5 Tips to Get Out-the-Door Looking & Feeling Good in 30 Minutes

There’s nothing worse than rolling out of bed with no idea ‘what to wear’ and no time to spare before you need to be out of the house for work, school, meetings, etc. Over the years, I’ve discovered some tricks to drastically cut down prep time for both men & women. Yes, guys can take forever too! I have one friend who makes sure every hair is in place and his V-neck is ever-so-snug stating to his fiance that he’s “High-Maintenance, High-Performance” when she urges him to ‘hurry up.’

I’ve been notoriously slow ‘getting ready’ in the past. Running down a dirt road with my shoes in one hand and a bagel in the other trying to catch my ride to high school is a memory I won’t miss. There’s a huge difference between getting out the door on time frazzled, and making it on time feeling good and put together. Here’s 5 of my “Time-Savers” that I’ll show you below on my sister  because I wasn’t ready 😉

1. Pick out your Clothes the Night Before ~ It’s not just a good routine for kids; when you have your outfit ready-to-go (including ironed, shoes picked out, accessories set) it’s one less hassle in the morning.
2. Take advantage of Spring Temps~Warm weather, especially in CA, can make getting dressed more simple. It’s a one-step process for women (just throw on a dress). Buns, pony tails & hats like fedoras are also convenient for bad hair days.

3. Quick Make-Up is Key~ Try to have your day make-up routine down to 15 minutes or less. Sunscreen, primer, foundation if needed, eyes (mascara & concealer is usually a must-have), then a bit of blush, bronzer and lipstick. Famed makeup artist Bobbi Brown offers her super fast makeup routine here(Keep a mini-makeup bag with essentials in it at work for touch ups) And guys, don’t forget the sunscreen.
4. Dress Up with Simple & Classy Work Accessories ~ I always wear a couple bracelets and a watch to the office, plus a handbag that carries everything, but one of my new favorites is this menswear inspired cuff by Bolbach I first saw on Anna on her addicting style blog, FashBoulevard

The Cuff Up Close ~ This black python cuff with gold details courtesy of Bolbach is my new favorite unique accessory because it can be worn during the day with a collared shirt or at night with a dress.  

Dress ~ Jason Wu for Target, fedora ~ Forever 21, heels ~ Zara, handbag ~ vintage, cuff ~ Bolbach
Tip #5 ~ Breakfast in Bed the car, office, break room, etc.
Skipping breakfast is an instant headache by 11 am, but I have no time for it before I leave the house which is why my desk at work doubles as a pantry. Cheerios, fresh fruit, almonds, gummy bear vitamins, etc.

How do you cut down on your ‘Getting-Ready’ Time? If you have any tips or quick & tasty breakfast ideas, please share. simple smile 

Thanks to my sister, Jody, for letting me dress her up in this post and I hope you had a great weekend!


DIY Neon statement Necklace & Meeting style Guru Brad Goreski last Nite

Do you DIY? From grade school to present day, I try to pass off anything arts, crafts or sewing related to my mom. But if it’s a 2-stepper, I’ll give it a try. I saw this simple fun neon statement necklace DIY (do it yourself) on a blog called A Pair & A Spare.

I’ll show you how to make the neon necklace around my neck that I wore to an event last night at one of the best men’s & women’s clothing stores in SF called Black Fleece. They were hosting a book signing event for celebrity stylist Brad Goreski who has his own reality show called “It’s a Brad Brad World.” More on that later, plus HOW TO get guys to an event that is even remotely related to Bravo or Rachel Zoe…

Spring Simplicity ~ There is nothing more comfortable and easy to throw on for women than a maxi dress when you have to get ready fast! I found this Calvin Klein tomato colored maxi in Palm Springs. Similar here

DIY 2-Stepper ~ I found this clearance necklace at Claire’s and should have spray painted it white first, but forgot. After spraying it neon lime green, there was a problem. All the chains hanging down were stuck together. Thanks to the cheap quality, I just pulled them off and the finished necklace is below….

NEON…Just Do It! ~ For anyone timid to try neon, accessories are the easiest way to incorporate your favorite fluorescent shade. Wear a neon statement necklace or bracelets with a solid color, a black dress or a white V-neck T & boyfriend jeans.
Tuesday Night in the Fillmore ~ The event was held at Black Fleece in the Fillmore neighborhood next to shopping, bars and restaurants. Whether you’re going to the Kentucky Derby, just got your tax refund, or want some guy style inspiration for spring, the collection is here or check out the store in person.

Brad & the Boys~ How do you get two Anti-Bravo guys to this book signing? I decided to attend at the last minute so I called my friend Steve & brother, Drew, to go with me. They were at a sports bar watching the Giants game so I had to think fast! “Wanna go to a really fun event, but we have to go now!?” I asked. They agreed without pressing for details and as we approached the store I saw their looks of “Ugh, what is she bringing us to?” But once the Pinot Grigio started flowing and the crab cake platters appeared, guess who totally recognized Brad, chatted him up, and wanted to take pics with the celeb stylist?

Born to be Brad ~ I like his show and love his style, so I bought his book. As I browsed through the chapters last night, it includes funny stories, super styling tricks and 10 items every woman must own. He was nice enough to give Drew & Stevie some complimentary style tips including (Steve ~ ‘Nice shirt, but lose the vest’) and a bit of “How to Tie a Bow Tie” advice…(Practice, and don’t look at yourself in the mirror while you’re doing it because it can mess you up. Go by feeling. Thanks Brad! simple smile

Maxi dress ~ Calvin Klein, necklace ~ Claire’s, orange clutch ~ H&M, neutral wedges ~ Franco Sarta

Do you attempt DIY projects and would you wear neon jewelry? Also, for the guys out there~it’s okay to watch Bravo and like it. 😉

Hope you’re having a great day & thank you for all the support on my blog, I really appreciate it…


Monochromatic Monday featuring my Sister as the ‘Lady in Red’

Would you wear the same color head to toe? With spring trends like colorblocking and neon in full bloom, sometimes it’s refreshingly fashion forward to keep it simple, solid & stylish. Fellow SF fashion blogger Atlantic-Pacific and celebs like Blake Lively have successfully tested the monochromatic trend here & here.

When I pulled this cherry Calvin Klein dress below out of my closet this weekend, I looked at it, glanced at my sister, Jody, and said “can you try this on?” It fit her perfectly, (much better on her than me), so I told her to “keep it” and had fun putting the look together with an abundance of bold red details. Like the Bangles rocking out to their 1986 smash hit, today it’s just another Manic Monochromatic Monday, so let’s roll…

Choose your Shade (colors over neutrals preferably) ~ Whether it’s pink, mint, or in this case red, you can wear the same shade all over. Mix patterns, textures or wear a top and pants in the exact same color. WhoWhatWear spotlighted the monochromatic trend a couple weeks ago here

‘Honey, I’m Home’~ I love this house in San Francisco. And there is something slightly Desperate Housewives meets a modern day Betty Draper about a solid knee-length dress with a ladylike silhouette.

Release Your Inner Jessica Rabbit! ~ These red pumps courtesy of Report Footwear scream sexy and now that super-high platforms are taking a break this spring & summer, this is the perfect patent leather classic heel. (Montauk Report Signature heel here)

(Style Sidenote) Your body isn’t a Fruit Salad ~ I wish articles offering women’s fashion tips didn’t compare female bodies to “pears” & “apples.” Finding the most flattering dress is all about enhancing what you have and creating or downplaying what you don’t. EXAMPLE ~ My sister doesn’t really have hips, so this dress had flared out pleats that mimicked natural curvier hips. In the future, if you must compare your body to produce, be a StarFruit. 😉
While we were out, we brought Wallace, the neighborhood pup and CEO of The City Supply Co.

(LOL) Only in SF ~ We had to laugh seeing these signs in the sidewalk planter boxes. I hate to bring this up, but due to the large homeless population in SF and the $250 fines plus public humiliation for pet owners not picking up their dog’s mess; this is one of the only US cities I’ve seen where you’ll pass by a pile of you-know-what and say to yourself without a doubt, “Ewww…that’s definitely human.”

Potrero Hill neighborhood in SF
DETAILS by Dale 
Dress -kinda recent Calvin Klein (TJMaxx), watch ~ Michael Kors similar hereHeels~ Report Signature, handbag (recent)~Dimoni, necklaces ~ thrifted & F21, Eyelashes~ Ardell #45, lipstick – Wet-n-Wild ~ Spotlight Red
 If Monochromatic Monday inspired you to try the trend or you’ve already worn it, let me know. Would you wear an outfit in all one shade?
Special thanks to my sister for helping me out with this post and if you’re ever feeling the need for a pop of power in an outfit, wearing anything RED should do the trick! simple smile
Hope you had a great weekend!
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Resort Wear 101~ Don’t Travel this Summer without these Essentials

Do you ever wake up and just think“Yesss!” That’s how I felt this morning because it’s Friday and the weather in San Francisco this weekend will be unseasonably high in the 80’s. Roof top happy hour anyone? simple smile While I’ll be enjoying a little shopping and family time staycation in SF, I can’t help but crave a real tropical destination later this summer.

In the mean time, my Fauxchella St. Tropez tan has faded since last weekend and I wanted to share some must-have vacay survivor essentials whether you’re flying to an island across the world or simply heading to a hotel pool in your own city.

1. Loungeworthy Outfits are Key ~ I found these shorts recently at H&M and was instantly drawn to the vibrant scarf print pattern. The sheer lightweight top is also from there.

2. Reading Material is Crucial ~ Whether it’s fashion mags or a novel, books are a life savor if you’re in a location with no Internet. (Storitelling by Tori Spelling actually saved my vacation a few years ago when I was stuck on a Carnival Cruise from hell)

Day Clutches to the Rescue ~ These over sized clutches are a big trend this year and a perfect vacay essential. They can carry everything from a magazine, sunscreen, lipgloss, camera, hair ties, and even a pair of flip flops.

THE Day to Night Transition ~ If you’ve spent all day at the beach, pool or sightseeing, the last thing you want to do after a quick power nap is spend a long time prepping for dinner on vacation.
Here’s some of my new fave anti high-maintenance travel beauty tips:
1. ADD some bold neon earrings (these are cheap from F21 since I always lose jewelry on vacations)
2. ADD eyeliner on the outer corners of your eyes for a more dramatic evening look. Instantly makes your eyes pop without looking over the top (I recently discovered Urban Decay glide on pencil in Demolition~$19.00 here)
3. Metallic Flats ~ high heels are a hassle on vacations so add metallic sandals or wedges
4. Hair ~ Sideswept, braids or pull your hair in a high pony, tease it and then wrap it around in a bun keeping it in place with bobby pins which is what I did here.
Details by Dale
Shorts & top (recent) ~ H&M, clutch~ Nine West (TJMaxx), bracelet ~ Boutique store in Palm Springs, ring~ Versace for H&M, nail polish~ Sinful Colors neon fusion

What are your summer travel essentials and if you have any suggestions for a tropical vacay destination, let me know. I’m thinking Miami!! simple smile
Have a great weekend,


Coachella Style, Vodka Snowcones & Peak into my Video Diary

Have you seen Titanic 3D yet? If you’d like to experience the enhanced Trance-tanic experience, head to Coachella and try walking through the Sahara tent during a DJ mash-up holding onto your friend’s hand for dear life. Before you know it, some teenybopper barrels between your linked arms and suddenly you’re reliving that Leo & Kate moment pleading Don’t Let Go!” before being swept into a sea of glowsticks. Cell phone service is basically non-existent at the festival (especially AT&T which is the worst in general) and losing a friend in a crowd at Coachella risks the possibility of being separated for the rest of the day & night. Needless to say, I was super careful.

I spent the last four days bouncing around Palm Springs, La Quinta and the Polo fields at Coachella. Since it was my first time there, I snapped lots of pics, so let’s get started.

 Candyland in the Dessert ~ I spent the first night with friends (inlcuding my best buds Laura & Sean from their engagement photo post) at the Saguaro Hotel  in Palm Springs, CA. I will definitely be visiting again.
The Crew

There were a lot of us who came from all over~SF, NYC, St. Louis and mostly Los Angeles

Gettin’ some carnival grub near the Ferris wheel


Group Shot Shout-Out ~ From left to right (me, the two gentleman to my right are known in So-Cal as “The Brand.” These surfer boy socialites are not only friendly & genuine, they have great hair. Babak (in the NWA shirt) is the co-founder of Scoutwell (your online source for high adrenaline action sports & emerging trends of global tastemakers). The other 4 are a fun stylish combo of lawyers & Dr’s (great contacts for the old Rolodex 😉 AND Whitney is a celebrity correspondent for SheKnows.com. Follow her @WhitneyLEnglish for Hollywood insider updates

Festival Style & Polo Field Pics

Women’s style ranged from crop tops, cut offs, bikinis, crochet, boho chic, to sheer punk rock

Guys in neon, fanny packs & whatever they felt like wearing

Yellow balloons tethered to a rope in the sky

Cockroach Art 

Punky Brewster 2.0 ~ One day I sported a bright striped sundress & a denim GUESS fanny pack. Fanny packs are not only functional for men & women in big crowds, they’re instant 80’s. I picked up an extra to include in an upcoming Summer Giveaway for one of you. simple smile

Last Night of festival fashion ~ Laura’s Maxi skirt (TJ Maxx), boho fringe sweater was a local find from the cute & affordable Paper Dolls Boutique in Palm Springs
My casual white dress ~ recent F21

Special~Savvy Guy Style

Men’s Coachella Kicks & Accessories
1. Wristband that can be tied into a scarf or headband by Holstee
2. Neon for Guys ~ Old school Reebok Pumps (Similar Reebok Berlin Retro Shoes here for under $40)
3. Jorts ~ Homemade denim cutoffs & a high-top sneaker look I loved by Diesel (Same ones here
Behind the Scenes
The GUESS party included UV Vodka slushies with flavors from lemonade to a White Russian called the “Lebowski”.
(Sidenote) Wristbands really start stacking up at music festivals. But there’s a BIG difference between an ‘Arm Party’ and a ‘Party Arm’ so please remove them at the end of the weekend. 😉 (My fringe vest is from H&M’s new Conscious Collection)
Chilly Coachella ~ Unfortunately Friday the 13th was cold and rainy, so we huddled up at the Hard Rock party doing arts & crafts getting our hair braided by Blo Dry Bar and spray painting T’s by Lamb & Flag
Concert Time
Although, I wasn’t familiar with the majority of artists there, I had a great time and captured video footage I’ll call my 1st “Coachella in a Nutshell-a” condensing the trip into a 2 min Youtube clip below:
(Please note, I apologize in advance for Dr. Dre & Snoop’s language)
After a long tiring Monday, I would definitely recommend lots of planning, super comfortable shoes and studying the line up of artists before heading to Coachella again. What is your favorite music festival or concert near your city? 
Have a great week simple smile


Cowboys & INDIOn’s ~ Coachella Fashion has Arrived!

Deep in the desert of SoCal near the city of Indio, CA lies the massive 3-day music and art festival called Coachella. Weekend 1 starts tomorrow and I feel a little cliché discussing Coachella because it’s all over blogs and sites right now. But for the first time, I’m actually going, instead of just reading my Facebook friend’s status updates about it. From floral headbands to bottled water, I’ve learned there’s a massive amount of effort that goes into preparing for a long weekend in the desert.

Of course, the festival fashion caught my attention. Based on the photos from past Coachella’s, there’s a fine line between women looking effortlessly bohemian/hippie chic and those who carefully plan out the details (which is the category I’d fall into). Who knew it could take so much prep to look like a modern day Woodstock party goer?

Here’s what I’ve learned based on warnings, suggestions and festival style fashion tips in the past few days….

Dress comfortable, yet practical ~ No heels or wedges and while a cross body bag is best, back packs and any bag that can carry your essentials (like sunscreen & water) is a good option.
Rain this year at Coachella? Noooo…~This photo is in SF, but the ominous rain clouds and high winds are expected tomorrow at the festival. So there’s been a frenzy of fashion advice on blogs suggesting parkas & rain boots in place of bikini tops & cutoffs. Mural by famed artist Brian Barneclo  
Rayban Ban ~ Of course people can wear any sunglasses they prefer, but I’ve heard cheap ones are best. The likely hood of losing them or falling off during the concerts are high, so stick with an inexpensive pair. (floral aviators I found at F21 for under $6)
I need your style help~ From celebs to past festival photos, women always wear ankle or casual boots with shorts & sundresses (like in the pic at the end of this post). But now that it’s Spring, where do you find them? SF is fresh out so if you know any last minute spots, let me know simple smile
Details by Dale
Levi’s homemade cut-offs, Beaded detail sandals ~ Nine West, handbag – Carlos Santana, Horse belt buckle ~ no brand Crossroads, rock ring with metal detail ~ F21 Nail polish – Mint (F21) & darker shade -(Sally Hansen Insta Dri), crochet top (random LA store)
Bonus Shopping~Festival Fashion
Because you can wear ‘Coachella’ styles all spring & summer. Here’s a few budget friendly peices…
1. Free Riding with Cowboys Tank by Free People
2. Grey Free Mason Tee by Free People
3. Old Navy Double Buckle Cuffed Sandal ($24.95)
4. Forever21 Cut Off Shorts (right) 
5. Aviator Sunglasses (under $20)

What would your festival outfit look like? And if you’ve ever been to Coachella, please feel free to share any pointers simple smile
I’ll be back after the weekend with a full report of music, art & definitely fashion pics! Also congrats to Cameron of Clothes & Camera for winning my Easter Giveaway last week.
Have a great weekend,

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