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Dangerously Daring Fall Trends Spike Nationwide

While San Francisco is in celebration overload since winning the World Series last night; after witnessing vandalism all over the city including fires, dented cars, and this bus in SOMA overtaken by dancing ‘fans’ bobbing their heads inches below power lines as the driver ran to the police, I decided to head home. In the words of …read more →


Celebrity Style for Less in the OC (Mommy Edition)

“Celebrity Moms, They’re Just Like Us“ Not! Although, there are some celeb moms who dress realistically in public with their kids like Jennifer Garner, Heidi Klum and definitely Jessica Alba. In fact, if you subscribe to Jessica Alba on FB you might actually believe she is really one of your friends because her pics are always down-to-earth and unpretentious with her family. However, there are other …read more →

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5 Styles You Want in Your Wardrobe for the Long Haul

Did you ever see Stephen King’s 90’s horror film Trucks? Or what about 1997’s Breakdown starring Kurt Russell. Thanks to these movies I was terrified of tractor trailers for years. This brings me to a close encounter with a vintage big-rig up in the country recently in a deserted (or so I thought) industrial park. Here’s my sister below in 5 trends this fall that are still hot this spring with staying …read more →


Old Navy vs. lululemon ~ Battle of the Stretchy Pants

Working out is personal whether you prefer a gym, Zumba, P90X in the comfort of your living room, a jog on the beach or a heated cycling session. My stance on workout attire has always been ‘to each their own spandex’ which brings me to a little phenomenon of the $100+ work-out pants by lululemon. I have a lot …read more →


Chambray, Lace and Why Every Guy Should be on Pinterest

If you’re on Pinterest; how long have you been addicted? Whether your browsing habits are under control or you’re fully glued to your Pinboards for hours on end; it’s safe to say you’ve seen outfits that have inspired you to style your own version. My sister, Jody, saw a pin I’ll share below and had …read more →


5 Ways to Pamper Yourself this Autumn without Breaking the Bank

It’s almost that time of year again. Have you noticed holiday decor creeping into stores before Halloween has hit and now is when I start cutting back on frivolous credit card swipes in order to save for the Gift Giving season. When a leather jacket or oxblood peplum party dress is calling your name at Bloomy’s; walking away is never easy, but it’s the …read more →

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