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Toga Party Makeover ~ Styling for Bravo!’s ‘Silicon Valley’ Part III

Styling Hermione before her big Grecian themed housewarming party
‘TOGA! TOGA! TOGA!’ Thankfully, Saturday night was a bit more refined than a scene out of Animal House, although costumes were required! After the Santana Row fashion show, I rushed back to the city and had an hour to get Hermione Way ready for her big housewarming party at her new pad (aka Villa) where she’s filming for the new reality show “Silicon Valley” which will air on Bravo! later this fall. You can make a toga out of an old white sheets before you hit the hay on our luxury satin pillow cases below in White Russian to sleep off the toga party.
(Pure Satin: ultra-smooth for hair & skin while you sleep with the Secret Pocket)
Back to the Toga Party – Here’s how the night went, but first The Dress Drama!…
Dress Hunt through San Francisco ~ I had 3 days to put her entire look together. I wanted Hermione to not only feel like a Greek goddess as she was filmed for her show, but I didn’t want anyone else at the party to have the same dress. I went to Jeremy’s Department Store in SF and found the only white designer dress by Jovani that had a chance, but it was 1 markdown away from being a dish rag.
It was salvaged and there was yellow thread poking out all over where beading had been ripped out along the neckline & back. Even worse, there was a HUGE black ink or grease stain on the back and the entire dress just looked dusty. I tried it on and texted her the pics (luckily we’re about the same size, height and shoe size). I promised I’d make it work. The $90 price tag was a risk, considering there might not be any way to fix it, but the manager at Jeremy’s thankfully told me I could return it if the stain didn’t come out. I rushed it over to Lux Cleaners in Burlingame…
All about the Back ~ Friday afternoon I made a nervous call to my dry cleaner. To my surprise, the stain came out and the dress looked good! I picked it up, went to a fabric store and added all of this beaded trim used for wedding dresses to the neckline and back to cover the little holes that lined the dress. (Shopping tip ~ Whenever you’re dress shopping, keep an eye out for a unique back. Low back dresses, cutouts, exposed zippers are all unique details to check on the back of a dress or top)
Cinderella Slippers ~ No look is complete without the perfect footwear, especially in a gown. I found these ankle strap sparkly heels at H&M earlier in the day and they matched the beading on the dress perfectly
Hermione making her entrance with 10 minutes to spare before the party started…
Mission Accomplished ~ My costume inspiration for Hermione was Athena meets Angelina Jolie and we were both happy with how the final look came together. Home made costumes are always more creative (and stressful) to put together compared to store bought. Do you like to make your own? (Bargain Bonus ~ The dress, dry cleaning, beading, heels & shawl was under $200 total)
Hermione was ready to go! Next, my sister and I rushed home to get ready. ONE problem, we had no idea what we were wearing….
Not Fair! ~ Guys have it SO easy at toga parties! My brother Drew and friend Morgan went to TJMaxx and bought two white twin sheets. I found a couple white dresses in my closet and had my sister wear the white structured “H&M Fashion Star” dress with a gold statement necklace. USE any basic white dress and then get all the gaudy gold jewelry you can find!
I took a shapeless sheer H&M dress, then pulled the laces out of my metallic sandals I wore earlier in the day & my sister tied them into a belt. (If you’re in a hurry, get creative and work with what you have around your house)
Makeshift Headpiece ~ My Stella & Dot Chelsea Necklace was a life saver. I simply folded it over, pinned it into my hair with bobby pins and it stayed all night creating a sparkly headpiece
Sensor Drama ~ Maybe it’s a result of shopping too much, but at least every few months I buy clothes and the sales associate forgets to remove the sensor. Ugh! This is what happened when I pulled this dress out of my closet. Does this ever happen to you? It’s a huge pain, you have to find the receipt, go back to the same store, and try to get them to take it off. There was no time Saturday night, so I grabbed scissors and cut it out of my satin-feeling white dress. Hence, the uneven slit in this dress. Then I added tons of silver bracelets with a metallic costum-y envelope clutch.
Now the party pics at the Villa San Francisco!
Cooler than Clowns ~ Insanely flexible performers from San Francisco’s Supperclub contorting their bodies in the kitchen
Fire Dancing ~ Hermione & her brother, Ben, entertaining their guests and showing off some of their hidden talents with fire
If John Balushi & LMFAO had a love child ~ Costumes at the party ran the gamut and there were creative ones like burgundy sheets, afros, bathrobes, leafy bikini tops and more.
The End
Special thanks to Photographer Michael Odonnell at ZatPhoto.com
Before & After
Also, big Thank You to my sister, Jody, for helping with last minute styling details and curling Hermione’s hair with a wave wand.
This was actually the first Toga party I’d ever been to. What’s your favorite party theme, or do you think they should be left behind once the ‘college years’ are over? 😉
Until the next “Silicon Valley” styling session, have a great week! Also if you’d like to come to an upcoming Villa Party, there are tix available celebrating Hermione’s birthday Sat. June 16th for the “Silicon Valley Mansion Crawl.” Event Details HERE. I’ll be back Friday
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  1. That's My Mama says:

    You really did an amazing job! I love the trim that you added to her dress 🙂

  2. Never too old for costume parties! Its fun to get creative and leave the seriousness at home for the night. Plus you all look gorgeous!!!

  3. Dominika says:

    You all looked absolutely stunning, I love your dresses! It’s amazing how you can find such gems in stores like H&M. We threw a mythological Mount Olympus themed party at school last year, it was fun!


  4. So glad the dress fiasco came through in the end! Gorgeous styling! Love the hair & the accessories! Goodness they’re gorgeous! What’s not to love about a toga party? But your version is so much more glamorous! Lovely post! xo, Megs


  5. That looks so super fun and the dress came out looking fantastic! Great job Dale!

  6. Toga parties are the king of all parties. I’ve still never been to one but hopefully one day I can go to one!

  7. Anna Brain says:

    Oh wow!! So interesting!! 🙂

  8. the creation of beauty is art. says:

    Wow, what amazing styling! This looks like so much fun!

  9. good job!

    and thank goodness for bedsheets for us guys. 😀

  10. Looks like you had a lot of fun 🙂

  11. Rasonda @ Lake Cottage Dreams says:

    Amazing!!! You both look gorgeous… and that party looks like it was a BLAST!

  12. You look gorgeous!!


  13. i love ur dress, your blog is just lovely by the ways, keep up the good work as ill be visiting again very soon 🙂


  14. Got to love costume parties, haha! It looks like it was so much fun. Thanks for leaving a lovely comment on my blog. 🙂


  15. What Sadie Did says:

    Dale you did such a great job!! I can imagine the stress of fixing that dress up – but it came up SO well!! You both look gorge 🙂
    Sadie xx

  16. Marianela says:

    Do you know that you look like a real princess?!! loooooove it!! i had a wedding last week and i dressed like you, a little roman…i love that style!!
    following you of course, i invite you to visit mine i follow me back if you like!

  17. annacbie says:

    wow you’re so cute!

    just found your blog and love your aesthetic!

    and hey guess what! i just started a new blog! i think i have some great ideas and i’d love if you could stop by and perhaps follow it, if you like! (i’m following you, of course!)


  18. 20 York Street says:

    WOW, that is one totally COOL party!

    You look sooo gorgeous! TOGA party – never been to one!


    Twenty York Street
    Follow me in Twitter: @20YS

  19. looks like a fantastic party! great styling!!! these toga’s are so legit – my toga’s are usually made out of a pillow case :S

    p.s. thanks for commenting on my blog!

    – katie

  20. Kathleen Lisson says:

    I would never have known your belt was made from sandal laces! I have theme cocktails at my parties, and maybe matching paperware.

  21. Melissa says:

    Looks like so much fun! Darling outfit.

  22. I remember toga parties back in the college days, so much fun. Your outfit is the best one!…I nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award, come check it out:)

  23. Aurelia (A Pretty Life) says:

    looks like it was a great event!!!!


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