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7 Blogger Tips in my Non-Designer Bag of Social Media Tricks

Have you ever had an itch to start a blog? From what I’ve heard tumblr is more simple and less time consuming which may be more convenient. Plus, it can take off like the UGH-worthy subjects in Rich Kids of Instagram. In the world of fashion blogging, I consider myself going into my sophomore year (if this was high school). I was a slow learner in the beginning and I still have a long way to go, but I learned a lot in my first 6 months of blogging. I shared PR tips for bloggers a few weeks ago and now I can share a few tricks and blogging tips that have helped along the way…

1. Be Afraid of the Dark ~ If you’re all alone blogging away at the end of the night and feel a little lost about the direction of your site, that’s the worst. Ask questions, reach out to fellow bloggers & friends. I’m tech-illiterate, but living in San Francisco I have neighbors or friends who work in about every tech company possible which is fortunate, but most answers I find by just “googling” questions. I also owe a huge thanks to my old roomie Lisa of Cocobella Ballerina who shared the secret of checking out other blogs that write about your same interests and building a blogger network of friends. This is VERY important, plus you’ll discover lots of great blogs and the people who created them.

2. The Truth About Photography & Design  ~ For months, my blog was a black background with watermelon green font and I had no idea what to do with it. Finally, my best friend said You should really make your header and blog design look better,” and she was right. You want your blog to be personal and unique, but ask your closest friends what they like or don’t like about the design. Mine is a work in progress and you can always make updates and changes. Also, you don’t need a super expensive camera, but I try to make my photos as clear as possible and generally the same size which is something I failed to do in the beginning.
3. Secret Agent Blogger?! ~ The best way to beat writer’s block is to be prepared throughout the day in case you get a craving to create content. Pay attention to current events, trends, listen to conversations and jot down (or add it to your iPhone notes) any time you have an idea. I always have a pen (like this Kate Spade doodles pen necklace similar here) and a note pad in my purse. Also, always carry your calling card (aka your blog business card)

4. Which Direction are you Going? ~ If you want to start a blog, don’t over think it or stress. Write about your passions, hobbies, life, etc. You can just keep it private if it’s a daily journal style blog or share with friends at first. If you want to build an audience, see what readers respond to and what content resonates then go from there but it defintiely takes time & work. 🙂

5. Offer a Buffet of Social Media Options ~ Some readers have a beef with Facebook and for others, Twitter isn’t their cup-of-tea. It’s best to offer at least 4+ social media options for readers to follow your blog. If you only offer one, you’re limiting yourself and more importantly limiting avenues of traffic. (Sidenote ~ I often try to include different neighborhoods & locations in SF like this French restaurant Fringale. I enjoy seeing parts of other people’s cities on blogs. It’s like a mini tour in case I ever travel there)

6. Strategy vs. Shady ~ Always be honest when reviewing a product and if you’re gifted an item; disclose that to your readers. It’s okay to work with affiliate programs once you’re ready or to be sponsored if it’s a good fit. If you have your own products or work with a company like Stella & Dot, definitely link to your online store or stylist page like I’ll do now showing you where to find these Stella & Dot Pippa Stone Earrings I’m wearing. 🙂


Outfit ~ Dress ~ Zara (on sale recently), necklace ~Kate Spade similar here, white collared shirt ~ Banana Republic, watch ~ Michael Kors here, ring ~ F21, heels & clip on flower ~ H&M summer sale (recent)

7.  Post Up with a Smile~ It takes time to build traffic and can be really frustrating comparing yourself to bloggers that have been around for years so go at your own pace and be inspired by others. I love DIY blogs, but my idea of a DIY is taking a fake flower and clipping it to this boring white laptop bag. The best post policy is to write about what makes you happy or interests you. (Also, if you’re a fashion blogger, always note what you’re wearing somewhere in your post in case your readers are wondering what you’re wearing. Plus, it could lead to a partnership with a company later on.)
Have you ever wanted to start a blog or if you already have one, what helped you in the beginning? (I’m always trying to learn more)
I’ll be back Friday with a”What to Wear Winetasting Dilemma” that involves heels, a dirt road and a magical mocktail 
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