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Paris VS. Nicole Plus a ‘Simple Life’ Flashback in Peacock Print

If you follow celeb gossip, I’m sure you heard that Paris Hilton disgusted people when she made homophobic slurs last week in a cab which were secretly recorded by the driver and then sold to RadarOnline. You make the call, but I think it’s pretty safe to say that the only people hated more in the US this week …read more →

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How to Dress Up a Basic White Tee with Ms. Burgundy

Ahh, San Francisco. It’s a big bucket of diversity with cultural events, art shows and street fairs going on nearly every weekend. But there is one I’ve never attended…until yesterday. The Folsom Street Fair is the huge annual BDSM and Leather Subculture Street Fair in SF. ‘I’ve read ‘Fifty Shades of Grey,’ I can handle this,’ I thought. I was wrong. Beyond the chains, whips, spiked collars and barely there leather get-ups we …read more →

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Casual Friday Night Date In Camouflage

Did you know a night at the movies is one of the few date options that stands the test of time in every stage of a relationship? Here’s how Hollywood films work their into magic our love lives…. 1. If you’re in the beginning stages of dating; go to a movie and then grab a bite afterwards. If the conversation drags, at …read more →

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How to Layer this Fall with Slimming Tips to Beat the Bulk

When fall arrives, do you find yourself piling on the tanks, sweaters, scarves, faux fur vests, fitted jackets and yet it doesn’t feel as good as it looks in magazines and window displays? Whenever I’m officially ‘mutli-layered,’ I feel at lot more like that classic ‘Tommy Boy’ “Fat Guy in a Little Coat” scene starring the late Chris Farley rather than a hopeful fall fashionista. I have a few tips to …read more →

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Fall Styles & Robin Thicke Mesmerize at Macy’s Glamorama

The annual Macy’s Glamorama fashion show and concert was last Friday in San Francisco and thankfully it wasn’t a repeat incident of last year’s homeless woman pulling out my hair, but I wore a brass knuckle clutch just in case. What is this annual fashion show all about? Macy’s hosted the fashion show in Minneapolis, LA, Chicago and SF this year. …read more →

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Out for Oxblood! Fall Trends & Colors on the Streets of NYC

The end of summer has arrived and while the fashion world is coming down off a weeklong NYFW high; we still have to live and dress for the moment meaning transitioning from summer to fall. It’s time to introduce some hot fall trends and colors starting with a color people are going crazy for….Oxblood. (aka Burgundy). While my sister and I spent our …read more →

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