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Cupcakes & Megan Fox! What’s on the Dessert Menu this Summer?

Oh, what a tabloid treat! Megan Fox was splattered accross gossip sites and blogs yesterday revealing her bikini body on vacation with her growing baby bump and hubby, Brian Austin Green (aka David from the original Beverly Hills 90210). While many women compare their bods to celebs whether they’re pregnant or not, this morning the Today Show had a story about a group of Conneticut moms showing off their post-baby bods. The women showed photos of their bare stomachs months after giving birth to encourage women not to compare themselves to celebs like Beyonce most recently who bounced right back after having her baby, Blue Ivy.

With so many fad and seasonal diets out there, even celebs on their crazy strict meal plans crave sweets at some point. I recently discovered a few summer time “Low Calorie”desserts I’ll share below (Under 100 calories) ~

The Nilla Cool Whip & Yogurt Cupcake
Easy as 1, 2, 3 ~ I don’t cook or bake so when I discovered this recipe that only required stirring on the back of the Nilla wafer box, I had to try it.
Ingredients ~ You will need 1 individual yogurt (your choice), but I went with Yoplait Original Raspberry. A container of Cool Whip Lite & Nilla Wafers Reduced Fat. (They taste the same as regular)
Stir Crazy ~ Stir the yogurt and cool whip together until it’s totally mixed. It’s best to wait until the cool whip is a little soft or it can be annoying at first.
Clear Your Cookies ~ If you’re trying to go super-low cal, you’ll save 15 calories per cupcake cutting out the wafer at the bottom. Otherwise, add a Nilla wafer into the bottom of the cupcake holder.
Final Step ~Spoon in the Cool Whip/Yogurt concoction into each cupcake holder and garnish with another wafer on top. Place in the freezer for 2 hours and you’re done!
How Many Calories? ~ After doing the math following this exact recipe with the reduced fat Nilla’s, the Cool Whip Lite & the Yoplait Original Yogurt there are only 85 Calories per Cupcake.

Other Low Calorie Dessert Options Under 100 cals
1. If you LOVE greek yogurt & fruit, I recently discovered filling 70 calorie yogurt pops by Yasso with 6 grams of protein at Safeway. They come in strawberry, blueberry and raspberry.
2. If you LOVE caramel, try 7 Quaker Mini Caramel Rice Cakes with a little Peanut Butter on top.
3. If you LOVE chocolate, try Trader Joe’s Dark Covered Chocolate Pretzel Slims. They are at least twice the size of mini pretzels with the sweet/salty combo. Have 3 for under 100 calories.
Women compare themselves to celebrities either way, but as discussed on the Today Show, do you think they feel even more pressure after having babies to try and keep up with celebrities who have trainers, live-in chefs, etc.?  Also, if you have a special low-cal summer dessert, cocktail or blog post recipe, please share.
I’ll be back Friday with ‘Solving Denim Dilemmas’ from ‘Casual Fridays’ to ‘What’s in Your Jean-eology”

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  1. i just drewled (spelling) on the keyboard looks so good i def want to try it

  2. Those look delicious and healthy!

    • It’s not healthy at all. Counting calories is 100% stupid. 36 calories can be 4g of trans fat or 9grams of protein. Number of calories is completely useless, it’s about the source. Reduced fat nilla wafers still have trans fat in them, cool whip is pure trans fat, fructose and corn syrup. So no, they won’t kill you, but they’re not at all healthy, they’re tasty

  3. TheUrbanUmbrella says:

    mmm those look sooo tasty!! Yum yum yum!

    The Urban Umbrella



  4. the creation of beauty is art. says:

    I’m definitely trying to eat better, so this post is excellent – thank you!

  5. Beauty Guide 101 says:

    That looks delicious!

  6. Giovanna says:

    Yum! Those look delish! I need to try them out!


  7. Prairie With A Twist says:

    That looks yummy!

  8. Oooh, I really like Nila Wafers. Celebs who lose that much weight after being pregnant have amazing personal trainers!

  9. I imagine a lot of women feel pressure to lose their baby weight, but I think most women are realistic that it won’t come off right away and that it takes a few months for your body to go back to normal unless you gained a huge amount of weight while pregnant, and then it can take a year or more to lose it. Celebrities are not normal in that they actually really need to maintain an ideal image or they are constantly talked about in the tabloids, or they have to make a movie and need to look good for it and so forth.

    I really like Nila Wafers too and this is a good recipe! Thanks for the recipe! xo Pip


  10. Alice Oliveira says:

    OMG…I love cupcakes!


  12. Sharena C. says:

    OMG. Those look soo good. I am going to have to try them myself!

  13. I have to try to eat more healthy. I’m considering going gluten free. I did try a few recipes from a few friends that have celiac disease. I can barely taste the difference.

  14. Oh my gosh this is what I’m bringing to a cookout in a couple weeks. Looks super easy & idiot proof. Thanks for sharing!!

  15. I was just looking for desserts and saw your post, looks delicious.

  16. The cupcakes look really yummy 🙂

  17. by Veronica Varetta says:

    aww these looks amazing! Last week I made brownie cupcakes! 🙂


  18. Vanessa@Luxuria says:

    Looks delicious, but I can’t buy that mix in Europe 😉
    I guess I need to be creative and find an alternative because your delights look yummy x

  19. Alja and Eva says:

    Looking yummy..i will definitely try this recipe! 🙂


  20. Amanda Chic says:

    Cool post! i really love it 🙂

    A chic kiss 😉

  21. this looks awesome!

  22. Amy Fashion Blog says:

    looks super yummy

  23. Nisha Looks says:

    amazing..thanks for sharing!!


  24. Christian//fashiongentrix.com says:

    I would love to eat it all !!! But then my little belly will be super bubba belly 😀 Look very very yummy

  25. Katie's Bliss says:

    Those look delicious!


  26. thepinkmateproject says:

    This is nice! Thanks for sharing Dale!



  27. I used to have such a thing for vanilla wafers…wow! These look super yummy.

  28. LOLA FINN says:

    This looks soooo good *_*

  29. Camilla says:

    mmmmmmmh, it looks really jummy!

    xxx Camilla, http://www.NativePassion.blogspot.com

  30. Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) says:

    That looks so good! I’ve got to try it!

  31. These look absolutely delicious!


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