Paris VS. Nicole Plus a ‘Simple Life’ Flashback in Peacock Print

If you follow celeb gossip, I’m sure you heard that Paris Hilton disgusted people when she made homophobic slurs last week in a cab which were secretly recorded by the driver and then sold to RadarOnline. You make the call, but I think it’s pretty safe to say that the only people hated more in the US this week than Paris Hilton are the NFL replacement refs.

Why am I mentioning Ms. Hilton? I actually used to like her and found her amusing after Paris and Nicole Richie caught my attention in the ‘Simple Life.‘ However, let’s look at how much has changed between the two in the past five years. Nicole has not only positively flipped her life and image; she’s become quite a successful business woman as well. Nicole Richie just launched her new line for Impulse at Macy’s which I’m wearing in this post. While we’re examining this peacock patterned dress in Nicole’s new Impulse line, let’s go through a brief synopsis of what she is doing right and Paris is doing ALL wrong (in my opinion)


Sheer Honesty Beyond the Dress~ Nicole not only admitted she had problems with drugs and that she’s been too thin in the past; she has so far proven to take her new life as a mom and wife seriously. Paris constantly denies allegations of drug use.

Cut-Out the…~ While Nicole surrounded herself with her family and fashion designers to help create her clothing lines a few years ago, Paris continues to hang out with DJ’s, club promoters and now is dating a 21-year-old model she met during NYFW. (P.S. ~ Cut-Out dresses are hot for fall and I like this one because lace is more comfortable than a bare-skin cut-out)

Angel Wings & Golden Rules ~ I’ve never met Nicole Richie, but she comes off as friendly and still pretty normal by celebrity standards despite her wild-child past. Paris seems out of touch with reality treating people like they are below her.  (Sidenote ~ If you’re a Nicole Richie fan, don’t these dangly earrings remind you of her angel wing tattoos?)
Watch Your Back ~ You would think Paris would have learned to be careful about her actions being caught on camera after her boyfriend nearly a decade ago released that infamous tape. She should have never made such offensive statements, especially in a cab (which often have cameras inside them). 
And Now, Nicole’s New Line ~ I checked out Nicole’s entire collection the day it hit Macy’s. She stays true to her style with many flowy bohemian dresses and faux leather details with a very reasonable price point. This dress was under $70 and while it’s not the highest quality, I loved the zipper detail in the back, the sheer sleeves which conceal my pale arms, the unique peacock pattern and especially the cut-out detail that’s on both the front and back.
(Style Tip~ Always make sure cutouts, patterns and sequins go around the entire dress, because it looks higher quality than dresses that only have the details on the front.)
Dress ~ Nicole Richie ‘Peacock Kaleidoscope dress for Impulse here, purse ~ vintage, booties (old) ~ Qupid, nails~ (OPI) ‘Yodel Me on My Cell’ here, earrings & rings ~ F21

I’d like to believe that anyone can turn their life around and change or improve their image (like Nicole has done so far) so here’s my advice to Paris ~
1. Stop clubbing, stop being rude to people and stop talking in the fake baby voice
2. Stop dating bad guys and 21-year-olds
3. Leave Hollywood for at least a year 
4. Write a tell-all book (without a ghostwriter) admitting your problems and that you aren’t proud of your behavior then donate every book sale to charity 
5. Make your comeback appearance on the David Letterman and let him rip you apart (you two have a history of good chemistry on his show)
Maybe you could care less about Paris & Nicole, but if Paris Hilton gave you $1 million dollars tomorrow to be her publicist for a month, what advice would you give her?  (Tough question, huh? 😉
Hope you’re having a great week simple smile

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How to Dress Up a Basic White Tee with Ms. Burgundy

Jody+Steliga,+Savvy+Spice+fashion+blog,+burgundy+for+fall,+how+to+wear+a+burgundy+purse,+oxblood+is+a+hot+color+for+fall,+Folsom+Street+Fair+San+Francisco+CA,Ahh, San Francisco. It’s a big bucket of diversity with cultural events, art shows and street fairs going on nearly every weekend. But there is one I’ve never attended…until yesterday. The Folsom Street Fair is the huge annual BDSM and Leather Subculture Street Fair in SF. ‘I’ve read ‘Fifty Shades of Grey,’ I can handle this,’ I thought. I was wrong. Beyond the chains, whips, spiked collars and barely there leather get-ups we observed; let’s just say some of the images that my friends and I witnessed on Folsom Street yesterday would be about fifty thousand times darker than what Christian Grey could conjure up in his ‘Red Room of Pain.’

After all that leather, I wanted to take a crisp, clean look at a staple most of us have in our wardrobe. I’m talking about a basic white cotton T or V-neck. Introducing Ms. Burgundy (aka my sister Jody) showing how to dress up a basic tee and distressed denim in heels and oxblood accessories…

Burgundy is in Full Bloom for Fall ~ Have you noticed burgundy is such a rich versatile shade for men and women? I’ve mentioned it in previous posts because it truly compliments fall shades and especially denim, plus adds a pop to a basic black, brown or neutral outfit.

Rebel With a Cause ~ I’ve always been a fan of MAC shades and when I heard this deep burgundy shade ‘REBEL‘ has been a top seller already this season, I went for it. You can wear it light for a berry hue, or deep and darker to glam up a casual outfit. (If you love MAC cosmetics, as soon as you save 6 empty containers of their makeup, recycle them to a MAC counter and you can choose a lipstick for FREE.)

How to Dress Up a Super Casual Outfit ~ In a white v-neck, jeans and Converse, it would be dressed down. By adding the neutral heels, plus the sparkly cream blazer with frilly details and the burgundy handbag, you almost don’t notice the holes in the jeans.

Baby Details Count Too~ If you’re running late and don’t have time to accessorize, I usually keep a few pairs of F21 trendy stud earrings in my purse pockets like these for last second details that can really ‘cutesy up’ a ponytail or bun.


The Blazer Unisex Effect ~ Men in V-necks and denim can just as easily add a tailored blazer and brown dress shoes or loafers to take the look to dinner or a night out

DETAILS by Dale Blazer ~ (Zara recent on clearance), jeans ~ Vigoss (similar here), burgundy leather bracelet ~ Shanghai market (similar here), handbag ~ Steve Madden (similar Rebecca Minkoff here), ring & bangles ~ F21, nails ~ Sinful Colors, heels ~ Michael Kors


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Casual Friday Night Date In Camouflage

Did you know a night at the movies is one of the few date options that stands the test of time in every stage of a relationship? Here’s how Hollywood films work their into magic our love lives….

1. If you’re in the beginning stages of dating; go to a movie and then grab a bite afterwards. If the conversation drags, at least you have the film to discuss.
2. Maybe you’ve been dating or married for years and just want a quick dinner & a movie night. It’s ideal for a no-fuss Friday night casual date.
3. Are you going through a rough patch with your significant other fighting like cats and dogs? If the two of you can compromise on a movie to see; you’ll have two hours of silence and maybe a few minutes of hand-holding. (Comedy strongly recommended)

Something about fall and winter makes me want to hit the cinema more often and who doesn’t love a scary movie as Halloween approaches on a chilly Autumn night? So here’s some movie date tips starring fall trends in 3, 2, 1….

Casual Sweatshirts Don’t Have to Be Frumpy~ Infuse every casual outfit with your favorite seasonal trends which this fall means booties, leather leggings and camo
Military Bling ~ Camo and feminine military jackets are everywhere. I chose this jacket partially because of the rhinestones, but you can always dress up you own with studded details or an over-the-top cocktail ring.
Camouflage into Fall ~ When I spotted this jacket in Shanghai at Zara, I couldn’t wait to get back to SF to wear it. Will you be wearing camo this fall?
Monster Mash ~ Maybe you can relate, but a lot of nights I don’t get much sleep. The past few times I’ve gone to the movies, the dark theater and comfy chairs were so snoozeworthy I actually took a little nap. From now on, I’ll have a Red Bull or one of my new faves, an Arnold Palmer on steroids which I’m holding here. It’s Monster’s Rehab Tea+Lemonade+Energy
Night of the Living Dead & Criminals~ This may look like a scene out of a horror movie or ‘Breaking Bad,’ but this empty parking lot complete with the creeper van is in the heart of SOMA in San Francisco where there’s been an increase of criminals and drug addicts lurking in the streets each night!
(SF Sidenote) ~ There have been over 2,000 reported cars broken into in just the past month in SOMA according to the SFPD. Scary! If you live in SF, join EveryBlock to know what’s going on in your neighborhood.

Sometimes You Just Need a Good Scream ~ ‘The House at the End of the Street’ starring Jennifer Lawrence is looking like a fun cheesy thriller movie to see this weekend. And if you’re ever in SF, my favorite spot ever for a casual dinner & top-notch margarita is Tommy’s Mexican Restaurant on 23rd & Geary.

Creme de la Creme Chilled ~ I hate being cold in movie theaters so this DIY lightweight sweatshirt inspired by Atlantic-Pacific is definitely a top I’d wear. See how I made it Here


jacket ~ Zara (recent) Similar Here, sweatshirt (DIY) Here, black skirt ~ Zara, beverage ~ Monster, rings ~ F21, boots (old) ~ H&M, nails ~ Sinful Colors Neon Summer Peach

From Lulu Lemon pants to hoodies, what’s your favorite casual wear and have you seen any good movies lately?

Have a great weekend and I’ll see you Monday,

 Find me on Twitter & Facebook

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How to Layer this Fall with Slimming Tips to Beat the Bulk

When fall arrives, do you find yourself piling on the tanks, sweaters, scarves, faux fur vests, fitted jackets and yet it doesn’t feel as good as it looks in magazines and window displays? Whenever I’m officially ‘mutli-layered,’ I feel at lot more like that classic ‘Tommy Boy’ “Fat Guy in a Little Coat” scene starring the late Chris Farley rather than a hopeful fall fashionista.

I have a few tips to fight the bulky feeling this fall while still staying warm on crisp autumn days, plus some simple tricks starting with red lipstick to spice up a casual preppy sweater on my sister below…

My sister, Jody, in Clinton Park NYC during NYFW
Ladybug Lips & Layering Tips ~ The easiest way to spice up a casual ensemble is to add your own flare (aka accessories) and a bold lipstick. Stacking necklaces, bracelets and rings has never been more in style and BINGO, it counts as layering a basic outfit. With dark shades on trend this fall, dress up a sweater and jeans with a signature red lip like this shade ‘Ladybug’ by MAC

Slimfit Sidenote ~ If you’re wearing a loose fitted blouse and sweater, wear a slimfit denim. One misconception is that layering baggy clothes head to toe will make you feel smaller. It’s all about wearing what’s comfotable, while still showcasing your assets. Fitted leather jackets, belts, or a sweater dresses over leather leggings will all work as layering pieces this fall.
Mix & Match Clothing, but Aim to Keep the Hardware Consistent ~ While it’s definitely okay to mix silver and gold jewelry while layering, I always try to keep the ‘hardware’ like the details on the clutch, buttons, shoes, watch, glasses, ring all one color like in this case gold.)
Year-Round Denim VS. Seasonal Jeans? Denim you can wear season after season is rare, right? Longlasting denim should be in a wash that is a med-darker shade rather than a trendy color. The most important ‘transitional’ aspect is that you can wear them with heels, cuffed with flats or the real test, can the jeans fit with a pair of over-the-knee boots?  These are my favorite pair of jeans this year c/o Lotus Premium Denim and they are slim enough to wear under boots.

Style Guessing Game ~ Is this two seperate shirts or just one? If you have ever tried to pull on a slim fit sweater over a collared shirt, it can be bulky, bunchy and feel unflattering. Normally tops that are connected tend to look cheesy, but I truly couldn’t tell this was just one shirt with the collared detail & cuffs built in. This little pup, Brody, we met on the street didn’t seem to mind the faux layering effect either.
Sweater (shirt connected) ~ F21 recent, jeans c/o ~ Lotus Premium Denim (Vintage Blue), watch ~ Michael Kors, clutch ~ Marc Jacobs, necklace & ring ~ F21, shades ~ random
Do you love layering in the Fall & Winter and if you have any of your own ‘bundling up without the bulk’ tips, please share!
Coming Friday ~ What to Wear on a Casual Weekend Date (Hint: It Involves Camo)

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Fall Styles & Robin Thicke Mesmerize at Macy’s Glamorama

The annual Macy’s Glamorama fashion show and concert was last Friday in San Francisco and thankfully it wasn’t a repeat incident of last year’s homeless woman pulling out my hair, but I wore a brass knuckle clutch just in case.
What is this annual fashion show all about? Macy’s hosted the fashion show in Minneapolis, LA, Chicago and SF this year. For the past 30 years Macy’s has raised over 41 mil to help fight childhood illness, cancer and HIV/AIDS. The show continuously aims to impress and this years’ ‘British Invasion’ theme didn’t disappoint. From backstage with Robin Thicke to the show, here’s a recap of the night…
Evening Wear-on-the-Go ~ Whenever I’m running late to an event, my go-to PM apparel is a black blazer, strappy heels, and something sparkly. Then I added the leg tricks from my 1st youtube video  
Justin Bieber Meets Elvis ~ Hello Robin Thicke! I may have grown up with his dad Alan and the Seavers on Growing Pains, but if I learned one thing about his son Friday night; it’s that the ladies LOVE him and his performances.
My good friend Laura who helped photograph the event wore a jewel toned party dress and gold accessories while I opted for sequined shorts (recent F21, similar in silver HERE).
The Show
The Macy’s Effect ~ This annual fashion show is always so different and entertaining. From the Diesel guys who appeared on a double-decker bus in boxer briefs to this fashion line by Madonna. While I couldn’t pull off these youthful teenage styles, the models all broke out into a dance routine making it one of my favorite parts of the show.
Karmin & her Crop Top ~ Not only did Robin Thicke close the show, there was also an upbeat performance by Karmin including her hit Brokenhearted in a daring pair of geometric print hammer pants
Leather is a major ‘Do’ this Fall ~ Every single model in the WW18 by Walter Baker was either wearing leather leggings under skirts and dresses or even a leather cape for a dramatic effect. If you want to get in on the leather trend, this Quilted Faux Leather Trench by WW18 is one of my top FALL must-haves
Details by Dale
Black blazer ~ F21, clutch ~ Shanghai trip, watch (recent) ~ Michael Kors
Have you been to any local fashion shows or events this month in your city?

Hope you had a great weekend!
Coming Wednesday…How to Layer this Fall without the Feeling Bulky

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Out for Oxblood! Fall Trends & Colors on the Streets of NYC

The end of summer has arrived and while the fashion world is coming down off a weeklong NYFW high; we still have to live and dress for the moment meaning transitioning from summer to fall. It’s time to introduce some hot fall trends and colors starting with a color people are going crazy for….Oxblood. (aka Burgundy).
While my sister and I spent our last day in NYC, I snapped these pics below incorporating a few fall trends despite the fact it was super hot and humid…
Mixing pinks, nudes and blush tones with a bold burgundy is a “DO” this fall.
Hello HighLine ~ While my sister and I were out for FNO we stopped into Bond no. 9 which is a perfume company famous for naming its scents after NYC neighborhoods. They gave us a sample of their top seller called HighLine. It’s the scent of ‘wildflowers, green grasses and urban renewal.’ We loved it and the candy-esque sample packaging of course.

How to Glow this Fall ~ My sister and I recently discovered one of the best self tanners ever. It’s a new formula by Fake Bake and I’ll show how men & women can keep a slight summer tan well into fall & winter in an upcoming Youtube video.

Inspired by Rachel Zoe ~ Rachel mentioned at the LuckyFABB conference last week how with some of her bigger fall coats, she likes to layer by wearing them on her shoulders. We did a mini test-run with this cropped denim jacket and then piled on the necklaces.

Create Your Own Carrie Bradshaw Moment ~ The Sex & the City fashion icon was hardly afraid to take risks mixing patterns and prints. This fall, mix burgundy with peplum, blush colored tops, gold sparkly bottoms and sky high heels or glittery flats. For styling inspiration, check out the H&M fall 2012 campaign.

Purse ~ Steve Madden (old) similar here in black, Dress ~ Zara (recent on clearance), denim jacket ~ F21 here & fall denim jacket for men here,  nude heels ~ Michael Kors here, Necklaces ~ random & F21 pearls

Out for OxBlood ~ Shop Burgundy
Last night, I browsed through brands until I found a buffet of burgundy options so we can all have a little oxblood in our wardrobe this fall…
1. Burdgundy sleeve detail dress ($27) Here
2. Aqua Denim basic skinny in oxblood ($68) Here
3. Bowtie by American Tie Co. ($24) Here 
4. Snakeskin Bracelet by Target ($9.99) Here
5. Ralph by Ralph Lauren ‘Dorian Crossbody Bag in Oxblood’ ($228) Here
Are you already noticing burgundy in stores and on mannequins in the windows of your favorite stores?
Win 2 FREE Tix to the Annual Macy’s Passport Glamourama Fashion Show with performances by Robin Thicke! Details to Enter Below…
If you’re going to be in SF tomorrow and want to attend the fashion show…
To Enter
* ‘Like’ SavvySpice FB page here & just leave a comment below with your email letting me know so I can contact the winner.
Winner will be picked at Noon PST by on Fri Sept. 14th and I’ll email you right away & your tickets will be waiting for you at Will Call. Good Luck! This is consistently one of my favorite fashion events in SF and there is also time to still buy tix ($79) each here

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