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California Vintage & How Would You Compare to the Retro Housewife?

Mad Men, The Brady Bunch and Leave it to Beaver all have one thing in common; some pretty amazing housewives who keep cool under pressure (for the most part) and know how to sew, cook, etc. Sometimes I daydream about what it would be like to be transplanted into that role and era, but the thought of a table full of kids complaining about another dinner of choking down SPAM instantly snaps me back to reality.

However, I love creating retro restorations and altering vintage dresses, but I can’t sew a lick. Every time I switch up a 60’s or 70’s dress, I consider it a K~DIY (Kinda Do-It-Yourself) project. I find a dress and decide if there’s anyway to change it, then I cross my fingers and hope my affordable Bay Area seamstress, Grace at Lux Cleaners, can work her magic. These projects can be extremely inexpensive as well (total cost of the dress in this post~ $10 vintage dress at Clothes Contact, $7 dry cleaning, $20 alterations ~Total $37).

Here’s my most recent K~DIY belowI tweeted this pre-altered before pic of the shapeless bright 60’s vintage dress (right before it went under the scissors) that I’m wearing here:

Watermelon hues & bubblegum backgrounds ~ Yay! Spring is here and bright bold colors are everywhere.

My Vintage Restoration Rules~ 
1. Look for “in style” details. I liked the long sleeve and high neckline aspect of this dress. 
2. I try to pair vintage dresses with trendy accessories. I feel like wearing an entirely vintage outfit head to toe is a little much. I went with these silver metallic heels & purse. 
3. Accept It won’t be perfect. The material of vintage dresses are often thick or may have weird lines, but try to alter it as best you can. It important your tailor is honest whether they can make changes or not. I had this dress taken in on the sides and shortened. This eliminated the belt loops so I could place the belt a little higher. What are your rules of wearing vintage?

There are endless murals & houses painted in every color of the rainbow in San Francisco.
Side street in SOMA SF near 8th & Folsom St.

Highlights & Lipstick~ I pulled my hair up in a messy bun in an attempt to hide my roots & tried out my new fave MAC lipliner & lipstick combo~ “In Anticipation” & Sheen Supreme lipstick “Gotta Bash”

“The Good Wife’s Guide” Housekeeping Monthly ~ May 1955
Here were the top tips for being a “good wife” back then

~”Have Dinner ready. Plan ahead, even the night before, to have a delicious meal ready, on time for his return. This is a way of letting him know that you have been thinking about him and are concerned about his needs…”
~”Prepare Yourself. Take 15 minutes to rest so you’ll be refreshed when he arrives. Touch up your make-up, put a ribbon in your hair and be fresh looking…”
~ “Be a little gay and a little more interesting for him. His boring day may need a lift and one of your duties  is to provide it.”
~ “Clear away the clutter. Make one last trip through the main part of the house just before your husband arrives.”

Uh, wow! Thoughts? 😉 

Details by Dale
Heels ~ Versace for H&M, dress- No label (Clothes Contact in SF’s Mission District), ring~F21
Nail polish ~ Sally Hansen Insta-Dri (Lively Lilac & Petal Pusher), faux snakeskin clutchrecent TJMAXX no label

I’m glad times have changed because unless my future husband is cool with microwave baked potatoes and take-n-bake pizzas, that guide just wouldn’t fly. But to think that “The Real Housewives” franchise is now the glorified “housewife,” shows maybe it’s gone too far.

Also….For the Guys~As Mad Men fans know, the new season premieres this Sunday and for any man who has understandably daydreamed about a day in Don Draper’s shoes, you’ll need to start with a stiff drink and  a well tailored suit like this post featuring my brother.

Do you enjoy vintage shopping or is it too much work worrying about alterations?

Have a great weekend! 

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  1. Blondie's Journal says:

    I remember my mom telling me to put a little lipstick on right before my husband came home from work! At least she was putting beauty ahead of housework!! And as the saying goes…housework makes you ugly!


  2. the details on the dress is amazing and the color of the dress is very becoming! 🙂

  3. I love this dress and I am so bad about altering things, and try to make them work anyways, but you make me want to head to the alterers because you look great!!! I love the color and the detail in the dress and the high neck with the color of your accessories! Great look! I love the way 60’s and 70’s dresses look on me, so I should buy more and alter them! LOL! Have a great day Dale! xx


  4. Monse Fuentes says:

    that dress is beautiful!

    El blog de Monse
    El blog de Monse
    El blog de Monse

  5. you look so amazing in bright colors! i swear. and i totally love the hints of pretty turquoise(:

    xo kaitlin

  6. SideSmile Style says:

    the neckline on this dress is so cool!

    xo SideSmile,

  7. That's My Mama says:

    You look gorgeous! Im a thrift store girl so Im always on the hunt for great vintage dresses. Ive found a few that I wouldnt change but for the most part I find myself whipping out the sewing machine to do very minor alterations. Most of the time its just removing shoulder pads or shortening the hem 🙂

    • That’s cool you can sew and I know what you mean about the shoulder pads. I find blazers a lot and have to remove them so I don’t look like a linebacker. Alterations make a big difference. 🙂

  8. What Sadie Did says:

    I’m really jealous of this dress, it’s gorgeous!! And it looks amazing on you!
    I love thrifting but as I’ve never had anything tailored, I tend to only buy things that already fit, which is wasting a whole lot of opportunity I know!

    Sadie xx

  9. Eclectico says:

    Oh my God! Coral Hysteria after us, to have possessed me! I do not think I can be objective color clouded me.


  10. You look absolutely stunning in that dress. That color looks so great on you.



  11. Put a little ribbon in your hair – LOL. I am going to try that some time and I’ll let you know the results…

  12. sonia de macedo says:

    Wow what an awesome find and an amazing transformation! Love, love, love!!!!!


  13. 1. Love your outfit! What a great color. 2. Those “Good Wife” Tips are hilarious. So glad we’ve moved past that!


  14. You look beautiful!!!

    Love from South Africa

  15. the green-painted background is a nice touch; makes your dress “pop”. 😀

  16. 7eventh Letter says:

    OMG Dale, you nailed it. This is the perfect modern twist on this look. You worked it out and the color combination is Fabulous on you. Girl, I need to send you some of my stuff to take to your seamstress.

    7eventh Letter

  17. Katerina says:

    you are beautiful!!!

    Have a good day!

    Katerina Richie

  18. Cool Vanity says:

    Love the dress. I love vintage shopping too. Kisses.

  19. Ice Pandora says:

    I like vintage shops, but for
    some reason I spend more time
    in a more modern shop like
    H&M and Mango.

    Love your dress! The neck
    detail is elegant and subtle!

  20. fashion BOOM says:

    love your dress .you look fabulous

  21. Adore your silver sandals!
    Have a fab weekend hun xoxo

  22. Eloquent English says:

    Those are great suggestions for wearing vintage pieces! xoxo A-

  23. Love your pink dress and your silver sandals

  24. Mad For Fashion...For Less says:

    The dress is gorgeous and you look stunning!

  25. Fun color Dale and your hair looks cute up! Lol, that “good wife” list.. too funny. I guess falling somewhere between that and The Real Housewives is more realistic 🙂

  26. Ha this is totally watermelon bubblegum – I love it! The dress is very mod and 60’s inspired and you look GORGEOUS!


  27. TheUrbanUmbrella says:

    Looks excellent! Love the dress!


    The Urban Umbrella


  28. Laura-xo says:

    Love this dress 🙂 Such a pretty colour 🙂

    Laura xoxo

  29. little moon lover says:

    my best friend lives in SF and she just sent me photos of those murals knowing I’d like them.. fabulous colors and they clash even more awesome with your dress… cool look!
    and I love Mad Men as well.. vintage shopping I haven’t done much.. it’s not much of a trend in Mexico as it is in the US..however.. the only vintage shopping I’ve done has been in SF.. lots of stores in Haight-Ashbury..loved it there..hope to visit next summer… thanks for stopping by my blog, I’ll keep in touch as well..stay cool!

  30. I love the color and the detail on the neckline looks so delicate.
    I think you did a good job styling this garment.
    I buy vintage when possible and 99% of the time it has to be altered – i try not to spend too much on alterations though because then I feel like the alterations where more than the dress? and that just makes no sense to me.

  31. Lisa - respect the shoes says:

    Adore your “new” dress! The color is gorgeous!

  32. So cute, love the combination with coral and turquoise, lovely!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  33. Erin @ Currently Coveting says:

    You look so pretty! I love that green building you found to snap pics in front of it really makes the dress pop!


  34. Street Lily says:

    ooooooo i love this! that pink is amazing against the green building!

  35. Pretty-quirky says:

    you look amazing, that dress is gorgeous 🙂 Would really like if you checked out my blog…maybe follow :)x


  36. Vonae Deyshawn says:

    I adore this vintage find. The detailing around the collar is so pretty and the color is amazing! You seriously look like you just stepped out of the 70’s. Super super cute.

    Vonae Deyshawn

  37. Nia Langley says:

    You look soooo amazing!


  38. The dress is adorable, Dale! I love the color! Mad Men is my favorite show, I love all the outfits and hair styles. Gonna pass on being a housewife for now, though. hahahaaa those excerpts from “The Good Wife’s Guide” are priceless!!! I think we should all get together and make a version of “The Good Husband’s Guide” haha. Great post!


  39. TRUE ZWETA says:

    AWESOME OUTFIT & BLOG!!!!love it:)maybe we could follow each other? would be great much love<3

  40. Vera Vanity says:

    Lovely blog… Xoxo V.V.

  41. Mesmerize says:

    so wonderful dress and shoes!! you lokk fabulous!! you have so sense of style!
    please visit me in free time:)

  42. MªJosé Fernández says:

    I love you look! Amazing! I have a draw is worth 59 € on Zara… It apuntare!Muak

  43. Dale you’re rocking this vintage trend!!! Looking fierce doll…IN LOVE from head to toe absolutely FAB and you’re hair is gorgeous.

    <3 Marina

  44. Morgan Brooks says:
  45. Joanna K. says:

    lovely post!

  46. The Fashionable ESQ says:

    This color is really amazing on you.
    I like this style of dress a lot.


  47. Andie Willows says:

    Wow, Dale! I love your post! Thanks for sharing!

    I found your blog from a comment you left on another blog and really love it, would you like to follow each other?

    If you are a FB user, I would really like if you liked me on facebook.com/fashionistaspick and my twitter @FashionistaPick. I will follow you back. 🙂

    xoxo, Andie

  48. becky bucket list says:

    I LOVE your look! The pink is super pretty and really pops.


  49. pinkmate says:

    I think this is such a gorgeous interpretation of madmen!



  50. Omg the dress and the shoes are stunning! And they look perfect on you. You truly are gorgeous 🙂

    xoxo Ally

  51. my mini bag says:

    OMG, great outfit. I am loving the pink with the earrings. As always, great outfit.

    I tagged you with the 11 questions. You can check it out on my blog here- http://myminibag.blogspot.com

    Looking forward to reading your answers =) Have a great Sunday.

  52. JustPatience says:

    What a gorgeous dress. You are a very talented seamstress! Love the color on you.

  53. Frances Ortiz says:

    Love the combination of colors!!


  54. Friend in Fashion says:

    This dress is soooo gorgeous!

    Friend in Fashion

  55. sepatuholic says:

    Looking gooddddd…..Great outfit on you! love the colors…

  56. fashion meets art says:

    wow, these pictures are so perfect. love the look!
    kisses to you
    ps: you are so pretty! <3

    maren anita

    Please have a look at my GIVEAWAY:

    YSL lipstick & Nelly leather bracelet

  57. My thoughts are…this is amazingggg. We don’t have any really good vintage stores in Australia but seeing things like this inspires me to at least TRY To find a great store .. I can’t sew either but have a great sewer friend so this could be a dangerous new hobby 🙂

    Anna xo


  58. Chococcuro says:

    beautiful dress!! I just love how you accessorized it!

  59. LIDIA BEDMAN says:

    wooww! i love your dress! :))

    feliz lunes

    lidia bedman

  60. Style-Delights says:

    You look so gorgeous..Ready for champagne at lunch!! 🙂 BTW, social inequality aside, I love the retro style..and how ladies got ‘dressed’ to go to the grocery store! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style-Delights Blog
    Let’s Twitter Together
    Friend and Fan on Facebook

  61. I love the color of that dress. It is so striking!
    I don’t have the patience to go vintage shopping. I like to walk in and find something right away. #spoiled

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  62. Fashion By Alicia says:

    Love the color of this dress!!

  63. Aurélie and Angelo says:

    Your dress is absolutely beautiful! Love the colour, the high neck and the detail around the collar! Great look! Thanks for visiting my blog and for the lovely comment! 🙂 xxx


  64. Life's a shoe says:

    love the dress!!! such a pretty color!

  65. Love Cardelia says:

    Gorgeous! I love the dress and the accessories. So pretty!


  66. Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) says:

    Dale, you look awesome in EVERYTHING! HaHa I love that dress, your makeup and hair! You should play on MadMen! It needs a hotness LIFT! I love vintage clothes. They’re definitely making a comeback.

  67. HudsonEast says:

    You look amazing in that dress! I love the shoes and accessories you chose as well.

    Thanks for following my blog. I love yours too so I’ll be following on bloglovin’


  68. Giovanna says:

    Thank you for your sweet comment! Loving this look! The heels are amazing! Following you!


  69. goodbadnfab@gmail.com says:

    Your style is lovely as are your pictures! I’m a new fan!

    Please check out my latest personal style outfit post which is being featured on the DailyBuzz Style March 9×9 challenge! http://www.goodbadandfab.com/2012/03/dailybuzz-style-9×9-personal-style-post.html

    the personal style and fashion musings of a LA Asian fashion lawyer living life in the fab lane.

  70. Lipstick Sunshine says:

    This is gorgeousss! Love the detail of the green cocktail ring. And the wall art is just insane :Dx

  71. *Glam Chameleon* says:

    You look beautiful darling, such a stunner!;) Marvelous coral dress, wonderful shoes and jewelry!!! Chic lady!:)


  72. CherryRetroBerry says:

    LOVE it! LOVE retro!


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