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Game, Set, Match? ~ 5 Dating Secrets Uncovered on the Court

After nearly 15 sporadic years of backhands, forehands and volleying with various partners on the court, I finally met my match. He’s my tennis buddy and favorite person ever to play tennis with…so far. My tennis partner (who was too shy or too cool to be in this post) and I play tennis weekly and take group lessons rallying the night away. Sometimes I win, other times he crushes me; and he never gets mad when I run in a few minutes late. He’s my ‘tennis match’ made in cardio heaven.

However, throughout my years of playing tennis for fun (especially with guys) I can share a few important tips and valuable qualities you can learn about someone after spending just an hour on the court together. *

*I’m using tennis in this ‘sports & dating’ scenario because it’s my favorite sport to play, but it can truly be applied to any sport you may play or are interested in trying.

Got your game face? Good. If you’re dating someone new, try an outdoor activity instead of dinner on your next date. Here’s 5 types of guys you’ll meet playing sports (I’m using tennis as my example) as well as a splash of tennis fashion tips…
1. The Nice Guy ~ (Sidenote~ my sister will be filling in as my tennis partner in this post) The nice guy is the norm. He’s generally humble, wants to rally and isn’t too concerned if he isn’t the next (now retired) Andy Roddick. (PS~ at the end of every match, make sure you shake hands, high-five or hug if he’s not too sweaty 😉

2. The Mr. Can’t Lose ~ There are many guys who are just naturally athletic and super competitive. They’ll play you, hit as hard as they can and if you gain the lead for a game, they’ll find a way to beat you even if it means fibbing about a ball going out. If this is how he is on the court, imagine trying to win an argument in an actual relationship. 

3. The iTeam Guy~ You know that whole saying ‘there’s no ‘i’ in team,’ well some guys don’t get that… (aka the ballhogs). It’s so important to play a sport together occasionally and be on the same team. As doubles partners, you’ll learn a lot about communication that can be used off the court as well.

4. The Over-Promiser, Under-Deliverer ~ “Yea we should definitely play tennis sometime, hope you can handle it” he says bragging. Then we meet, play and it’s clear he’s never played beyond table tennis in the office. I’m not that good, but don’t gloat if you can’t back up your backhand. 😉

5. The Psycho ~ I highly recommend watching or playing sports with a guy at some point early on in a relationship (you can learn a lot about his temperament). Is he violently screaming at the flatscreen the entire game? Or is he smashing your spare racket into the ground after hitting the ball into the net over and over. If so, I can guarantee his temper will translate into your relationship at some point. On a lighter note, time for tennis fashion…

If you’re into fashion, then tennis is the perfect sport for you. It’s the perfect balance between comfort and sportiness…

Go for the NEON ~ If you’re just starting out, get proper tennis shoes in your favorite colors or shades and then comes the fun part…What to Wear on the Court

Choose a dress, skirt or shorts. Tennis fashion is a big business and if you watched the US Open in NYC this past weekend on TV, the pros take their style seriously. Venus Williams just launched her new line of fashionable athletic wear called EleVen

New to Tennis? The easiest way to learn is to have a friend who plays teach you the basics until you’re ready for a few lessons (group lessons are less expensive). Also, practice against a backboard. There are also free courts in almost every city, even if it’s run-down, and tennis is one of the best full body workouts. 

Have you ever noticed you can learn a lot about someone exercising with them or attending a sporting event?
Hope you had a great weekend! I’m on my way to NYC with my sister for the #LuckyFABB conference this week for my first NY fashion adventure. I’ll update regularly on twitter & FB and let me know if you’ll be there too…

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  1. Hi Dale, Great article and very true (in every regards). I am a tennis pro and have and own a woman’s tennis line “Fetch”. (www.fetchsport.com) I get the full view of all of the points you have made and it is really a funny thing to watch unfold. My favorite, is the guy who needs to destroy his female counterpart. This guy has no remorse or care in doing whatever he has to do to win. LOL! If you need to get more insight or would like to check out cool tennis clothing (which i know you are going to love), please get in touch with me. Always ready to help out a fellow tennis enthusiast. Cheers!!!!

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