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06 /29
How to Solve a Denim Dilemma One Leg at a Time

When it came to math and science in school, I was pretty much dead in the H20. While subtraction may not be my strong suit, I learned that when it comes to designer denim addition, does the ‘Cost’ + ‘Brand Name’ = A

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06 /27
Cupcakes & Megan Fox! What’s on the Dessert Menu this Summer?

Oh, what a tabloid treat! Megan Fox was splattered accross gossip sites and blogs yesterday revealing her bikini body on vacation with her growing baby bump and hubby, Brian Austin Green (aka David from the original Beverly Hills 90210). While many women compare their bods to

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06 /25
‘Little House on the Prairie’ Life & Style ~ The Next Generation

Can you imagine Laura Ingalls from Little House on the Prairie hanging out with Snooki? Oh, how times have changed, but if you ever read the Little House books or watched reruns of the hit series; you may have imagined yourself transplanted

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06 /23
Summer Swag Giveaway & Hot June Finds in Stores Near You

The next few months are officially summer and don’t they always seem to fly by before you get a chance to wear your favorite warm weather attire? The earlier you organize your summer wardrobe, the better. The past few weeks

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06 /21
Fifty Shades of Lace ~ Romancing Your Style One Layer at a Time

If I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ being discussed in the media and everywhere the past couple months, I could buy an entire leather wardrobe. The chatter about this book has generated big time buzz among women in

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