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Fifty Shades of Lace ~ Romancing Your Style One Layer at a Time

If I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ being discussed in the media and everywhere the past couple months, I could buy an entire leather wardrobe. The chatter about this book has generated big time buzz among women in households across America and I know for a fact that men are reading it too. I met one last night.

The word on the street is “Fifty” majorly revs up the romance factor. While I can’t wait to dive into Chapter 1; until then, I have a few sexy style staples that may be tucked away in the back of your closet just waiting to be dusted off and slithered into for a night on the town…

Romantic Style Staples ~ Leather, Lace, Sheer, Stilletos, Cuffs, Smoky Eyes, Fingerless Gloves, etc.
{Side note}~ If you’re in the mood for some new lace undergarments, Victoria’s Secret semi annual sale is going on now. I’m sure you’ve seen the commercials. Moving on to to Ch. 1…

 {Ch. 1} Fifty Shades of Lace ~ Lace is romantic and it’s ‘in style.’ Lace shorts are trendy as well as dresses, tops, and skirts with multiple layers. They’re simple enough for a date night and I paired this neutral pair with a leather jacket & blazer to show different options. Lace comes in all different shades this season from neutrals, pastels to basic black or white.
{Ch. 2} Red Red Wine ~ A glass of wine on a terrace, the patio at your house or over dinner is undeniably romantic. Restaurants often let you bring your own bottle (with a small corkage fee) if you have a favorite bottle at home. This Zin courtesy of Cairdean Vineyards is a brand new winery in Napa Valley. They were just featured in 7×7 and their tasting room will open this fall in St. Helena. I’ll keep you posted…For now, Cairdean wine is specially available online
{Ch. 3} Play Up Your Assets & Create the Ones You Want ~ Wearing heels, tights, or trying my little “Sally Hansen” Youtube Trick can create leggy illusions, but always accentuate what you love most whether it’s your curves, hair, eyes, waist, etc. The rest can be ‘faked.’ I haven’t hidden the fact that I add in hair extensions when I want to pretend like I have long luscious locks like so many of you have naturally. Beauty tricks are endless….. 😉
{Ch. 4} When In Rome ~ Bix in San Francisco is one of the most romantic restaurants I’ve ever been to and I’m sure you have a favorite romantic spot in your city. Bix is tucked away in an alley on Gold Street in the financial district, and once you enter there is main floor seating or tables on the second level overlooking the restaurant with a live piano player. 
{Ch. 5} The Simple Bare Necessities ~ If you’re heading out for the evening, clutches are classy and sleek. Avoid handbags at all costs and take a clutch that will hold all of your essentials (don’t forget your house keys, ID, etc). (Sidenote) ~ I’ve noticed a few surprising work out tricks that help tone legs, I’ll be starting a little ‘FitnessLite‘ series in the next two weeks.
{Ch. 6} Romantic to the Core ~ There are a few sexy style staples all women can wear starting with a classic leather jacket. Also, sheer can easily be worn. For example, under a blazer like this conservative top just has a few inches of sheer fabric at the neckline. Also, cuffs like this one on my wrist courtesy of Bolbach is a hot trend. Fashboulevard is also featuring the red python Bolbach cuff today for a great cause.
lace shorts ~ Sans Souci (TJMaxx), cuff ~ Bolbach, heels~ Zara (kinda recent), blazer & leather jacket ~ F21, sheer top ~ H&M, clutch ~ The Limited

From a little black dress to red lipstick, what is your Go-To romantic style? Also, have you read “Fifty Shades of Grey” yet?

SUMMER SERIES FINAL DAY ~ Coming tomorrow…The “Summer Faves Giveaway” & tips to dress like a piece of candy in summer’s brightest shades.

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  1. Who needs an LBD when you have this fab combo? Love the shorts on you! Can I borrow your legs sometime?!?! haha
    The black blazer and Zara sandals are terrific!



  2. Melissa says:

    Absolutely love how you styled the shorts I have the same ones!

  3. Alisa Marie says:

    Love lace shorts! My friend found a pair at TJ Maxx and when I went to buy them, they were gone 🙁 I definitely need to get a pair!


  4. Gracey at Fashion for Giants says:

    Love the leather with the lace shorts. The mix of hard and soft is perfect. You look wonderful!

  5. TheUrbanUmbrella says:

    Wow fantastic outfit! LOVE it! You look gorgeous, and those shorts are seriously amazing.
    P.s Love the title, hilarious and a great play on words

    The Urban Umbrella



  6. Okay, you have made lace shorts look amazing! I love this outfit from top to bottom! It’s one of my favorites on you now. xx, pip


  7. | C AND C | Sarmin says:

    How funny, I just finished the 1st book just few min away ago, I liked it. Need to get other two asap.

    I am in love with your shorts.
    I have been trying to get a pair of black lace/crochet shorts for months now, no luck. Did get pair of white once, alil too short for my liking, & since its white, pretty sure my Sally Hansen will get on it.

    You look gorge as usual! Your legs kill me.

  8. Love this outfit! From the lace shorts to your blazer and the strappy heels! Tres chic!


  9. KayJay at Refined and Polished says:

    This is a great post. I love those shorts!

  10. I really do love those shorts as well – they’re right on trend. I’m going to have to look at scoring a pair myself

  11. Skinny Moonstick says:

    I haven’t read the Fifty Shades of Gray yet, but I’ve been hearing so much about this book that sooner or later I’ll get my hands on it. I love the lace shorts on you. I’ve been looking for a pair but just can’t find the right one..
    You look beautiful!
    Good luck!


  12. That's My Mama says:

    I just finished the first book and Im dying to get my hands on the second! You look lovely. The lace shorts are so feminine 🙂

  13. the shorts are wonderful. i love the whole look!


  14. you look very elegant!

  15. dat legs… 😉

  16. Rachel Jensen {Da Paura ♥} says:

    Wow, your taste in style is really so up my ally. I adore this outfit on you…your legs look amazing! I love your tips too. I always get such great ideas from visiting you. Now move to SD and let’s hang out! 🙂 I could go for a glass of wine with a classy friend like yourself right about now! 🙂


  17. So pretty for a romantic date. I’m seriously going to follow some of your advice during my next date. I haven’t read the book, it sounds so risque and dark.

  18. Love this post, as I’m one of those women that love the trilogy:) And yes….you can never go wrong with lace. Your shorts rock!

    “Laters, baby”….once you read the book, you’ll know this line:P

  19. Sara Shoemaker says:

    wow this is the 3rd time I’ve seen thoes exact shoes on a blog post! they make your legs look super hot and they’re perfect for a night out. as for your shorts-I looove them. I’ve always been obsessed with lace and I couldn’t be happier that it’s so on trend right now!ps what do u use on your hair for styling because it looks amazing

    The House of Shoes

  20. Perpetuity says:

    Seriously I almost want to read it just I see what all the hoopla is about! Funny post;)

  21. Jamie E. Anthony says:

    your outfit is gorgeous! i really love your shorts! they’re such a pretty color…rather than the usual black or white!


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  23. Emilie de Vogue says:

    fantastic! you look totally classy xx


  24. GlamorousGirl says:
  25. Giulia Nori says:

    love the photos and your blog! Would you like to visit my blog? If you want, we can follow each-other with GoogleFriendConnect and I’m already following 🙂 🙂 cheers!

    In a Blonde’s Wardrobe

  26. Seriously?? This may be the cutest/hottest outfit I’ve ever seen!! Those shorts and heels and blazer are to DIE for!!

  27. I like the leather and lace combination, and the little black clutch is perfect. Reading the book now (had to see the buzz was all about).

    That alley looks like Perfect spot for a romantic dinner.

    Have a nice weekend!


  28. Hi Dale,

    Can honestly say I don’t know what the book is about…nor have I read it. Hard to believe? I’m either late with trends, or so early, that I feel like I got em started! he he. Love those shorts…tried them on at TJ Maxx and decided against them last month in fear the lace would buckle and I would be left to iron…oh well. I love the street, or alley view, makes for creative pictures in which you have successfully done. Good job.

    Thought I would share I loved your post about the postal service and doing my part. I got my pen and paper out and sent a few hello’s to a few special people. And now doing a giveaway inspired by your post. I never really thought about the effect with all the technology…I prefer the mail versus the email…that and a good book, no kindle for me. Call me old fashion.

    Have a great weekend!

  29. Worthington says:

    While I love your shorts they are pretty short for me! If they were even an inch longer I’d probably be all over them. Super cute on you and you styled everything perfectly.

    I am not a 50 shades fan… the bad grammar made it unbearable!

  30. LPFashionPhilosophy says:

    So pretty!

    ox from NYC!


  31. Wil Harris says:

    I’m feeling those lace shorts, so cute! My go go to romantic outfit will be something I’m comfortable in but can still be sexy. A dress works every time! I have not read 50 Shades of Grey and am still debating if I should. Let me know how it goes!

  32. Beauty Guide 101 says:

    I tagged you in my last post! Check it out!

  33. Beauty Follower says:

    An elegant/sensual look !

  34. Jayme and Mendi says:

    Fifty Shades is SOOOO good!! Can’t wait for you to read it…be sure to let us know what you think. 😉

    Gorgeous outfit! You look beautiful, as always. I’m glad you mentioned Bix. My husband & I will be in San Fran in September for 6 days & we’re looking for good restaurant recs. So can’t wait to see your city!!

    Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  35. Fifth N Sixth Closet says:

    You look so fab, love those shorts… Our go-to romantic style is between bare back and showing off our legs. We just ordered our copy of “Fifty shades of grey”, can’t wait. Following!

  36. Nicol Lee Ann T. says:

    love the cuff and the leather jacket! perfect together!

    xo Nicol


  37. Nice blog, love your style!!! Would you like to follow each other?


  38. Berty Morales says:

    Lol I have to agree with you about your comment of the book. Love your out fit and awesome photos…xoxo (:

  39. I’m totally digging the lacy shorts, they are adorable and you look so cool in them. Great captures! 🙂
    Thanks for your lovely comments, it sure means a lot :).


  40. immerlight says:

    Amazing outfit! Great streets!

    Welcome to my Giveaway!

  41. Diva In Me says:

    I like your leather cuff! Really cool!
    What I have in mind for Romantic style would be Chiffon Asymmetrical Dress. Lace is always something romantic for me too =)

  42. The Little Texan says:

    Great look! I love the lace shorts, been needing to find a good pair!


  43. Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) says:

    fabulous lace shorts and those heels are HAUTE!

  44. very nice shorts 🙂

  45. DaFashionFreak says:

    I’ve been seeing lots of lace shorts. But, I still haven’t gotten one for myself. I really want lace shorts right now…

    – Maudleen

  46. Beauty in a bottle says:

    I love that outfit!! It’s incredible

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