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Happy Hour Couture ~ How to Transition from Your Cube to Cocktails

I dated a guy once who told me my legs were looking “cheesy” as I hopped into the car. “Uhh, what!?” I asked. “Ya, you know, they are like the color of cheesecake,” he replied. I cut him some slack considering English wasn’t his first language, but as a sidenote to guys; never use any dairy related adjectives to describe a woman’s legs. As pale as I am, I’ve discovered a few bronzing tricks that would definitely earn the gold medal in faux tanning. I’ll share my favorite ‘pasty concealing secrets’ and style suggestions in case you’re heading out in the middle of the summer on an impromptu date or last minute Happy Hour.

Here’s some “What to Wear to Happy Hour” tips and how to add a bit of glam on those evenings when you need to transition from your cubicle to cocktails across the street…

The Light Knight ~ Unless I apply my new fave Fake Bake liquid self-tanner throughout the summer, it’s almost impossible to get color in SF when I’m indoors 23/7. If you’ve ever spent all day in your batcube and your eyes struggle to re-adjust to the sun the moment you step out of the office, you know what I’m talking about. (Style Sidenote– The best solution if you’re feeling pasty is jumpsuits, maxi dresses and blazers.)

Silver Stacking & Hand Hiding~ You’ll most likely be sitting at a bar stool or booth for Happy Hour seeing the upper half of each other. If you keep your arm candy conservative in the office, once the clock strikes 5pm, allow your outfit a flirty boost by adding a few more bracelets! Also, if you work in an office, always keep a few shades of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri nail polish in your drawer. You may need to slip into a conference room for an impromptu manicure before a Happy Hour date.
What to Wear from the Office to Happy Hour ~ Guys can transition easily in a suit, blazer or collared shirt. Women can wear pencil skirts or dress pants with a flirty blouse and blazer during the day. Then just remove the blazer, and add some jewelry, lipstick, and my fave NARS blush for HH. This white Zara jumpsuit had a unique slit down the back which is what caught my eye.

Ballin’ on a Budget ~ Happy Hour dates are like power hour for your pocketbook. You can essentially splurge on oysters & cocktails for a cool $20 which is almost unheard of in most cities. Plus, they’re timed perfectly so if the conversation is horrible or you’re in a hurry, you’ll be out of there by 7 pm. (Happy Hour Menu at Zuppa Restaurant in SF’s SOMA district)
Pleasure, Business or Both? ~ If you’re meeting someone for cocktails after work; it might be for business, catching up with an old friend or an actual mini-date. Have fun, ask questions and be a good listener. You’d be surprised how much you can learn about someone in an hour. If it’s for business, don’t forget to discuss the biz details even if the Tuna Tartare and sliders are deliciously distracting.
Faux Engagement Ring. Why?  ~ Maybe you’re having a solo happy hour at a restaurant trying to get some work done out of town or you just try it as a conversation starter. Either way; if you’re single, there’s nothing wrong with keeping a $10 fake engagement ring in the bottom of your purse just in case.  
Heels & white Jumpsuit (similar here) ~ Zara, Blazer ~ Forever21, Clutch (random) TJMaxx Similar Here, Nails ~ Sally Hansen Insta-Dri (Slick Slate), bracelets ~ Stella & Dot ~ Renegade Cluster &  Bardot Spiral Bangle

*Photos by professional photographer Summer Wilson in the SF Bay Area
To contact Summer, find her on FB HERE or see her portfolio on her site HERE
Do you ever go straight from work to dinner or Happy Hour? What are your style secrets for the PM transition?
Have a great weekend!

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