshes Glow, purse ~ Shanghai

Have you been inspired to re-create outfits, home decor or recipes you’ve seen on Pinterest? How did it turn out? 
I’ve been Pinning some of my favorite fall styles on my “Trend Watch” Board. If you’re on Pinterest, let me know your username below. I’ll be back tomorrow with ‘Friday Fitness’ post including a LuluLemon case study. 


5 Ways to Pamper Yourself this Autumn without Breaking the Bank

It’s almost that time of year again. Have you noticed holiday decor creeping into stores before Halloween has hit and now is when I start cutting back on frivolous credit card swipes in order to save for the Gift Giving season. When a leather jacket or oxblood peplum party dress is calling your name at Bloomy’s; walking away is never easy, but it’s the fiscally responsible thing to do for your wallet. 😉   

As daylight savings is rapidly approaching and the holiday shopping insanity is just around the corner; here’s 5 ways to pamper yourself throughout Autumn without breaking the bank before New Years…

1. Would you Own 10 Pairs of the Same Jeans? Probably not, but I have about 10 pairs of these skinny jeans above. Why? Because they’re $10.80 at Forever21 and I wear them A LOT. Plus, that’s still less than 1 pair of Sevens. These dark denim jeans last for years, don’t stretch out or fade, and they come in varying lengths perfect for fall with flats, oxfords or under boots.
2. Autumn Up-Keep for Hair ~ If my hair is feeling ‘blah’ after that 6 week mark, I’ll make an appointment with Curtis at Pitch Salon in SF and get partial highlights which are less expensive. Also, if you have bangs, check with your stylist. Hair salons often offer complimentary bang trims in between cuts and use a bit of Moroccan Oil for added shine.

3. Brighter Budget-Friendly Smile ~ Although dark lipstick (like I’m wearing) tends to make teeth look more dull, if you want to boost and whiten your smile for upcoming holiday parties and Halloween, I recommend Crest White Strips Advanced Seal ($34.99) (used exactly as directed) and I also use whitening floss. Your smile will be brighter and whiter within a week.

4. Penny-Pincher Prepster Style ~ Oxfords are comfy and classic, plus I recently discovered this “About Me” brand for under $40 in brown & navy at Nordstrom Rack. They are much higher quality than my oxfords in my Spring Prepster Look. (Style Tip~ The About Me brand runs very small, so get them in 1 whole size up)

5. How to Fall for Coffee all over Again ~ I love how coffee shops have holiday specials like Salted Caramel and you may have heard about the recent Starbucks Pumpkin Spice shortage craze. Instead of ‘going out’ for coffee every day, brew your fave blend at home and make special coffee dates with a friend or your own ‘mental break’ in an actual coffee shop each week. Escape work and the chilly weather. This saves money and you’ll look forward to savoring those caffeinated moments, instead of sipping through a daily routine.

Denim ~ Forever 21 Classic Skinny jeans here, oxfords ~ About Me (Nordstrom Rack), white shirt ~ Banana Republic, Watch ~ Michael Kors, vest ~ vintage from my Grandpa

Do you have any beauty or fashion tips that saves money like a favorite drug store makeup?  

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