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05 /30
LMFAO in the Office? ~ How to Wear Neon & Animal Print to Work

What is the most formal work uniform you’ve ever had to wear? Ironically, since moving to San Francisco after college, my most ‘dressed up’ work attire remains my months as a Victoria’s Secret sales associate when I was 21. We were required to wear black slacks and a

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05 /29
Bravo! Styling Hermione Way for Silicon Valley, Part II

Road trips on holiday weekends tend to make the average commuter feel like a long haul trucker. From racking up hundreds of miles on the ole odometer to traffic nightmares and fueling station fiasco’s; do you ever feel like a staycation is the best option for

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05 /25
My First Day Styling for Bravo!’s New Show ‘Silicon Valley’

Did you know Carsen Daly still has a late night show? Unfortunately, I do because I’m up past 2 am nearly every morning blogging, replying to emails, and working on articles. On one of those nights last month, I was checking Craigslist when

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05 /23
Red, White & You! 5 Tips to Achieve the Classic Nautical Look

Did you ever notice that season after season, nautical stripes have true stylish staying power? Perhaps it’s because ‘sea’ is in the word ‘season,’ but as you already know, you don’t have to live by the bay to dress like a

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05 /21
90’s Flashback! Austin Powers, Dr. Evil & Foxxy Cleopatra Appear in SF

Did you know that Halloween happens twice a year in San Francisco? Once on October 31st and then again on the third Sunday of every May for the annual Bay to Breakers race which happened to be yesterday. The annual footrace from the Bay side

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