LMFAO in the Office? ~ How to Wear Neon & Animal Print to Work

What is the most formal work uniform you’ve ever had to wear? Ironically, since moving to San Francisco after college, my most ‘dressed up’ work attire remains my months as a Victoria’s Secret sales associate when I was 21. We were required to wear black slacks and a black blazer every day; lowcut lace cami optional.

The Bay Area “office attire” is a style phenomenon of its own. From suits & ties in the Financial District, to boatloads of business casual, and of course start-up couture (aka hoodies and flip flops). Richard Branson recently changed his company’s office dress code after voicing his disdain for neckties. I gave a style presentation for the SF Chamber of Commerce “Ambassador’s Club” a couple weeks ago and we discussed whether it’s better to mirror some Bay Area clients in casual attire or to “dress up” which might make clients feel uncomfortable. What do you think?

Let’s tackle some of these “office style” issues, plus a few tips how to incorporate the latest trends like neon, metallics and animal print without looking like an extra in a LMFAO music video…

Nylons Not Required? ~ If you’re going with bare legs to the office, lotion up, or I created this Youtube video showing a few celebrity leg tricks. For a superfast shimmer secret like I did here (Moisturize legs & before you go out sweep a bit of shimmer directly down your shin bones and watch the sun reflect right off them) 

Metallic Mania & Animal Print~ How can you wear metallic or animal print without looking too flashy in the office? Try small details like earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and my new fave (these Aldo wedges) with a metallic strap. Animal print dresses or tops are acceptable if the print isn’t too crazy, loud, or too tight. If you’re in a more conservative office, try a leopard print scarf, flats or accessories. Statement necklaces are a “Do” as long as they go with the outfit and aren’t too overpowering.

Windy City Tip ~ Chicago isn’t the only windy city. Besides the instant lion’s mane hair, it’s a bigtime hassle walking to work in SF wearing a dress or skirt that is going to blow up at all the wrong times. AVOID a dress or skirt that is too flowy if it’s above your knees on windy days. Go with one that is more fitted or straight. A gust of wind may generate a faux baby bump, but it’s better than flashing a bus full of commuters.

When in Doubt, ADD a Blazer ~ If you’re wearing a sleeveless dress or the thermostat in your office tends to “get weird,” it’s always best to take a blazer. It’s perfect in a chilly cubicle and adds an instant “dressed up” vibe if you get called into a meeting. A black blazer is classic, but white is unexpected. 🙂 Men can wear blazers too over collared shirts or V-Necks with dark wash jeans.

A Little Neon Goes a Long Way ~ If you’re able to wear open toed shoes in your office, I highly recommend a hot pink, neon orange or any fluorescent shade on your toes. They’re bright, fun and make feet happy. 🙂

What is too Trendy for the Office? I like to call this cheetah print dress “Happy Hour in the Front” and “Business Meeting in the Back,” because the hem is about 2 inches longer in the back. While I wouldn’t recommend a hi-low dress in the office, this is subtle enough for a business casual atmosphere. Once you know your office dress code culture, then you can decide how far to push the style boundaries.
 Blazer ~ H&M Conscious Collection, Dress~W118 by Walter Baker, Watch ~ Michael Kors, wedges ~ ALDO, Bracelets & necklace (recent)~ TJ Maxx, purse~Dimoni, Nail Polish (Walgreens) ~ Sinful Colors Neon Melon, Location ~ SOMA, Photos by ~ Mr. Ryan Hu
Do you have a dress code at your work and do you prefer formal attire in the office or casual & relaxed?
Also, if you’re in the Bay Area this weekend, the 4th annual Poolside Soiree Summer Fashion Show in Santana Row is this Saturday June 2nd at Noon & 3 pm. Details HERE. Hope to see you there! 🙂


Bravo! Styling Hermione Way for Silicon Valley, Part II

Road trips on holiday weekends tend to make the average commuter feel like a long haul trucker. From racking up hundreds of miles on the ole odometer to traffic nightmares and fueling station fiasco’s; do you ever feel like a staycation is the best option for a 3-day weekend? I was all over N. California highways the past few days hopping from a graduation party to bridesmaid dress shopping in Sacramento with my BFF and bride-to-be, Laura. Also, packed into the mix were two nights styling the bubbly and talented tech guru Hermione Way for Bravo!’s new reality show, “Silicon Valley,” being filmed in the Bay Area.

Below are Hermione’s styling transformations throughout the weekend~

Friday Night Before & After
“What to Wear to a Winebar” ~ Styles vary depending on your city and I often see a lot of neutral shades paired with black all year SF. Just like bartenders here infuse their cocktails with every exotic fruit or spice you could imagine, I like to infuse my outfits with ultra bright shades. And this spring and summer, that includes NEON accessories! Hermione wore this peach vintage dress I previously featured in my California Vintage post. My goal was to channel a Kate Hudson meets a 70’s Goldie Hawn look with her hair and makeup. (dress~vintage, clutch~Nine West, neon cuff ~ H&M (recent)
Memorial Day Before & After
“What to Wear on a Semi-Casual Dinner Date” ~ Before a woman can change from a towel into her date outfit, she must know where she is going. There is nothing worse than wearing a cocktail dress and heels to a taco truck or showing up in jeans and a tank to a 4-star restaurant. For Hermione’s Memorial Day dinner date, she’s in a simple flirty red, white & navy dress appropriate for the restaurant. Then I added bolder MAC lipstick, Ardell lashes (Demi Wispies), and some clip-in extensions for fuller, longer hair. After the finishing touches fixing the belt, adding hairspray and lipgloss, she was ready to go! This nautical dress was previously seen in my Smooth Sailing Shopping Tips post.
Weekend Styling: Behind the Scenes
Going through my candy jars of accessories Friday to closing out the long 3-day weekend Monday night…
What are your favorite shades if you’re going out with friends to dinner or out on a date? Do you prefer a LBD (Little Black Dress) or bright colors?
I’ll be back tomorrow with a “What to Wear to Work” Outfit post inspired by my favorite song right now, “Wild Ones” by Flo Rida 🙂
Hope you had a great weekend,
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My First Day Styling for Bravo!’s New Show ‘Silicon Valley’

Did you know Carsen Daly still has a late night show? Unfortunately, I do because I’m up past 2 am nearly every morning blogging, replying to emails, and working on articles. On one of those nights last month, I was checking Craigslist when I noticed a spot for a “Stylist/Makeup/Hair” person needed for the set of a new reality show in the Bay Area. I applied and was so excited when I found out this week I got the position.

It’s for the new Bravo! reality show called “Silicon Valley” that will air later this Fall. The show stars 7 real life Silicon Valley entreprenuers and includes an executive producer role by Randi Zuckerberg. You may know her brother. 😉 I started yesterday styling cast member, Hermione Way….

“Silicon Valley” Styling ~ Day 1
Anyone who has ever traveled with me for more than 20 minutes knows I don’t travel lightly. I brought Hermione lots of options and my full arsenal of aerosols along with my Temptu Airbrush makeup system.
Business ~ We went with a leather Kenneth Cole skirt, gold details and a bright blue vintage blouse I found at Vintage by the Pound in San Francisco’s Mission District.
Hermione having fun before we got started as she candidly documents her life. Follow her on Twitter here or check out her videos on SocialCam here

To achieve Hermione’s look, I used MAC eyeshadows & lipstick, Temptu Airbrush foundation, Urban Decay eyeliner, Salon Perfect Lashes #53, and NARS blush/bronzer. I wanted her hair professional, but still California Girl Chic so I used the Babyliss Wave Wand shown in this previous post
 Hermione is so inspiring as she’s a social media Pro and she’s  started very successful tech companies including Newspepper.com. I just want to say I really appreciate all the support throughout my first year of blogging from any of you who read a single post. I’m so thankful to get this opportunity and I will see you soon… 🙂
Hope you have a great 3-day weekend!
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Red, White & You! 5 Tips to Achieve the Classic Nautical Look

Did you ever notice that season after season, nautical stripes have true stylish staying power? Perhaps it’s because ‘sea’ is in the word ‘season,’ but as you already know, you don’t have to live by the bay to dress like a sailor.

Red, white, blue and gold is all you need in your closet to pull together a classic nautical inspired look. You can pair stripes and solids, polka dots and chains, or create you’re own year round ‘4th of July’ ensemble. I have a few “Nautical Style Tips” I’ll share below. Please feel free to hop aboard and mention your own tips as well because this post is departing its port now… 😉

1. From Alcatraz to Atlantic City ~ ‘Nautical’ is a trend that spans the country and the world. Some of my favorite staple pieces are striped tops that can be layered or worn alone. They can be big stripes, or small, horizontal or vertical. Try on different styles and see what are most flattering.

2. Everyone Can Wear Red ~ It’s a bold statement on my part, but I often hear women say “I can’t wear red, it’s not a good color for me.” Women can still try red details like lipstick, nail polish, bracelets, stripes or how about red pants? Bright denim is everywhere these days.
3. ‘I love Goooold!’~ After the Austin Powers overload this weekend, the truth is Goldmember was onto something. My favorite piece of jewelry is this gold Michael Kors watch, but you can also add gold chains, rings or bracelets to any nautical outfit.
‘Sittin’ by the Dock of the Bay’ ~ Because everyone needs a daily 15 min. break in the sun to take a deep breath and forget about your schedule, stress, etc. (Photo location near the Port of San Francisco)
4. Ch Ch Ch Changes ~ I’ve been popping my collar in dress shirts & chambray tops recently for a new look Also, don’t be afraid to layer necklaces with casual outfits. Lately, I’ve been wearing so much Stella & Dot jewelry (like this long Libby Layering Necklace) I decided to partner with them and join their stylists.
Details by Dale
Red & white tank ~ F21 (recent), red pants ~ H&M, pearl bundled necklace & shades~F21, wedges ~ GUESS, chambray top ~ MiH, watch ~ Michael Kors, Bracelet~ H&M, Nail polish ~ Sally Hansen Insta-Dri, purse ~Dimoti, Photo credit (Mr. Ryan Hu)


5. Part of the reason any nautical inspired outfit adds a level of simplicity is because you can re-wear clothes you already have like denim & layering striped tops! I wore these red pants in my “Peplum & Polka Dot” post and that chambray top a few weeks ago as the top for my “Canadian Tuxedo” post. Plus, I love that both men & women can get in on this trend and boat shoes are everywhere this spring. So, check out your wardrobe for stripes, denim and gold, then simply add a pair of red pants.
Do you love wearing red, white & blue or is “Nautical” just not your style?
(Sidenote) I know I could Google it, but what does this quote mean? ~”Red sky at night, sailors delight; red sky at morning, sailors warning.”
P.S. Thank you for all the support on my blog & I have a Summer Giveaway and special announcement coming soon…Also, Special thanks to the team at The City Supply Co. for helping with my blog’s design work recently.


90’s Flashback! Austin Powers, Dr. Evil & Foxxy Cleopatra Appear in SF

Did you know that Halloween happens twice a year in San Francisco? Once on October 31st and then again on the third Sunday of every May for the annual Bay to Breakers race which happened to be yesterday. The annual footrace from the Bay side of the city to the beach is 7.46 miles and was recognized in the 80’s by the Guinness Book of World Records as being the largest footrace in the world. People of all ages run it, while thousands of others dress up in costumes and walk the insanely popular SF event totalling around 100,000 people annually.Bay to Breakers takes ‘people watching’ to a whole new level. You’ll see every costume and lack there of imaginable. I’ll keep the photos below ‘PG’ of course as groups of friends often pick a theme. This year, my friends and siblings chose to go as characters from Austin Powers and you can check out the photos below from start to finish…

From left to right, Morgan as Goldmember, my brother Paul as Mustafa, Ryan as Fook Mi, Justin as Fook Yu, my sister Jody as Ms. Kensington, my cousin Amanda as Foxxy Cleopatra, me as Felicity Shagwell and my brother Drew as the one and only Austin Powers, Bobby in front as Dr. Evil
Savvy+Spice+ +inspiration+Austin+Powers

Our Austin Powers Inspiration

If you’re in the city for Bay to Breakers you will see people in costumes everywhere
The hills in San Francisco packed with people walking for as far as the eye can see
Random sightings~ A group of friends playing music on a ledge while men from the other deck threw tortillas into the crowd
Austin Powers & Dr. Evil ~ 1 Million Photos… If I would have known my brother was going to stay in character all 7 miles dancing through the city, I would have had him take a backpack full of my blogger cards. He probably had 200 women run up and take pictures with him throughout the day. 🙂
Creative Costumes ~ Bay to Breakers 2012
This group went as sushi and literally got down and posed for photos on each block
One woman dressed as an altered “Operation” Game
I didn’t see any group of “Tanning Moms,” but I did spot these Oompa Loompas
3 Miles through the course, Look who’s still in character?
At the 6 mile mark, we spotted Jack clearly out of juice waiting for a ride
The Golden Gate Bridge complete with matchbox cars. Could you imagine walking 7 miles in this?
Cute synchronized swimmers who had an actual routine
The police were mostly solemn and serious, but still cracked a smile when Austin danced for them
Finally~ The End
Ocean Beach in San Francisco
2012 Bay to Breakers may be over, but if you want to come next year to join or just watch, let me know. The more the merrier! Also, if you are ever having a 70’s party or birthday bash in Northern California that requires an Austin Powers impersonator, feel free to shoot me an email. 😉
 Would you go to an event like this or do you have any crazy festivals or events in your city like this?
To see our past themes going as Caddyshack and Dancing with the Stars, I’ve added them to my Facebook page HERE and our Youtube video of the day below…

Hope you had a great weekend,


From America’s Got Talent to Ellen, My Interview with the “Trumpet Kid”

Are people born with a great style? Apparently yes! While many of us change our styles and have plenty of “What was I wearing?” moments; 12-year-old  Gabriel Angelo (aka ‘The Trumpet Kid’) is not only one of the best dressed guys in SF, he’s also SUPER talented and has some serious ‘swag’.

Gabriel started out as a street performer playing his trumpet and tap dancing earning money for his music education, which is how I saw him playing near Bloomy’s in SF last year. The past few months have been very exciting for Gabriel as he auditioned for America’s Got Talent and was on the  Ellen show last month. I had the chance to sit down and meet him this week outside the home of the San Francisco Giant’s, AT&T park. Hence the orange & black details in his outfit…

Special Guest Interview
SavvySpiceCollage 0516125
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Gabriel has a very supportive family, and his sister Rebeca is his photographer. She took this shot a couple hours before I met him. See more of Gabriel’s dapper fashion ensembles including elbow patches, oxfords and Brook’s Brothers suits from Black Fleece in SF as featured on 7×7 here

Behind the Scenes
I don’t go anywhere without my trusty FlipCam as I talked with Gabriel outside of AT&T Park 

Luckily we chatted after the Giants crowd cleared out for the game, but he still caught everyone’s attention.
Questions for Gabriel~
1. Have you always had style, or does your mom help you pick out your clothes?
G. I’ve always had an eye for detail. When my mom would get me dressed up as a kid for church, we would get home and I wouldn’t want to change. I never wanted to take off my dress clothes. (Brooks Brothers suits are his FAVE and he styles himself)
2. So do you have any upcoming projects you’re working on?
G. I actually just helped a guy with his marriage proposal. He was an Academy of Arts student and I played my trumpet and helped him propose to his girlfriend. Of course she said ‘yes,’ (he added with a sly smile).
3. Wow, so it sounds like you’re getting all kinds of gigs?
G. Well I actually don’t like to call them ‘gigs’. I would call them relationships with people, it’s more long term. I’m not just playing to get paid, and that’s what a ‘gig’ sounds like to me.
4. So do you have any brothers or sisters?
G. Yes, I have two older sisters, who are both musically talented as well playing the cello and piano, he went on. (What a good little brother)
5. Do you know how to play that one song that goes like, “Just Call Me Maybe.” (I totally blanked on Carly Rae Jepson’s name and wasn’t about to sing it)?
G. Uh, I don’t know it, but I’ll learn it for you. I can play anything.
Details by Gabriel
To see Gabriel discuss America’s Got Talent and do an impromtu performance after charming a couple fans in front of AT&T park, check out the Youtube video of my interview below.

There’s no doubt about his talent, style, professionalism, and Star Search qualities from the moment you see him perform. I see a very bright future for the Gabriel who started playing the trumpet at 6-years-old. How many people can say they started following their dreams at age 6? Not me. 🙂
Check out his Facebook page and follow his journey and see more of his style, plus celebrity encounters.
Have a great weekend,


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