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08 /31
That 70’s Style! Psychedelic Patterns & Snake Cuffs Invade San Fran

California girls learn to bundle up during the summer in San Francisco and while you may be gearing up for fall fashion; SF is about to hit the weather jackpot. Typically, September and October is our official summer with sunny mornings and delightfully warm

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08 /28
Blake Lively is Stylist Free & Winning on Red Carpets Worldwide

Miss Blake Lively turned the big 2-5 over the weekend and while she hit the quarter-of-a-century mark; she’s packed in enough stylish red carpet ensembles to last a lifetime. Blake first caught my eye when I saw her in Gossip Girl dressed

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08 /24
Style Dilemma ~ What to Wear Winetasting on a Hot August Night

Remember in “The Hangover” when the guys initially lie about Doug’s bachelor party? The whole ‘road trip to Napa Valley’ story complete with Stu’s descriptions of ‘tractor rides,’ ‘baby goats’ and those ‘Sequoia trees’ blocking the cell phone signals? Women would probably never lie about this.

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08 /22
7 Blogger Tips in my Non-Designer Bag of Social Media Tricks

Have you ever had an itch to start a blog? From what I’ve heard tumblr is more simple and less time consuming which may be more convenient. Plus, it can take off like the UGH-worthy subjects in Rich Kids of Instagram. In the world of fashion blogging, I consider myself going

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08 /20
Back to School Fashion ~ Twin Teacher Edition

Did your mom ever dress you in matching outfits with one of your siblings when you were a kid making you feel like an awkward set of twins? This tends to happen when parents have couture control over their kid’s

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