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Sizzling in Shanghai! From the Heat to the ‘Hermes’ Handbags

I‘ve been in Shanghai the past few days with my sister and friends and while we’ve been sweating our little pork buns off in the hot, humid heat, I’ve had a warm welcome and learned so much about the food, culture and oh yea, the government. It’s not exactly blogger friendly. In fact, blogger, Facebook and twitter are all blocked! Luckily, my friend was able to let me onto his computer that has some secret access. It’s too complicated for me to explain, but blogger works.
Here’s pics of our first few days exploring the city and trying not to melt. Welcome to Shanghai….

It’s So HOT! ~ The past few days are really hot and humid so we bought these traditional hats at the water town which really helped shade our faces and were a nice contrast to our ultra-touristy Cali-based City Supply T’s
Water Towns ~ We explored a water town our first day which are old fashioned villages built on the canals. Families turn the downstairs portion of their houses into little cafes for tourists to sit by the water and drink tea or buy souvenirs, pigs feet, etc
Our good friend Ryan is with us and he’s fluent in Mandarin so it’s definitely helped navigating the city

My sister Jody and I trying to handle the heat and exploring this Water Town
Midday in Shanghai ~ The view from our hotel room. There was a typhoon the day before we arrived

Downtown Shanghai
Street vendor food

Hey Little Froggy ~ Last night we had a traditional meal with every type of food including prawn skewers and frog which is seen sizzling in this pot

The Fake Markets ~ My friends and I were taking a little break at a cafe after spending 2 hours at one of the “Fake Markets” in Shanghai. These places are full of faux “Prada” purses, Dr. Dre Beats, and Hermes handbags. These markets are INTENSE! I’ll share more about that adventure next time and how to handle the bargaining if you ever go there. That little Tory Burch purse on me is from there. This 4 story market has every single item you could imagine impeccably replicated and sometimes overstock from the factory. They actually have secret hidden doors where you walk behind and find stacks of LV purses, Celine, Marc Jacobs and everything you can imagine!
Shanghai Filter ~ There’s an unintentional photo filter which is a mix of humidity and cigarette smoke here. While smoking indoors is part of the culture; I realized how pampered our lungs are in California where you can’t smoke indoors. Thankfully, my wimpy little internal organs are slowly adjusting night by night.
It’s been great meeting new people and experiencing new food and culture during my first time visiting China. Have you ever been to Shanghai?
It will also be nice to get back to the US so I can also catch up on blog time. See you later this week

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  1. Hi Dale!

    I love you blog and I am visiting Shanghai in January with my hubby. (We live in Colorado) Any other tips you may have are appreciated!

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for these posts on Shanghai, I am suppose to go on vacation there with my boyfriend over the xmas holiday and reading about your adventures was great. Who knew that it was so humid!! After reading your posts I am now going to make sure to bring some anti frizz shampoo with me and will look for the cheap hair salons like you visited, but I don’t think I could eat frog like you did, you are one brave girl!! Not me! I was wondering what cities you visited? I want to see a bit of everything – those ponds you visited looked nice, I also want to go see some temples, do a lot of shopping and go see the garment districts and get to see how the people really live and work. My boyfriend is obsessed with going to see the sewing factories ever since he saw a documentary on H&M and thinks he can create some computer systems or apps to improve the work environment so he wants to go visit them, I doubt you did any of that but if you did was it safe to go and where did you visit? So we are going to spend a few weeks traveling around and hopefully visit some beaches too. What places did you visit? I’d rather go somewhere someone has already gone and I don’t know anyone who has been there. So I know it’s been awhile since your trip, wondered if you went back again. It looked like your trip was really nice and since you had some friends living there I figure why not ask?! Was there alot of european and american food? Sorry for all the questions it’s my first time visiting there and I’m a bit nervous as I’m a bit of a picky eater!!
    Thanks and hope you’re having a nice day.

    • Hi Alexis,
      So exciting you’re going to visit Shanghai and although our trip was a few years ago, we had so much fun sightseeing in Shanghai and it’s a HUGE city and driving is a little crazy so be careful walking and crossing the streets but my sister, friend and I always felt safe. We did go visit the sewing factories and the silk factories watching how they make silk. They are very interesting, but many of the sewing factories are a couple hours from Shanghai so we took a train and they are in more rural areas so you will need to plan ahead. Definitely visit the towns on the water as you will see so many locals and as for food, I didn’t notice a lot of European and American food (although they have all the fast food chains). I’m a picky eater too so that part was a little tough. I ate a lot of veggies, minestrone soup, bread and fruit. Totally basic and boring hehe! Go near the Bund too because it’s amazing to see and there are tons of great restaurants there.
      Feel free to email me too: dale202@gmail.com

      • Thanks so much Dale!
        So sweet of you to reply back,these tips are amazing. Looking up places to visit is so overwhelming there’s so much stuff!!
        Thanks for your email I really appreciate it.


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