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Atlantic-Pacific’s ‘Look for Less’ ~A ‘Creme de la Creme’ DIY

(Left) Atlantic-Pacific in NYC~Truly the ‘Creme de la Creme’ of fashion (Right) Me of SavvySpice in SF feeling intimidated 🙂

Last week, Blair of Atlantic-Pacific, debuted a really cute casual “Creme de la Creme” cotton-blend sweatshirt with a pair of denim and leopard heels. When I clicked on the sweatshirt by Zoe Karssen, not only was it sold out already, it was $160. Knowing that even a million dollar sweatshirt would end up in my ‘gym clothes’ drawer within a month, I thought Hmmmaybe I could re-create it?‘ So I made a knock-off, threw on a pair of jeans, brushed my bangs back and tried my best. While it’s definitely not the original, here’s my ‘Creme De La Creme’ DIY below attempting to create Atlantic-Pacific’s ‘Look for Less’….

Super Quick Messy Bun ~ Brush your hair into a high ponytail, tease it and swirl into a bun. Then bobby pin it & hairspray in place.

Unexpectedly Clutch ~ It’s not vintage, but sometimes it’s fun to choose a beaded, leather or sparkly clutch and pair it with a casual outfit.

Buzzin’ ~ I only drink coffee a few days a week; but when I do, it’s a Greater Alarm at Philz Coffee with meduim creme & sugar. (SF Tip) ~ If you’re visiting the city, try to grab a cup of Philz. They’re famous for brewing one cup at a time.

And now, the DIY steps…

Step One ~ Find similar sweatshirt (recent from Forever 21~$13) , Buy ‘Iron On’ flocked letters in similar font and start cutting

Step Two ~ Lay out the letters, space them as best you can and iron them as directed

Step Three ~ Wait for letters to cool and peel off. Entire process took about 20 minutes.

DETAILS by Dale Sweatshirt~ Forever21, iron-on letters ~ Michaels Crafts, clutch~NY MAX (recent TJMaxx), jeans ~ GAP (old from Crossroads Trading Co.), heels ~ Zara (old), Vitality Necklace ~ Stella & Dot HERE, sunglasses ~ H&M, Nails ~ Sally Hansen Insta Dri  *Total for Entire Look (Under $160)

Are you ever inspired to re-create a look after seeing it on your favorite celebs, fashion bloggers or friends? 🙂

Hope you’re having a great week!


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  1. Ilaria Ro says:

    very nice t-shirt! good idea 😉 ps:new post on my blog!

  2. Alisa Marie says:

    This is absolutely amazing, can’t believe made that sweatshirt! Literally looks exactly the same as yours.

    Great JOB!!!

  3. diary of this girl - megan says:

    this is such a great idea! your version turned out amazingly! i want one hehe!

  4. the creation of beauty is art. says:

    She has amazing style, and so do you! I think you did a fantastic job recreating this look! Such a fun DIY!

  5. i love what you did, dale! your DIY totally works for me, especially for an item that would, your’re right, end up in the back of my closet eventually!

    Win a $50 giftcard to PLNDR

  6. Melanie Liliana says:

    OMG this is amazing! I think I might do this! You look amazing! 🙂


  7. Wow, both looks equally beautiful! So impressed by your recreation and DIY talent! Very inspirational post 🙂


  8. That's My Mama says:

    You did a great job! less than $20 is my kind of fashion 🙂

  9. Well done!!!! Such a great job, love it!

  10. sonia de macedo says:

    That’s amazing Dale – it really looks like a Zoe Krassen! I’ve been lusting after the tee version of this!

    Have a great week

  11. I actually like your version better than the original! Awesome job, and you look fabulous!

    xo Jenny

  12. So Simply Chic says:

    Too funny, when she did that post I as well went to see how much it cost and saw it was sold out as well! I never in a million years thought to re-create it but you did such a fabulous job 🙂


  13. This is sooo cute! It’s a very classy look.


  14. Wil Harris says:

    I am so in love with this! My sisters and I love AP for the same reason you do. Some of her things are a little too expensive. You did fab and you look fab!!!

  15. Your knock off turned out so cute – looks exactly like it!

    xo Jennifer


  16. looks great!

  17. Taipei Style says:

    Nice outfit and so easy to do! I specially love your clutch 🙂


  18. oh my gosh, good job! i really thought it was the same sweater until i scrolled down and saw how you made your own. I LOVE IT!

    Look cute at the beach this summer! Enter to win a £50 gift card to Simply Beach.
    Win a $50 giftcard to Shappy Apple! Come and join. :]


  19. The Little Texan says:

    Great DIY! I love Blair’s blog as well, always so classy! I love how you recreated her look because I agree, can’t afford her wardrobe, but I wish!


  20. This is so awesome girly! And you definitely pulled it off it looks exactly the same!

    PS. Sorry I been MIA but definitely making my way back and visiting my favorite bloggie friends!

    <3 Marina

  21. You look ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!!!
    Obviously Obsessed 

  22. You created that perfectly, you evil genius you. And yes, I heart Philz too 🙂 It’s SO Bay Area (whatever that means – haha)

  23. Perpetuity says:

    Wow you nailed it! Love!!

  24. Jaida McKie says:

    Awesome DIY! Your look came out really cute!

  25. Wooow I’m totally impressed!
    Love your DIY- sweater 🙂

    xx Timna

  26. It´s actually great! love it….xo, Alma

  27. Katie Frank says:

    i love your haircut here <3

  28. You look super cool and classy! I love your DIY you nailed it! You both look gorgeous!


  29. Great job! Love how you recreated Blair’s look.

    Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting on my blog!

    xx Amy

    Leopard and Lillies

  30. Rxqnaesthetics says:

    I cant believe this!! I pinned her image to one of my style boards bc I loved it so much and thought the same thing as you did about the expensive sweater. This is genius and you look lovely thanks you for sharing this it looks perfect!

  31. Anthea Lau says:

    amazing tee and shoes, they create this perfect casual look 🙂
    would you like to follow each other?

  32. all this talk of cream is making me hungry. 😉

  33. That’s amazing! Love the fact that you can make one for a cheaper price…. I’m hungry now!


  34. Qué Acierto! says:

    I love this blog too but her outfits are often too expensive for me. Of course I am inspired by what I see on other blogs for my daily outfits … all we do it, is not it?

  35. so great idea to do it

  36. TheAvenueVee says:

    I think that fashion inspo very often comes from celebrities.. After all, most celebs have fashion stylists guiding them and keeping them on trend and helping them look fab! I love this DIY post, after seeing this I am definitely inspired to try some fashion DIY myself. Your ensemble is actually more well put together than Blair, you look like an A-lister! 🙂

    xx -Vee The Avenue Vee

    • Thank you Vee, that’s nice of you although I love her look and she always puts it together effortlessly. 🙂 I agree my fashion inspo definitely comes from celebs, but since I started following fashion blogs it’s 50/50 now 🙂

  37. What an awesome DIY recreation! Honestly this looks just as great as the original – nice work!

    Sea and Swank

  38. avenue ahline says:

    Hi thank you for your sweet comment and supporting
    my blog by subscripting to it. I very much enjoy
    yours and will be doing the same. Great diy by
    the way.


  39. Love this, the sweater is amazing


  40. I LOVE this! I seriously thought it was the same exact sweatshirt until I scrolled down the page a bit. I also love those Zara heels. I’ve seen them on countless blogs and they’re my favorite. If I ever find them on eBay or Amazon I am snatching them up immediately!

  41. Hola! Me encanta como te quedo. Besos

  42. cheapdanny says:

    that’s just very creative and the result is awesome!


  43. Awwww that’s really creative….both soooo chic!!


  44. Nicely done Dale! Love the casual look

  45. Marsha C says:

    Wow great job Dale, couldn’t tell the difference x


  46. TheUrbanUmbrella says:

    Very creative, loveeee this look! I really love the ripped, relaxed fit jeans – super cute <3

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella


  47. Stephanie Lam says:

    This is such a great idea!! Very excited to try this!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I love your style and I’m following you now too!! 🙂


  48. Love your DIY. I need to go out to buy those stickers asap.

  49. SunKissed SIsters says:

    We too have been coveting that sweatshirt after seeing Blair’s post. Thanks for sharing this post with us.

    xoxo The SunKissed Sisters


  50. Wow, this is such a great idea, this looks spot-on! I love that you made the sweatshirt yourself!

  51. Megan, The Frugalista Diaries says:

    great idea – def. recreating and following you!
    Xo Megan

  52. jenae is today. says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my post! You’re so nice. 🙂 And I am so in love with this tutorial! I follow Blair and I love her and I was obsessed with the top too but it is far too much $$$ so I’m glad that I now know a way I can make it myself!

    Love, Jenae.


  53. sheisobsessed says:

    WOW!!!! You’re definitely talented…love the DIY project…and your clutch is everything that I believe in…loving the blog…and thanks for the follow…totally following you back!

  54. Ashley Aspinwall says:

    could not be more obsessed with this, such a great idea 😉

    xo SideSmile,

    SideSmile Style Blog

  55. wow great result! but for me it’s too diffucult to do… i’m terrible at DIY
    following u back <3

  56. Show Pony says:

    Great post! Really great DIY – you have convinced me to try a DIY project!

    Now following you!!!

    Jess xx


  57. AimeeSowa says:

    Cute Outfit and a great Tutorial!

    Love your Blog

  58. sofia perea says:

    looooving it! following youu

  59. Graduated Bob Hairstyles says:

    Wow,so beautiful and charming pictures.The look is incredible and like appreciation..

    Bridesmaid Hairstyles 2012

  60. LOVE your version of this look! Wow – so creative and looks great on you! Great blog 🙂 Thanks for stopping by mine and for the sweet comment! xo, Julie

  61. Wow amazing job looks so chic! Love it 🙂


  62. I’ve been obsessed with her outfit since she posted it and now I am even MORE OBSESSED with yours! Way to pull off the look girl! Newest follower 🙂 xx, Allie


  63. leonie fanning says:

    well dale i think you look just stunning, i prefer the shoes you chose and fantastic clutch you really do look amazing i love your hair up like this too, you are so creative great top im useless at diy, hope you have a great weekend, im of to amsterdam yippee!!. i will be out of communication for the weekend but look forward to catching up next week,kissea from dublin xx leonie

  64. Vivianna Liu says:

    Love your ‘Creme De La Creme’ DIY!! wanna re-create one for myself as well! 😉 You look pretty and I really like your blog.


  65. So cool 🙂 I think I might try it out too!! Thanks for sharing.

    – J

  66. ellakii sedgwick says:

    sweetie you just look gorgeous i’m love with your sweater!!
    many kisses from,

  67. I love this post, you look so so fab! xxx

  68. this is amazing!!! I love it and it looks just like it!!

  69. Style-Delights says:

    Wow..lovely recreation!! You look fab as does she! I love the way pumps are polishing the casual outfit!! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style-Delights Blog
    Style-Delights on Bloglovin

  70. This is so cool!! I love coffee inspired details and this has such a “cool cafe” vibe. Love the DIY and I am definitely going to try this. Thank you so much for the inspiration. 🙂

    Heel in Mint

  71. Kudos to you, Dale, for taking the time to do this. This is such a great and fun DIY. I think I actually like your sweater and heels better. You totally rock the best shoes.

  72. Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) says:

    Dale, you are a dead ringer! Girl, someone needs to sponsor you! You are so beautiful. You just light up and you’re ultra talented. What a great DIY! Isn’t it something how others inspire? You’re a doll and great job!

  73. Keep the Secret says:

    woooooowwww!!!! totally amazing! i love your blog, your style and ideas, i hope you like ine too, i invite u to viist it, see u soon in “KS”

  74. Gail and Rhoda says:

    This is fabulous! Blair is also one of my favorite bloggers but I feel the same way about not being able to afford her wardrobe. I think you did a fabulous job re-creating her look! I always love your posts. ~ Rhoda

  75. wow pretty!! i also love blair’s style!!


  76. fleurani says:

    Dale, you totally rock this outfit. What an amazing DIY recreation! Honestly this looks just as great as the original – nicely done!

    Hopefully you find some time to check out my latest look as well? :-9

    <3 Ani

  77. erin.marie says:

    This is fabulous! What a great idea.


  78. Dale, this is AMAZING! I would love to make my own, but I’m having an impossible time finding the exact letters you used (I’m a graphic designer, so, the typography definitely matters in this DIY)! Did you get them at Michael’s online, or in store? I can’t find them on their website, and I’ve tried countless others, to no avail 🙁 Any help? Thanks, and thank you for a great post – you look fabulous! 🙂

  79. Found the letters! They were in-store at Michael’s. I did the DIY last night and it came out great! Thank you for the awesome post!

  80. pearls and green tea says:

    I loooved this idea! I don’t remember how I came across this post but I loved it so much I made my own! Thanks for the great idea. I’m blogging about it today and linking up to your blog.


  81. Normita Enríquez Rojas says:

    Hi Dale! This DIY is great, I definitely will try it. I have a question though, do the stickers come off when you wash the top??

  82. Fashion Memos says:

    super cool DIY, INDEED.:)

  83. Addict Smile by Anna says:

    Really good idea!!!!


  84. Such an awesome idea! It’s so simple! Love it!

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